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Front-Left Speaker Cuts Out When Adjusting Volume Knob


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I've had my Pros for almost a year. Just recently, I've noticed that the front left speaker will cut out when I adjust the volume knob clockwise or counter-clockwise. If I fiddle with it a bit (press the knob in, or jiggle it lightly) the sound will come back. I'm worried that this problem will continue to get worse and eventually I won't have any sound coming out of that speaker.

How can I fix this problem?

P.S.: I'm only under warranty for another 8 days, so a prompt response would be appreciated.

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Do you have a Canadian contact number by any chance?

I called the 800 number you provided and was given a number to call in Canada (905-828-1622). However, it would seem that this is the number for a car dealership instead.

My apologies for wasting your time if I recorded the number incorrectly.

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You will need to go through our Canadian repair center, Micron. The retail name is Thorne Electronics-- contact George Thorne at 905 828-1662. The address is

Thorne Electronics

2180 Dunwin Drive Unit 6

Mississagua, ON Canada L5L-5M8




ProMedia Tech Support


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