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KSP 300/400 OWNERS


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Bought a truck load of KSP300's for a song.

I'm wondering if line level signal offers inproved sound over the speaker level.And if so, in what way?Owners manual speaks of BI-AMPING these speakers.I understand the concept, but why BI-AMP a speaker with a powered sub-section.Maybe I'm missing something.

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keith, as you know i'm going from my experience w/ the rp-3 & 5 speaks, but my guess is by "bi-amping" they're talking about the same benefits of using the sub out connection w/ any sub & 2nd amp, outboard or inboard to the sub.

that is, by taking the low bass below the crossover point as well as all the lfe from the receiver amp, & sending only the higher frequency material through the receiver amp, it frees up some load on the receiver amp for better functionality & sound.

also, lfe is a discrete channel & that way its not blended in w/ the entire range of all the other channels. seems like more dynamic lfe using the sub out/line connection to me, i think for this reason.

i'd think those are the main theories anyway.

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Hey boa! Long time, no speak! Although I worked all night and the question is almost two years old, it seems I AM bi-amping my speakers. Receiver to the mid/hi's, built-in amp to the low's. Musta been thinkin' something at the time I asked.

wolf, can't help you. The speaker you need should be available from Klipsch parts. Did you check there? 1-800-KLIPSCH. Choose the parts option from the menu.


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