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  1. Max2


    One thing I wish is that we lived closer to the coast somewhere. I have a soft spot for Snapper and Cobia and just about everything else swimming in Salt.
  2. Max2


    You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. Thanks! We have been hammering the Crappie this winter. Bringing home 35lbs of them per person on a 20 limit lake. Got a big fish fry coming Memorial Day I dont mind White Bass, Kentucky or Spotted Bass at all. Just cut the red meat out of the whites and skin that thin brown layer off thats on the fillets in a few spots and you have a nice white fillet. A little Louisiana spicy fish breading and most couldnt tell any of those Bass from Crappie.
  3. Max2


    Those aren't Bass Amigo. Just big Mondo Crappie
  4. Max2


    One fish, two fish, yellow fish, blue fish.....
  5. Max2


    Woe, woe woe. You hair shaming me?
  6. Max2


    My hairdryer has two horsepower
  7. You will likely be getting money well under 3%. Since this is your last home, I would consider splurging slightly in some areas. You might run some amortization schedules and see just what these extras will actually put you back over the course of the loan life. Foam filled walls or at least cellulose. Dual fuel HVAC, if Natural gas is in your area. Watch out about what part of the home faces south west and due west, this will be your biggest heat load when its 100+ in July and the best spot to have your garage pointed at with minimal windows there. Definitely do insulated garage doors. Make sure the HVAC system in the basement has adequate cooling and heating, this will make big a difference with the unit down there in the summer, even though it will be cooler given its in the basement. I would also consider one of the various roof insulation methods whether rigid or running reflective 1" foam. Dont expect perfection in your build, and it is stressful, but you being single will make it a little easier People always figure out what they would have done differently if building again, so consider things that you're not considering now in your layout.
  8. 9 feet. 6K these days wont even buy a couch that makes the wife happy. You may spend the last 50% of your existence down there, I know I do.
  9. I cant work this one out. Is this a little inside?....
  10. Bob was a rock in the Klipsch world and helped so many when they had no avenue for a needed part or technical knowledge about anything. Its very saddening to hear this. RIP Mr. Crites
  11. Max2

    BSM 4592

    @Chris A may be able to shed some light on the 4592 for you.
  12. Max2

    BSM 4592

    Sorry. The only worthy full range driver I have heard were TAD's. I can say Jack wont steer you wrong. As far as hearing a difference with the rings or without, I likely couldnt pick out either. Some say there is a benefit from the ring while others say its a myth.
  13. Max2

    BSM 4592

    I have a set of the HE's I didnt note that mine are the ND mid versions, but they have the rings
  14. Wow. Vented inside the horn like the 1802. The new looks would gather the interest of even a non speaker or audio enthusiast. So is the Anniversary model just cosmetic and the new vented setup is incorporated is the normal version? I do hope there will be an offering in the $10k ish range. Very, very well done Roy and Crew.
  15. Its a very simple job. 3/4 or 5/8 Marine ply, table saw, drill and a few screws. Just being able to toe the speakers in or out is well worth this, but the bass you recover makes the speakers actually usable pulled from the corners. Just get your angle right when matching the halves up to the tailboard. And you dont put screws in the cab, you align then up with the tailboard supports and the side vent supports. Easily removable, a very good seal and the added weight is minimal which is why I went this route instead of building false walls.
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