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I have added a deck to my house with a roof over the main part (10 feet by 20 feet), and am wanting to add some Klipsch outdoor speakers. Can anyone tell me their experiences with Klipsch outdoor speakers and maybe some recommendations? I'll probably buy used from either here or e-Bay. Thanks

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I have two of the big ones, AW-650 being run by a 85 watt Yamaha receiver. Sounds absolutely awesome outside. They can be played very well for low background, and they can also be cranked and hold together very very well. I also got a pair of Heresy speakers to try on the deck, but they actually didn't sound as full and present. I believe the AW outdoor line is voiced specially for open space service. If you are serious about providing full, clean sound to your outdoor space, I HIGHLY recommend the AW-650s. They are $500-550 if I recall properly, but man they're worth every penny years later when I listen on the deck.

I would like to try out the AW-800 sub that goes with them, but haven't found a way to try it. Not sure how well it would work, as I have a neighbor about 20' away on one side and the bass would penetrate their house while the higher freqs wouldn't.


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