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  1. Does anyone have a DTS Blu-ray Demo disk they would like to sell? I see them on Ebay but was wondering if anyone here sells them. Or know of any place other then EBAY that you can buy /find them. I assume they were giving these away at CES this year?
  2. Total Blu-ray dvd sales have now surpassed HD dvd sales as of late. Even with the higher prices and the later release Blu- ray made up ground. With more big studios backing Blu-ray I think it is your best bet if you have to choose 1. Also the PS3 is just now being released in Europe and that will only help blu-ray sales. As for buying a dual player... well the price is as much or more then buying both players outright and the reviews on the LG have been less then stellar.
  3. You can pick up a Panasonic Plasma for that Money here http://6ave.com/product.jsp?x=TH50PX60U. I also bought the panasonic and just like everyone else says about them, they are second only to Pioneer and its a close second. Actually from all my experience only the Sony LCD flat panels look better! And the Pioneer Elite models. Check prices on the Plasmas, Here is an authorized reseller online (retains factory warrenty) www.plasmaplanet.com (where I bought my plasma 2 years ago.) www.6ave.com (watch thier sale fliers, always end up with amazing deals on TV's) www.abesofmaine.com These guys now have a retail store in NJ, Great prices on select TV's
  4. I have the SVS SB12 plus and it absolutly rocks, i can only imagine the much bigger PB12 plus2 would rock the house even that much more. I have heard alot of great things about the SVS so I bought one. Not a regret at all. My dad has the Klipsch sub and he likes it. JL audio has taken the subwoofer to new levels and taken alot of wind out of the SVS subwoofer market. SVS has a website that you can buy direct from here in the US. Have you contacted them to see if they ship overseas from thier online retail store? Thier retail prices for the 110V models is much lower then the prices you quoted. But of course they are not the 230V models that I priced out. thier website is www.svsound.com
  5. This has been covered but I will just pass on this info passed on to me in older threads. Set the crossover wide open as low as it goes on the sub, let the receiver do the work or bypass the crossover on the sub if thats an option. Also I just use the right input on the sub and it works fine. You shouldnt need to use a y splitter. Refer to the directions if you still have them. The Speakers setting should probably be LARGE. The Small setting wont allow anything lower then 80Hz to go to the mains if you set the receiver to small. Most receivers will share the lower frequencies with the mains if the LARGE setting is used. Its like this on my Yamaha.
  6. Ok so i went to "Overture" in Wilmington De. today to demo some B&W's. They were demo'd with a Rotel amp at 60 watts per channel. The Speakers model # were the DM 602.5 S3. The speakers mids sounded rich and full, the lows mellow. The highs seemed to be very muddy for my tastes. The Vocals and the guitar didnt really step up and out like I had hoped or anticipated. While the Saleman was very top notch I had a feeling he didnt agree with my ear at all, The brightness that i have come to appreciate with Klipsch over the years... well.... the saleman thought i needed to listen to the B&W's for a long period of time to "cleanse my palate" so to speak.... I did hear some nuances in the music we demo'd that i had not heard previously. And I could see how people would love the B&W's for that reason alone. I thought the highs were really muffled for me though. Anyone have some comments or thoughts?
  7. This Pioneer receiver can be had for under 800 bucks if you search on yahoo. Ive seen at least one web retailer selling them for high 700's
  8. Bongo, That was my thread and I have to agree with you about that level speaker in the line. Of course I am used to the vintage stuff that is set up for 2 channel and are full sound speakers. It seems the newer stuff is engineered for channeling sound to a subwoofer for the lows. I think its why they dont make towers with 12's or 15in woofers in them anymore. They rely on the sub as part of a modern home theater/home audio system. So I suggest listening to them with a subwoofer and see what you think. Its just the nature of modern audio. Although I have been told the RF-83 or the RF-7's put out some serious lows. But these are the modern TOP OF THE LINE Klipsch. And unfortunatly I have yet to be able to audition either of these speakers due to lack of availability in my local stores. Check out the highest end Klipsch and also try some of the mid line towers with a sub. Thats my suggestion.
  9. I am bringing this back from the dead because I am in the exact same boat. I am using the Yamaha 5590 with some small speakers with a 110Hz to 20kHz range and my Receiver will crossover the sub at the 90Hz freq. I talked to Eric at SVS and he said that no matter where I dial the crossover on the sub it still wont receive anythig above 90Hz from the receivers output. So might as well just Disable the Subs crossover. I noticed the higher end models Yamaha carries have an adjustable crossover in the receiver. Will a loss between 90Hz and 110Hz be an issue for my ear? Is this something I will be able to pick up? I hate to replace the Receiver right now after just buying the Speakers and Sub.
  10. Thanks Wuzzzer, If the Mirages go to 110Hz, then is 110Hz the crossover point or should 100Hz be the ideal crossover point?
  11. So I just bought some Mirage Nanosats, 5 channels and a SVS subwoofer SB12 Plus. The Nanosats have a frequency response of 110 Hz to 20KHz. Should I set the Crossover on the sub to pick up where the Nanosats leave off? 110Hz? All responses are encouraged.
  12. Your comparing resolution and contrast. On an old TV it would be the difference between the Sharpness and the Contrast. They are both important. Most of the TV's that brag of super high contrast ratios are just able to artificially darken the blacks. This technically increases the contrast between the blacks, whites and other colors as a ratio. It does not look 2 to 3x better because of it though. The Panasonic 42 inch plasma is what i own. I love it and I have compared it to many others.
  13. Jay, I did read your post about the subs right after i had already ordered mine from SVS. I wanted to hear the RF-7 and the RF83 but I didnt find a shop that had them in stock. I just have a hard time buying anything I havnt heard before. Those are great deals. 6th ave always has great prices on thier website too for most stuff.
  14. After looking on the used market at the Vintage Klipsch lines of Forte's and Chorus speakers, and reviewing only lower end Late model Klipsch towers that didnt impress. I just couldnt see building a vintage system with huge Forte's. If I had the room then I would do it I ended up buying the Mirage nanosat speakers. These little things sound great! My dad (who was down visiting) who owns the Forte I's agreed they were some serious little speakers. Although the subwoofer in thier 5.1 system is seriously lacking. I dumped the Mirage sub for a SVS SB12 Plus. The Sub was about the best sub under a grand and in this compact size thats on the market. Thanks for the help guys and I'm sure you havnt heard the last of me!
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