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What a party......


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30 kids and 40+ adults. Daughter's belated 5th birthday - needed to rig up a music system and the wife wanted us to have a karaoke function.

Putting on my best MacGyver hat I came up with this:

Took one old Aiwa amp and its matching 5 disk CD player. Connected the Aiwa to my amp with the headphone out into the RCA in on my pre-amp using an adapter to convert mini din plug to large din plug.

The Aiwa amp has 2 mike inputs (and a karaoke function that largely masks the lead singer). Got 2 cheap mikes - connected them up.

Worked amazingly well - both volume controls worked so I set the pre-amp to a moderate level and then just used the control on the aiwa to vary the levels. Amazingly there was no sign of the input level overwhelming the inputs on the pre-amp - up to ludicrously loud volumes.

Everything went swimmingly till the Cd changer failed unexpectedly at about 10:30. Took less than one minute to pull the connections from the existing single CD player from the pre-amp through the aiwa to continue the singalong.

Time to setup the whole thing : 5 minutes.

Time to remove it after the party - 5 minutes.

Time to recover from 30 kids plus others - still ongoing. Very few breakages - lots of popped balloons though.

Lessons learned:

Some kids can sing very well indeed for 7 years old.

Some can't.

Confidence is no guide to singing ability.

It helps to have a garden adults can spill out into. The only adults that ventured in once the music went over about 100 dB were those with video camera's.

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I thought that was pretty clever myself, considering I had no idea what the heck you were talking about![:S] Maybe they are all just jealous because you are so smart![:D] or....they have no idea what you are talking about either?[;)]

You did good Max, don't worry about these fellas!

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