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  1. I found an Asian style sauce recipe that everyone seems to like. Been using it for dipping roasted shishito's and Anemheim's in and just about anything else that is nearby. Soy sauce Brown sugar Sesame oil Minced ginger Lime Zest chopped 1 inch Tobasco pepper or equivalent
  2. I dont see how the true HiFi market for (blue collar) expensive items will actually grow in years to come. Work, kids and surviving is getting to where it eats all your time and income, not even counting the loss of interest in a niche hobby that has been diluted or erased by the necessities in our lives. I lived and breathed it up until my first born which came late in life. Now I understand how these luxuries that were a priority of desire are now are almost non-existent.
  3. Save me a couple of colors other than red... You're gonna have a lot of red to play with this fall
  4. How is everyone's crop this year? I thought I could eat a few hot items until I watched this
  5. Max2

    Porsche Does It Again

    Lots of torque, very quick, but short on top. I think it being close to silent made it seem more impressive than it was. Although, you have to add that it was a four door (kind of) and all electric, 700+ horses and 750+ lbs of torque and it weighs more than a four door F-150. We have really just begun messing with electrics, so in time its what some of us will see racing in the future. Having said that... Even though its a record given its power output for a four door, Its still a ho hum time even compared to an old dinosaur with a mere 505 horses. Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06 – 7:22.68
  6. Looks like that would be an echo chamber. But paneled up or push that rear wall out and...
  7. Im always excited to see what creation youre working on Dean.
  8. If you're going the AVR route look for something near the top three models or so no matter which brand you go with. I have been a Denon buyer for decades and it seems their AVR's actually dont fall on their face with 5 or 7 speakers hooked up from prior bench tests. They also have very good SNR values. Also, when you get near the top in Denon and Marantz, the build location changes to Japan rather than China. In most cases, you get what you pay for in an AVR these days.
  9. You could be right, but If he could identify the single bad channel after a couple of power source swaps, he wouldn't have to post this problem. I have to modulate the balance to get the sound right, but with each change of volume comes another change in balance. You can swap speakers and mess around with that for a while, possibly still scratching your head with random outputs continuing....or hookup another powered source and put an end to it right then.
  10. https://www.szynalski.com/tone-generator/
  11. Well it could be the receiver if he is using it as a Pre, but has tried two different amps. He needs a fully different source to take the first step to determine speaker problem or electronics problem. We need more clarity
  12. That would be the easy diagnosis. He really needs to just bring in an AVR or something to actually see if its a speaker problem.
  13. If you have tried totally different electronics and the result is the same, you likely have a network issue. And unless its always been this way, which might point to a voice coil problem or someone swapped a voice coil or completely different driver, given you're not the original owner of the speakers. Could be a bad cap, transformer or even a loose connection or cold solder joint, somewhere. The signal travels at almost the speed of light, so you can rule out a cable length.
  14. You can hash it anyway you like, but that little mid on the CW gets in trouble pretty quick. I bought a pair of CW Ii's back in '86. Kept them for a few years and sold them to a friend and he still has them today setup in a large playroom. They sound great at 10-12 feet off or even 20 feet off, but you will never get past the little mid and Its why the Cornscalla became so popular. You cant compare the LS to the CW, in clarity, coverage or dynamics, the LS is on another level.
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