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William....I did get your pm when I got to work Monday and sent a reply. I gave you my home email address since the other one is only good when I am goofing off at work weekdays. Try me at blackweldercmjr@bellsouth.net. or cblackwelder@hcpplanning.com.

Just checked the forum after checking out reel to reels on ebay and saw your thread. I don't need a fourth RTR but if a mint one comes up I like to look. Saw your reply about reel tape prices today and that link you mentioned is a keeper. I had them send a catalog.

Keep me up to speed on your second system as things progress. If I had a house and budget large enough I would probably have a house full of equipment especially vintage. What do you think of the replacement tubes in your preamp? I have been using Dougs Tubes as well and need to retube my preamp soon.

BTW..the new avatar...your car? If so drive on down this weekend and will get Bluesboy and Spongeworthy together and audition some speakers.


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Hi Chuck,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Thanks for the e-mail addresses. For some reason I did not receive your PM reply, or I deleted it by mistake, hence the public notice to contact you. I'm glad the link was of help to you. I know a lot of members are still spinning reels, and the places to purchase blank media are getting scarce.

The re-issue Tung-Sol's are fabulous. I think the best sounding new production 12AX7s out there. Smooth as silk, with the biggest, warmest, most three dimensional soundstage you've ever heard (honestly). I did a mini shoot-out with a few makes over the weekend, and the Tung-Sol's were the clear winners, to my ears. The GT 12AX7-M's were a close second, except for being just slightly shut-in on top. Perhaps they weren't burned in long enough, but I still preferred the sound of the Tung-Sol's overall.

As for the car, perhaps someday. No, our 13-year old son is a Ferrari nut, so we took him to the local dealer on one of the days they had an owners' get together. He got to sit in all the new models (the pic is from a 575 Maranello, BTW), talk to some of the owner's, and generally had a great time. I'm a Mopar man at heart. Give me a 1970 Road Runner with a 440 6-Pack, and I'll be happy.

Talk to you later!


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