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answer this please more than one speaker for output?


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I want to make my room like the movies with my quartets front right and left my academy in the center and then along both sides of the walls running along the 4 kpt-100s and the right and left rear is this possible with a marantz sr8200 or any other receiver for that matter???

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No unless your amp specs say they can drive a 2 ohm load, very few can. You need a device to match your amp out puts you the speakers. The device is discribed below.

If I understand you correctly, you want to put 3 speakers on on the left channel, and 3 speakers on the right channel.

With out getting into the whys, shouldn'ts, and for How long do you need to do this for, to answer your question, you will need to consider the following.

You need to determine each of the speakers impedance, and determine the load your amp wants to see. if you have three 8 ohm speakers the load will be about 2.6 ohms. If you have three 4 ohm speakers, the load will be 1.3 ohms. Most amps want to see a 4 to 8 ohm load, few can drive a 2 ohm load.

If your speaker load and amp don't match, you will need an autoformer. The autoformer will help give your amp the corrct load.


There a various models. A 300 watt model will cost 52 bucks. You will need 2 of them. You can buy a smaller one and save some money if you play a t moderate levels. Or you can spend a little more and buy a larger one. if you play at loud volume levels.

If you need more info on how to connect it, let me know.

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