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Nad C 272 burn in


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Enjoy your amp, Zuzu. The amp will sound a bit better after it gets a few hours on it, but you probably don't need to make a special effort to "run it in." Besides, odds are, if it's going to fail, it will fail in its first couple of hours, and you will want to be there if it happens.

Probably won't, just a thought.

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Your amp wll be fine.

Now, on the other hand, had you asked about really critical items such as cable, interconnects, and connectors, it is absolutely critical that they be conditioned in a very specific manner, unlike those silly old amps.

In fact, you are one lucky person my friend!

I just happen to have a link for just what you need!


In fact, I am astounded by how many actually think they have an adequate sounding system without having had access to such a miraculous 'Audiophile' quality device! You won't find this in Wal-Mart! No sir! In fact, just the fact that Audio Advisor carries this product should tell you something!

All during the 1980's I used to anxiously await the delivery of the new Audio Advisor catalogs. I mean, where else could you find the latest info on products such as "water insulated cables" and "light insulated cables" Yup! (And I am not kidding, they offered them, along with exotic prices to match!)

So, when you are ready, you now have an idea of just what you have gotten yourself into with audio. (And I would seriously suggest hiking up those pant legs, although you might want to run now, as it gets still deeper!)

And lest anyone doubt the effectiveness of this unit. I can personally testify that since acquiring and using it (well actually 2 units, as we need the other unit to condition this unit...wait a minute, but that means the other unit wouldn't have been properly conditioned and...I'll get back to you on this trivial issue...) that I have not needed to use a TEF or EASRA for large room analysis once, as the reverberant sound field has completely disappeared (right along with my common sense)! And you can't get a much larger endorsement than that!

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