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klipschorn with 12"


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I have a question about the subwoofer part of the klipschorn. It is made with a 15" driver. i heard from versions with a 12" driver.

are these earlier versions? what are the differences between 12" and 15" versionen relating to frequency, construction and dB ?

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Hey userK,

Don't know if I can answer fully all you questions, but I have a 50's era Klipschorn pamphlet that describes current (for that day) K-Horn models and the components used within. Evidently, from the '40's to the early '60's, Klipsch utilyzed other mfg's drivers prior to settling on Atlas as the driver mfg.

Pamphlet says that at that time there were 3 different LF drivers used.....15" Stephens, 15" EV or 12" EV. I don't know beans from beef jerky about the freq part of your question. My pre-'55 KHorns have the Stephens Trusonic 103LX2's. Construction of this driver is extra heavy duty! Weighs in at 35# as compared to the 10# or so that the current K33's weigh. Sound is absolutely tremendous. If anything, since I have the cornerhorns as LF and RF and a Belle as a center, I think that the efficiency is even greater than that of the Belle. Not exactly labratory conditions, but using the pink noise and Radio Shack digital SPL meter, I set the '55 KHorns at 0 and as I go speaker to speaker, I find I have to set the Belle center at +2db to equal the output of the cornerhorns.

Hope this helps.



Fronts: Pre-1955 Klipschorns (slightly modified)

Center: 1984 Klipsch Belle

Sub: Klipsch KSW200

Surrounds: Tannoy PSM6.5's

Receiver: Denon AVR1701

Video: InFocus LP350 DLP front projector

Satellite: DishNetwork 4722 (DD5.1)

DVD: Panasonic A320

S-VHS: Panasonic PV-S7670

LaserDisc: Pioneer CDL-406

CD: Kenwood CD-404 5-Disc Changer

EQ (for CD player only): Furman E151X2

Protection: Furman AV1215 Power Condition/Voltage Reg

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