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Klipsch buys Mondial! (Acurus and Aragon)!

Ray Garrison

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Mondial has bent over backward to help with my ACT-3's "noise" problem. They've spent lots of time explaining the reasons they chose to produce it with such high gain and how I might solve the "problem". I had 2 choices, turn the amp input gains down, or send it in for modification. I elected to adjust the amps, but Tony practically begged me to send it back. It's hard to say too many nice things about Mondial.

The Aragon line of amps are tough to beat, too.


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"Verry interestink" - Col. Klink


I've always liked the Acurus and Aragon lines. Acurus especially, has always seemed to offer good value.

I'll have to give Acurus a good look when I can upgrade to discrete surround music. (come on lotto!) I've always been interested in the idea of an "All American" audio rig.



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