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  1. Im sorry, but I just laughed my azzz off on that one. Dont wrestle with pigs people, you WILL get muddy even if you win........😂
  2. Max2

    NFL 2019

    I enjoyed it and I was eagerly awaiting a wardrobe malfunction, but I get the other side where some of that is not really family friendly and I got it first hand. We were at a close friends house with their 6 year old daughter and their other 11 year old twin girls and they were all sitting at the bar eating cheese dip on the edge of their seat. They weren't around for the game, obviously, but the halftime performance had been so hyped up with their friends or TV I guess, they were waiting to see J Lo. Their parents aren't really ones to hide the world from their kids, but I have to admit, it was a bit uneasy to watch that and have youngsters there while everyone hooped and hollered about it. The hand gestures and the close ups were not something that was really needed. I thought the kids singing their segment after JLO climbed down from her pole was really nice and helped tidy things up a bit. The silver Creeper dude that showed up mumbling some sort of strange language should have been left out, he really just diluted things. The Music and Vocals were pretty dismal IMO, but as far as lunchtime time waster video over burger, a beer and a few coworkers, it would be worthy for another view.
  3. Nothing worse than to sit down with a system that someone wants you to hear, they hit the power and you're immediately put off from an idle hiss while they're picking out some content to play. Its like a hair in your soup, its just doesn't go away. And right when things are running along nicely you get this really black rest in the track and there it is again. No one knows how much silence makes a difference, you add a truly treated room to the equation and suddenly you're hearing parts of a track you never knew were there for past decades.
  4. The older you get, the more you should steer more cash into fixed income. Whether you take a qualified distribution to live on or you are at the age where you have to, you certainly dont want to be pulling from an account that is down 30+% After 50 or so, its best to start looking at preserving wealth with a good portion of your holdings. No one knows when they may become disabled or unable to work from health or an accident. With the Dow approaching 30K, now may be the best time in your remaining years to liquidate some leading equity holdings. No one goes broke making a profit.
  5. Fake news from the 80's? Didn't he move his wife out of their home to a rental dig along with their son that has CP? Not his wife, it was a girlfriend. Anyways, not a great story as she had to sue him.
  6. Didn't he basically abandon his handicapped son and the kids mom back in the 80's ? Sometimes there ARE great musicians that do bad things.
  7. Most of our meaningful accomplishments since indoor plumbing have flourished on making things more convenient or entertaining. Not counting everything out, but what has made a true milestone ?
  8. This says it all..... " a super efficient rating at 104 watts sound pressure level at one meter " There is comfort and frustration when you immediately know a salesman or a seller understands way less about a product than yourself, and you haven't even opened your mouth to learn this.
  9. He was a master of counting and bringing perfection to all of his work. He would be the first to add that he didn't get a solo right or was off here and there with specific track performance, noting that he could only nail some of his work 70% of the time. Not only that, he was behind damn near all the lyrics on all the albums. One thing I never knew about him was his height at 6'4" Very sad indeed. Their multi channel offerings are great and really emphasize Niels work. Now if I could just afford Hemispheres on bluray
  10. The plant previously used Red Devil black satin, but that was a few decades ago
  11. An old MAC mini here. Still running I tunes with everything ripped via ALAC lossless. The wireless mouse and keyboard are very handy while listening and surfing on the couch. It takes a decent stereo DVD or a good multi channel to make my hair stand up anymore, but I know there are much better ears here than mine.
  12. VG 10 steel. 65 Layer. That's a pretty hard stainless metal. I would say that is a very fine set. I would pick up a good double sided stone like a King 1000/6000 and not touch them with that steel.
  13. Max2

    Clogged dryer vent

    If you can get by with the ugly and dated looks and don't have a large family, the sub $400 Roper, Amana, Whirlpool, Kenmoore (all built by Whirlpool) dryers work like a champ. Parts are cheap, cheap and anyone can diagnose any issues with a $20 meter. I have some that are over 10 years old and never been opened up. Cant say that about my fancy Samsung, but I have only swapped the tension pulley last year on it and its about 10 years old.
  14. Max2

    Clogged dryer vent

    What I have seen is the back and the tops of the dryers will get extremely hot, but wont dry. These are mostly old and basic budget units. I just show up when they say the dryers arent working. Luckily, only about half of the homes come furnished with a Washer and Dryer. Also, washing the lint screen with soap and a scrub brush sometimes helps the air flow. Dryer sheets and left over softening additives to the clothes while being washed can act like wax on the screen and literally hold water on them building up and just cutting the air passing through them even more. A new hose is always best, but Im always dealing with a long run of PVC through a slab.
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