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  1. I have not tried this speaker placement procedure yet, but I will. It may give similar results to what Roger has. The procedure is from well know names in our industry. George Cardas and Alan Maher. Link http://alanmaherdesigns.com/Documents/Setting%20Up%20Speakers.doc
  2. I respect loud and clear's opinion. I like my bi-wired RF-7's with anti cables. Not that expensive and a great speaker cable. BTW, the speakers in the pic would sound better if the crappy legs were removed and the spikes put on.
  3. As an extention to the what happened to drums thread, what are some truly great drum CD's. I'll start with" Bouncin his best tunes Sonny Rollins". Incredibly well done CD. They got the sax and bass right in addition to the drums. Great "TEST CD".
  4. I have a new system profile that I want to post elsewhere, but my normal cut and paste procedure does not work here on Klipsh forum. Help.
  5. Who is a good source with good prices for silver mica caps 3650pf(500v), 360pf(300v), and 36pf(300v)?
  6. No Tiger. It's for a DIY tweak I am going to build. (HRSCF)
  7. Will you sell me some microsorb, or do you know a current source?
  8. Does anyone have some they will sell me or do you know a current source?
  9. A used Rotel RB 990 200wpc works great but a RB 1090 380wpc is even better. 990's run $350 US and 1090's $1200 US. I had the 990 and now have the 1090. Very happy. They run luke warm and easily power my RF-7's. A third level choice is NAD's top of the line 150wpc. I had it too but forget the model #.
  10. Bill, thank you for what you are doing on the 1 million contest and welcome back to the Pittsburgh area. I live in Butler Pa about 50 miles north of you. I'm inviting you to hear my system. Beverage and snacks will be served. I can't travel at present, fighting cancer and winning, but not yet won. I should be clear of it by July tho and would love to hear your system. zmanbands@aim.com
  11. Hi Seti. I'll buy it from you for $120 if it's in good condition If it doesn't sell on audiogon!!!
  12. Well said Kimball. You nailed it. I've been both bashed and helped by my fellow Klipschophiles on these forums. I knew I would be bashed on this post, but if there would be just one who tried a Shakti and benifited, it's worth it. If you bought just one of these used on audiogon for $120 and it did not work for you on your power panel you could easily resell it there for $120 in a short period of time I'm thinking a few days not weeks. Yes I love my Dean Xovers. Don't know why it works thru a power panel door. All I know is it works.
  13. You are missing something Tom. I did it and I experienced it. If you recheck my math I spent $860. I tried 2 first and only then did I buy the other 4. One could try just one first. They show up on Audiogon at $120 from time to time, but are sold in a day if not hours. I wonder why? None there now. BTW, I sold my lovely Klipshorns6 years ago when I downsized my house. Tom, I'm not an idiot. These Work on Power panels. I know I did it and was sharing my results for others since it was so stunning.. Show me someone who has used them there and found them less than fantastic. This is a no brainer once you hear the difference. Anyway, thanks for your comments!!!
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