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Cornerhorn Bass Bothers Condo Neighbors

Douglas P. Smith

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Okay! A 300 hundred watt power amp and a pair of cornerhorns set-up in a townhouse does place a certain amount responsible noisemaking on the owner. Since I make a mortgage payment and go to sleep early just let 'em try and evict me. The horns stay and I'm looking at a bigger power amp. (Surround sound you know...)

... at 20% effort the guy three doors over knows about Hornsby and his "Noisemakers". The question isn't about music traveling next door. The real issue is how to keep some of that bass in my livingroom. I feel like I'm missing out on some of the music recorded in the source.

I'm getting good bass response at low amplification levels down to about 30hz. Anyone know of an acoutic sub-flooring system that will help my next doors hear a little less and me a little more? Should I fill my crawl space up with concrete and rebar?

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Doug, there are all kinds of structural treatment that you can use. I have even seen wall studs with built in spring to adsorb the bass waves. I believe the prominent manufactures of the products that I have seen are 3M and Owens Corning. You will probably need to contact a local custom installer to do a refit of the listening room. The subflooring I saw had a special 1/2" thick foam layer.

Good luck and enjoy!


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