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  1. Looking for a 5 channel amp...

    I would agree. They are borderline Clinical in sound. Not Warm, fuzzy, cloudy, slow or whatever term someone is wanting use to describe old SS sound. They're one of the cleanest sounding amps I have heard in the 1 watt range and extremely revealing. I will never part with mine unless my kids shoes depend on it.
  2. Looking for a 5 channel amp...

    Check out the MC 7205 around $2K used and the MC 7106 which is is the overlooked real bargain in the $1.5 K range and boasts an extra channel which lets it double as an active setup for two 3-way speakers in stereo only. Both have stellar THD numbers @ .005%, 93db 1/watt SNR number 113db at max rating. Very, very quiet noise floor, sound is extremely transparent and unit will never lose value. Mc. quality at a budget price.
  3. Subwoofers are hard.

    Sorry, I should have read your post more thoroughly. I would find the ideal placement for each sub and try splitting your single mono source to both subs with your current setup. Then try both sub outs with two cables when you get your new AVR. Wall plates look good, but I wouldn't let them steer me or cause more hassle than what they are worth. A single holed wall blank with an RCA cable coming out of it still can't be seen if a sub is front of it. Besides, they blend in and match the power outlets, network jacks, telephone jacks, etc You can't beat a single wire connection. Walls plates, multiple splices here and there, even with proper connectors.... next thing you know you have a ground hum you're trying to track down.
  4. Subwoofers are hard.

    Boosting the input side is just doing that, not adding any more power or "unlocking" anything hidden that Im aware of. It will immediately be a few db louder, but once you calibrate, it will be right back where it was. I think SVS even posted where there was no gain to be had splitting a single mono source, but that has been almost 15 years ago or so maybe? Anyway, I can tell you that that sub will give consistent 115-120 db hits way down there at around 8 feet off, with one cable hooked to it, just pick left or right
  5. Cap Question

    I would agree and I should also mention that Dean built the best three networks I ever tried and all my speakers still have his product, except my center channel which I have never altered and very rarely use. Dean probably remembers, but he once said in an email to me that the few top end caps consists of "different flavors," most all are good, just different. I think that nailed it from my testing of just a few. Its good to have smart people around that you can trust when dealing with something quite obscured and varied ear by ear.
  6. Cap Question

    I think you would have to pick out some stand out delicate passages that the listener was very familiar with. Also a really fast playback and switching for someone to sit down and tell the difference. 10 or 15 seconds and its hard to distinguish anything with my brain anyhow. I have had 5 different networks in my LaScala's and a few for my K's and A/B'd all of them as well as listen to them for a week or so and then do a swap out. I have had Audyns, Audiocap Thetas, Sonicaps a couple more lessors and finally some Jupiter Flats. The differences are there on the top end without doubt. However, the better the room with dampening and panels make it possible and/or easier at least for me. If my room still had a untreated wood floor, pictures everywhere and no dampening panels for the walls and ceiling, I likely couldn't hear anything other than echo's and reverb like it use to be. As far a price goes, IMO, you either have to be seriously set in your ways with one speaker model or near the end with a Belle, LS or K to spend the coin on that last little bit of refinement. IMO, its a must as horns are so revealing and its so easy to change any signature with them. You pay extra for a proper, clean active EQ with a decent bench numbers, so why not spend extra for some truly decent caps on a good old Analog network? We all should chase the minute things because its what the company itself does, only we can chase the benefits without a world to market the benefit/cost ratio to, yet only by our smile and our pocketbook.
  7. I need some big rebounds from GE, UAA and AMD. Any stock cheer leaders out there?
  8. Easy answer..... The Jubilee, even with its behemoth size. BMS or TAD drivers bolted to the 402's and heaven forbid, an active setup. I would like to hear a 3 way Jub setup though, just for color. Might even consider a vented bass enclosure since I'm just a 1 watt listener. If its all I have for life I'm going to be choosy and run the gamut on the various configs. Start lining them up Mr. Roy, I smell some early 2018 orders on the way.
  9. lascalas very little bass

    If you like loud, just order a set of Bobs AL-3 topo's. Steeper points. If one watt is more important, an A or AA topo will blend the drivers better. No matter what, dump those AL artifacts.
  10. lascalas very little bass

    1987 cabs and its strange that they just missed out on the 401 mid horns, unless someone did some component swapping. They still should have AL-2's if I'm not mistaken, which would mean they have had some swaps
  11. lascalas very little bass

    Mid range is 3/4 of what we hear. The LaScala does everything extremely well except pound out the lower end. You can find a set of Cornwalls that will slam you with bass, but will not have the magic of the big mid horns that the La Scalas have and is a vented design that everyone from any maker has tried to refine since the beginning. You also have to realize how big and/or long of a horn it takes to reach the lower area, thus to add to the lows you will affect some critical frequency output elsewhere on the chart. Everything is a sacrifice and I would rather need a sub that will fill and blend db wise with the LaScala all the way down to 25 cycles AND be musical........ as opposed to finding some lifeless, ported rehash that is actually -10db @35 hz that is filled with distortion @60hz. You either have to have horns or you don't. I was in your shoes back in the early 90's, and I even got rid of a set of Belles to try and get that low bass loss back with a pair of KLF 30's. I saw them as a Crossroad of my previous Cornwall II's and the Belles. I got a little more bass, but lost everything that I took for granted which was the most important part of the Belles. If you're after the lows, a decent sub and two LaScalas will rival almost anything out there.
  12. Single Black LaScala. MN

    The AA was used until 1982 I believe. Also the K55M started in 1980, but if the mids are 401's, which it appears like it might be with the glimpse of ribs, then someone has completely updated this one. I don't think the 401's came around until '86 or '87. I bet is sounds great and looks good too.
  13. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Official Thread

    Go check out some of your favorite albums on ITunes. Check out the popularity or download rating.....yeah, some of the best songs don't even get a couple of ticks. The population as a whole loves Bose too, but does that mean they're right? There are some people out there that think every individual should be required to only enter marriage including someone with an opposing race so we can meld into one global group that shares traits from genetic, social and cultural aspects.... Although, there are agreements and some people get things right, like a broke clock twice a day, but In a few short words, trust no one but yourself.
  14. Internet slowing down on several sites

    I wouldn't give it much thought, we sucked already Global Average 5.6 - - - South Korea 26.7 96.7% 80.5% 62.6% Sweden 19.1 93% 59.5% 42.4% Norway 18.8 89.8% 61.8% 44.7% Japan 17.4 91.1% 62.8% 40.3% Netherlands 17.0 95.7% 64.5% 38.8% Hong Kong 16.8 93.2% 61.1% 37.8% Switzerland 16.7 93.6% 62.1% 37.5% Latvia 16.7 92.5% 54.1% 37% Finland 16.6 91% 57.4% 34.4% Denmark 16.1 94.3% 60.1% 37.7% Update: Top 10 Average Internet Speeds Comparison - Q3 2016
  15. Who's Gonna Be Next?

    Days of the old right there. Walking on pins and needles now, just waiting for the day of reckoning after the toy purchase. Or for the single guys, " Oh, you ate lunch with Sally," silence and then its all about what you did to me that I suddenly don't like NOW and it was horrible, just horrible I tell you.....