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Building a Home theater, Went to Listen to some Speakers, Unimpressed, Help!


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Ok so i went to "Overture" in Wilmington De. today to demo some B&W's. They were demo'd with a Rotel amp at 60 watts per channel. The Speakers model # were the DM 602.5 S3. The speakers mids sounded rich and full, the lows mellow. The highs seemed to be very muddy for my tastes. The Vocals and the guitar didnt really step up and out like I had hoped or anticipated.

While the Saleman was very top notch I had a feeling he didnt agree with my ear at all, The brightness that i have come to appreciate with Klipsch over the years... well.... the saleman thought i needed to listen to the B&W's for a long period of time to "cleanse my palate" so to speak.... I did hear some nuances in the music we demo'd that i had not heard previously. And I could see how people would love the B&W's for that reason alone. I thought the highs were really muffled for me though. Anyone have some comments or thoughts?

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