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  1. I picked up a pair of Chorus II that have Crites Crossovers and did not come with the originals that were removed. I want to hear what the originals sound like. Does anyone have their old unmodified Chorus II stock networks laying around? Let me know. Thanks
  2. LoudnClear

    Neil Young's Pono

    Standard wma files are lossy like mp3s, and can be encoded at various bitrates like mp3s. If you rip the CD to wma lossless, that is equivalent in sound quality to the wav and the original cd. Lossless is what you want. Wav or flac. FLAC just takes up less storage space. Wma lossless is fine too, just has less equipment it can play on.
  3. LoudnClear


    Bought, thanks.
  4. LoudnClear

    Klipsch Forum

    Nice upgrade, thanks to the Klipsch crew for working so hard on it for us.
  5. LoudnClear


    Thanks for the great pilgrimage Klipsch! It was great to see all of the displays and things to tinker with. Wasn't it the author of this thread that won the Heresy III's in the back of conference room A? Again, it was an awesome event and I want to thank all of the Klipsch employees who took their time to entertain us, especially Amy, Mark, Trey and Jim. Some employees that I didn't catch their names were also very helpful and personable, the director of training and the fit and finish designer and many others too. Big thank you to LarryC for broadening our horizons in the world of classical music, many of those composers I hadn't heard of and it was nice of you to take us off the beaten path of Handel and Beethoven etc. Like you, I agree that the video format helps us who aren't familiar with classical to take in more of the performance. I like how you gave us a wide variety of selections, from the first one with the two singers calling and responding, to the thunderstorm with non standard instruments to the very animated conductor. You showed us many of the interesting things that can be observed and enjoyed about classical beyond the music itself. Thanks again for your efforts!
  6. That's great news Glenn! It just wouldn't be the same without you and Verna there.
  7. Great news that the Pilgrimage will be in Indy this year!! (I got a speeding ticket in Arkansas last year [au][:@]) I will be in june 8/9, I'll email you Amy. I would prefer the event to be more forum/pilgrimage specific. It seems to me that the past couple of years, especially 2011, the pilgrimage was an afterthought to the music festival. The first event I went to around 2006 in Indy really felt like it was about welcoming us forumers and showing us why Klipsch is so great. Once the music festival came in and the public was invited, the pilgrimage lost alot of its luster. Maybe I'm just being a selfish brick... What I really want to have an opportunity to do, and have been requesting it for several years, is to be able to listen to the LaScala II's in a proper listening environment (not just out in the parking lot) so I can determine if they're sufficiently improved over the LS I's to warrant a purchase. So I'll separate that out for anyone who's skimming along: Please demo LaScala II's, 2 channel mode. Bonus wishes: Preferably switchable between Cornwall III's and LS II"s. Preferably not in the "dark" room where the cornwall III's were in the heritage theater. I'd like the primary listening room where the 60th aniv khorns were, or even the conference room where the 3 channel stereo was demo'd.
  8. LoudnClear

    Klipsch Heritage Custom Veneers from Hope

    Those are fantastic looking! I'll go ahead and email Amy, Thanks. Kimball
  9. LoudnClear

    Klipsch Heritage Custom Veneers from Hope

    Me too! The only speaks I'm selling are the La Scala's to be replaced by La Scala II. And they are going to my friend locally here, so there's not anything for sale from me on the forum here. When I was at the 2011 Pilgramage in Hope, I had a chance to look at several samples of heritage in walnut and cherry. I found the walnut to be universally attractive. Several of the cherry speakers looked "overactive" for lack of a better word. There were alot of woodgrain artifacts in the cherry that I found distracting. I am getting more comfortable with the walnut though. I'd just like to see how much of an upcharge something really special would be. The rosewood heresy's are beautiful. Not perfect, there are a couple missing pieces from the veneer, but its not really noticable. I upgraded the caps in the crossovers and that really brought the sound back to crystal clear. I have personally picked up all my speakers in person with the exception of these heresy's. Those were an ebay deal. Shipped from LA to Iowa without issue. The guy packed them very securely with several inches of protective substrate around each speaker. Anyway, back to the issue at hand, anyone heard of the whereabouts of that factory veneers thread? I think it was in the announcements section. Kimball
  10. Does anyone know what happened to the custom factory veneer thread that Amy posted a few years ago listing the custom veneers they could do for Heritage? I have searched and searched and cannot find it. I am close to doing the unthinkable. Selling a pair of the Klipsch loudspeakers I've been collecting over the past 5 years, just to finally turn around and pull the trigger on La Scala II's. I'd like to look at the list again and get a couple quotes from the factory on the custom finishes. DON'T tell me they quit offering custom finishes and deleted the thread... [&] Kimball
  11. Running on all cylinders is a big deal when it comes to the bidding! Can't wait to hear these guys sing before the auctioneer is turned loose on them!
  12. Connmar, are you firm on bringing the cornwalls? I can see the group spending alot of time on these babies. Just want to make sure there's a suitable headliner at the farmhouse! Please don't drop out on us...
  13. Super 8 for me as well. Nice to see a good price for logdging.
  14. This is great! Please count me in too! Kimball