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  1. Max2

    How you cooking your bird for Thanksgiving

    Im wanting to pick one of those up just because Crock pots aren't big enough. Dont know if it will cook like a Crock though? My uncle uses one of those large roasters for his Prime Rib, another reason I skip the Turkey.
  2. Max2

    How you cooking your bird for Thanksgiving

    I always dry them out and mean every time. Gave up years ago to let someone else do it and I will say 75% of the time I eat Turkey its too dang dry, but maybe its just me. I like bringing things to the dinners that are off the wall and sometimes they're a welcome edition to the same old ho-hum, but possibly a joke or insult to some. I like fixing a sea critter dressing with Oysters, Bay scallops and Gulf shrimp. I also do a basic Crock pot with a Pork tender in the bottom with a can of Coke and lots of starch, Fungus and Veggies. I stack it so high the lid is about 3 inches too high for the pot, but by morning its cooked down and my house has an incredible smell. Oh yea, the thread was about Turkeys. I cant cook a Turkey properly.
  3. Max2

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Agreed. It seems all the serious stuff it what makes your hair fall out and hi-jack your mind while you should be having fun and smiling. My Friday is trying to do it to me now and probably will for the next week or so.
  4. Max2

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Lots of things were much better in the 70's.
  5. Max2

    Wow! Isn't this just great? I'm a winner!

    Jubs for all in the thread !
  6. Your statement is correct, but far and few or the non horn experienced actually push for horn loaded bass or actually understand what "fully horn loaded" means. IMO, its all about the mid horn that produces the magic. The mighty mid is all revealing and its the lionshare for all the content we listen to. 30 years ago, I never would have thought I would be saying this, but the mid runs the whole show and the rest fills the gaps whether people accept it or not.
  7. Max2

    Facebook on PBS Frontline

    A lot of good points made here. One thing though, the news isn't just facts anymore. News outlets have a plethora of writers and what they get away with their writing these days is nothing short of a soap opera. You have the facts and now you have the opinion. Opinions involve agendas. Now I have my Agenda before I received anything, here comes the facts, here comes my opinion (and emotion), not lets write and shape this piece to paint my corner pretty. Gonna add some here, cut some there, now its perfect. We have news apps that all share their angles, I have never seen anything posted on FB that wasn't just the same, but usually worse. I think I have managed to block it all now though (for the most part.) FB will never involve anything straight up or honest, but its a superb noodle washer for the sheep that follow.
  8. Max2


    I know some middle aged women that would fist fight over who was getting the mic next after a couple bottle of wine.
  9. Max2

    Synthetic Motor Oil.....

    Turbo and Super charged engines can and usually have a higher oil consumption rate. Its not uncommon for a Mercedes or BMW whether blown or turbo'd to have to add a quart in between services. Some of it has to do with how much the engine is staying in the boost that produces more blow-by or (crankcase pressure leaked through the rings) which is like your engine vaping on the oil and using it a tiny bit at a time which is The Synthetics have a higher flash temperature and among outboard racers or hi-perf 2 cycle engine the synthetics are a big game changer just do to the fact that the oil doesn't burn much at all and doesn't leave any contaminants in the rings or in the combustion chamber. The left over oil is literally just blown out the exhaust.
  10. Max2

    Synthetic Motor Oil.....

    The first filter which was a Purolator oil filter was named after the consideration of its purpose which is "Pure Oil Later."
  11. Max2

    Synthetic Motor Oil.....

    Synthetic oil will stay cleaner much longer. It should look fairly clean and gold for a good while. Nearing 5K miles, I can start to see a little contaminants that appear dark in my 3.6 V6 Jeep, but nothing like old fossil oil. As far as my question earlier, its BMW. All M series and standard series leased cars go 10K miles before their scheduled oil change.
  12. Max2

    Synthetic Motor Oil.....

    Who would trust a 600 Horse, twin turbo, 40K engine to go 10K mandatory miles before an oil change on shelf bought synthetic oil?
  13. Max2

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Now thats a name I haven't heard in a while.
  14. Max2

    Facebook on PBS Frontline

    But do the positives outweigh the Negative ?
  15. Max2

    Facebook on PBS Frontline

    You're missing the point. FB was once for friends and family to stay in touch, share pics of the kids, vacations and whatnot. Not I get my own personal feed on articles and BS that the National Inquirer wouldn't put in their rag. Im not down, actually quite happy, Im just tired of wading through all the ridiculous ads and posts. I would have left FB long ago if it wasn't for my son.