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just bought a cII 566 (@850)


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hey all i finally broke down and bought a new chip. biggrin.gif i ordered a cII566 on an abit convertor with a golden orb cooler for 140$.just flashed my bios last night so i hope i can hit the 850(maybe higher) mark with my mb.i was going to get a p3 but didn't want to spend the extra $ on new mb and/or ram.need a new vid card soon. biggrin.gif

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asus p2bf. asus said it should hit those numbers if its a latter version of the board.i wanted a p3, but not the total investment. frown.gifgotta save up for a vid card ya see!hehehe should have it by the end of next week.will post results when i get it.im going to run some before and after benchmarks.just crossing my fingures till then.

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