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  1. I have jbl 2404h in my khorns i have also beyma cp25 crites ct125 and k-77 the jbl2404h is the best of this drivers i use volti horns bms drivers and deans crossovers whith jupiter caps
  2. The crossovers are fine , the crossovers sound better and better i think the jupiter caps want some time to burn in volti horns bms drivers and jbl 2404 drivers give me a new klipschorn sound
  3. i think it is a brass screw the crossovers i have are 12db settings
  4. Thanks Dean for the pics the crossovers are a killer i never going back to any other crossovers the bms drivers and volti horns jbl 2404h and bobs CW1526C 15 inch Cast Frame Woofers give me a new klipschorn sound . Deans new crossovers sound wery fine at al music and levels.
  5. Max2 yes they are a masterpice i try to take some pics after i start listen to this crossovers i cant stop listen i think i have some alk universal for sale now
  6. Dean built me some custom crossovers for my BMS driver and Volti horns using the Jupiter capacitors i drop my jaws al i can say to you whith BMS drivers this is the best crossovers i ever heard thanks Dean
  7. i have the bms 4591mid driver 16ohm and use gregs volti horns in my klipschorn the drivers are big but there is no problem the magnets are bigger then 4592 drivers save some money and bay 4591mid drivers
  8. I use bms 4591 16ohm and jbl 2404h and gregs v track horns use alk crossovers -12db settings what can sound better then that i hope dean have my new crossover ready to go to sweden
  9. Hi i use Pass Labs XA30.5 power amplifier | Stereophile.com to my klipschorns
  10. Ihave bms 4591 16ohm drivers in my klipschorns and jbl 2404 the bms 4591 are just fine
  11. thanks for the new klipsch forums big smile here in sweden
  12. yes budman i have serinr 001 and 002 Dean and Al made this i like them but they need too burn in[]
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