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    Klipschorn Fronts with enclosed backs.
    Volti-Vtrac mid horns
    BMS 4592 nd mid drivers
    Beyma CP 25 tweeters
    Deans custom AA network with Jupiter Flat stacks
    LaScala rears
    Stock with
    Deans Super X network

    Klipsch C-7 Center

    SVS PB2 Subwoofer

    Marantz 8802A Pre/Pro
    McIntosh MC7205
    Oppo 103 UP
    Denon CD changer
    Mac mini for internet and music server

    Acoustimac Acoustic panels

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  1. Make sure to tell him to downsize them. I got some Klipschorn "retro" style emblems from him off of Ebay and they're so large they look strange on the fronts of my K's no matter where I put them. Tell him to send you dimensions first. Mine would be great if they were half the size of what they actually are.
  2. Another option. American made no less
  3. Dont sweat it. That Amp has very, very low distortion and a stellar noise floor number. People freak out about big watt amps because they're usually a budget amp that is going to give you a hiss at idle or at a very low output. Not going to be the case with that amp. If there is any noise at a low level its going to be the SNR limits on that tube Pre.
  4. Great variety this year
  5. Anyone have any ideas for a new Hogs coach? Very painful time for the Hillbilly state. I think those folks, the boosters and the BOT have more money than sense up there. They have diluted that program to the point that I don't know of any half way decent name will show. I feel really bad for the players.
  6. I miss Marathon bars. Remember the ruler on the back of them?
  7. Another 40 gal gas and call it a day, you're good for another 10 years. Get you an estimate for the tank-less and that will likely seal the deal. BTW, it takes a much bigger tank-less unit in the real world than most people see advertised. Get the dishwasher, washing machine running and jump in the shower. That may be an unlikely scenario for you, but it sure isn't around our place.
  8. The basic old radio killed too many for me. I cant stand to hear Axl Rose's voice anymore. Many Beatles songs. Nothing from Heart and my buddy's wife is slowly killing Fleetwood's hits from my tolerance. Dont get me started on Mumford, the Counting Crows and a slew more.
  9. Coming out of the turn, almost entering the final stretch. Waiting for that plastic red look across the board and some corking to show.
  10. Just thinking about that Pork bits patty formed into a short rack of ribs makes me shiver. Oh and I will share that can of Sardines in mustard sauce with you, but even I have my limitations.
  11. Bro in-law loves the McRib. I can honestly say I would rather lose my trigger finger to a rusty sod buster than to be holed up in a vehicle having to smell one while it was eaten.
  12. I thought things were held correctly up there. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2ugnxt
  13. The squirrels are my issue. Apples, Persimmons, Muscadines, Figs, Tomato's ....I got mugged all year long. Oh and the wifes new dog that apparently grew a taste for Strawberries, Squash and Zucchini. Its a catch 22... Do I keep the dogs out of the garden or do I keep them there to help keep the squirrels chased off... Either way, I have to come up with a new plan
  14. From the pepper pics everyone has been posting this year, there is likely to be a lot of sauce to go around this fall.
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