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  1. The shear fact that these "groups" are actually able to destroy and shut down towns, cities and other communities is the most scary of all of this for me. Hey, its a great thing the majority of the US has to get up and go to work. Think about these events on a 10X and 20X scale, now that's kind of frightening. I cant help but think of what might be in the cards election night too. Well, the supply Preppers gained a little respect this year and the ET community were thrown a bone from the Naval video's. We have been introduced to modern day Zombies that are completely consumed with social networking and all that is just dark hate. They're stealing the comfort of Peace, Freedom and Liberty from us all and its looking like this is exactly what a few large, broke areas of country want. Maybe all of this needs to happen for us to get where we need to be?
  2. Max2

    Can’t sleep

    His Heart likely does and now they are starting to link Alzheimers and Dementia from lack of quality rest.
  3. Max2

    Can’t sleep

    Being physically exhausted does wonders for insomnia.
  4. Max2

    Corona has vanished!

    When you can eat indoors in NYC, you know the agenda is soon to be changing.
  5. Max2

    CD's at Amazon

    But many will be appreciative and find it interesting delving in to your full envelope of musical interests over the years. And who knows, just maybe one of the receiving folk will just be very appreciative to receive something that you enjoyed.
  6. Max2

    CD's at Amazon

    Wow. Im sure that Ipod stuck in a box in an attic will bring a lot of joy to a grandkid that receives it once they're old enough to appreciate music of the past. Hopefully it will play and not get wet or rust out or the battery die in decades to come. Nevermind having an album cover to gaze at while holding or the thought of when and where their now gone gramps or grams might have purchased it or where they were in life to find interest in said Artist. Who else here possibly inherited and old album collection from a friend or loved one that has real meaning? Digital media, Yay!
  7. Hmm. I didnt know he had left.
  8. Maybe I missed a few threads, but Im missing the peppers pics this year? I know you guys have some going on.
  9. All these years and I just thought you liked Tiger Woods..... No BS
  10. Max2

    Corona has vanished!

    It really is. Its easy for some to say stay home. It comes down to protecting yourself and not just thinking putting a mask on will save your day. I just want to know why so many sweaty protesters and all these large gatherings arent getting carted in by the troves.
  11. Max2

    Corona has vanished!

    Talked to a Doctor across the fence last night. He said many are coming in with allergy like symptoms and testing positive. He said none in weeks have been serious, just a scratchy throat for a day or two, congestion and they're over it in two or three days. He also said unfortunately, many are continuing to work.
  12. No one's better than me. I'm not better than anyone. Whether it's Eric Clapton or BB King we look straight at each other. And that keeps it real. Carlos Santana
  13. Max2

    Corona has vanished!

    So it looks like schools will open for a week and then close for 14 days, since literally everyone is already infected. Then maybe on the 21st day we reopen? And since this may not work, do we all just put our kids in day care like so many of the other kids that are already there ?
  14. Max2

    Covid19 redux

    All good points. Its just frustrating to see data that really isnt usable other than a bed rate or a death rate. Cant really use the numbers on the general population that arent seriously affected by it and hospitalized. The crap is all around us. Im headed to hide under a rock on the Bama/ FL line for a week. Y'all wish me luck.
  15. Max2

    Covid19 redux

    Well thats kind of why I was bringing it up. Who can trust any of the numbers we are seeing with multiple counts on an individual? Many states are doing this now and some are starting to. This process is also been noted in the U.K. Why isnt anyone saying all the data is crap at this point no matter which way it swings? https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/coronavirus/virginia-begin-double-counting-positive-coronavirus-cases
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