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  1. Mine are small, but coming on fast. Epsom Salt in my raised beds really gives them a boost from the nutrient runoff issue I seem to have
  2. You're right. You probably cant get a better 18" at that price.....
  3. I think mere 100 watts and a 25 cycle test tone will reveal all. Might want to check the lead wire length and/or xmas first. Seriously. Listen to these guys, they may save you $59
  4. Oh no, MS leads the country in top Crappie fishing. You need to head a little North where 3+ pounders are caught on the norm and frequently. Im trying to shoehorn in a trip in the future. I might add the limit is 15 over there on top lakes in MS and fish must be 12". Here in AR the limit is 30 and some lakes have a 9 or 10" rule, but I don't think they enforce the length much. Here is a breakdown of the Crappie Lakes ranked in MS and this is a nationwide wide ranking Grenada Lake is listed as No. 1. • Sardis Lake ranks No. 2. • Arkabutla Lake makes the list at No. 5. • Lake Washington is listed at No. 7. • Enid Lake makes the list at No. 20
  5. I think the 1-1.5 lb crappie eat the best, but maybe its all in my head. Here are a few larger. 2.5 -2.7lb Crappie. Longer than 5 gallon bucket. 2017 was a good year for bigger fish on the River. Although, these are little guys compared to MS Crappie.
  6. 10 cycles @ 115 db would be a big feat for a very, very decent sub 😀
  7. Thank you Dtel. He has been a Crappie fisherman since he was almost still wearing a diaper. I have several pictures like this from the past 2.5 to 3 years. Once I get 10 years or so worth, Im going to make a big photo collage of him from age 3 and on just holding his trophies.
  8. Haven't posted many pics in a good while, but Im really proud of this one. River was way high and muddy from all the rain and we missed the peak of the spawn, but we ground it out all day. A little You Tube kids on the water and a little fishing blessed us with 8 fish and he caught his personal best of 2.2 lbs. Cant forget the tough guy shot
  9. A mini or 12" version of a Cornwall would be easy to put together and give your TV something to sit on if needed. Although I don't know how much low end a center channel gets or if it even gets an unfiltered signal in multi channel content. I know I would love to have a K400 or 401 delivering my center duty as this is the weak spot in my system.
  10. Max2

    Pepper season is on

    I have had plenty of Tabasco sauce but never tried the pepper itself. You're not kidding about some ornamentals being surprisingly hot. A buddy had some sort of Asian ornamental a few years back and those little colored buttons were blistering hot.
  11. Max2

    Pepper season is on

    The bonuses of the deep south.
  12. Max2

    Pepper season is on

    I love ornamentals.
  13. Max2

    Pepper season is on

    Its been a very wet fall and spring around here. We also had a couple of pop up frosts early/mid April that kept all my plants out of the ground until this weekend. On a good note, my garden was filled with fish over the winter and an updated sprinkler system, so I'm hoping as good of a harvest, or better as last year. I have Ghost's, Tabasco, Anaheim's, Habs, ****, Japps, Shishido and some funky Mex Hot Bells that I found. Would like to find an Asian plant or two to add to the mix. Just found out our 7 month old mutt like Strawberries, so gonna have to keep an eye on him when he is in the garden. The wife picked up an oddball "Orange" Lime bush that I hope will add a different citrus tone to a sauce.
  14. Max2

    Pepper season is on

    What does everyone have planted this year? I wonder what tricks Old Timer has up his sleeve for some of his summer batches?
  15. I wouldn't want to be the one to have to listen and distinguish the difference of any of them.
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