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Klipschhorn mods


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Hi all you tweakers!

Paul has made a great speaker and it has made me dance,smile and cry more than one time.....so thanx for that one!

But I would really like to know some of the tweaks you guys have tried,working or not...

My only tweak yet was to change internal wiring on one of my speakers,just so I could compare to the original.....and for me it was the right thing to do.

I replaced it with a 2,5mm2 solid core copper cable that you can buy at any el-store.When I'm doin' it on the other speaker I'm gonna use maybe 4 or 6mm2.In my experience,solid core is less distorted and therefore more natural...and if you get distortion in you bettya get distortion OOUUTT!

The next thing I'm gonna try is to dampen the horns,because I guess the best thing for a horn is to be none sounding,or?

I'm gonna try with some stuff used in cars...

Should I place it all over the horns or what,and what kind of material have you used?

So I'm hoping all you tweakers could just pour out all your experience here!!!Please!



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