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My London Drugs Experience with the Klipsch RSW-10d


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So you want me to feel bad because you did not get a high-end audio experience at a drug store

No-one would expect to find great expertise in the staff of the A/V department of a drug store...

No-one would expect anyone to post about a retail chain about which they know next to nothing bar the fact that 'drugs' is part of its name:


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My knowledge of London Drugs is only what I've read here or in the posted Wikipedia link. Though I'd think it'd be more like a Target or Meijer than Big Lots but with better quality photo and electronics. Somebody needs to update Wikipedia to mention they sell Klipsch.

Look at it this way, thousands of people will be introduced to Klipsch in London Drugs who wouldn't otherwise. Think of the exposure if Klipsch would be sold at Meijer or Target in the US.

And maybe the sales people aren't very knowledgeable. I bet some are or become knowledgeable.

Just my 0.02 cents.

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