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What does the 250 watts max really mean on RF 7 speakers?


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Uh.......this morning.

I like the way you drive


3 speeding tickets within 6 days. I'm not proud of it. And when I was a lot younger, 3 tickets in one traffic stop. Also not proud.

okay for the sane people, when was the last time that you experienced 100% of what the car and offer you?

I guess that shuts me up.

Especially since I may have totaled my car Saturday. Depends on what the insurance co. says.

I am sorry to hear.... I did not mean too.... I was in an accident not to long ago. Are, you okay, well you are okay enough to type this so hopefully you are.

No one was hurt but my 2000 Dodge Intrepid may be totaled. Not to worry. Make lemons into lemonaide. My next car will either be a new Corvette or a Dodge Charger Hemi (425hp) I think.

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