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    Klipschorn Fronts with enclosed backs.
    Volti-Vtrac mid horns
    BMS 4592 nd mid drivers
    Beyma CP 25 tweeters
    Deans custom AA network with Jupiter Flat stacks
    LaScala rears
    Stock with
    Deans Super X network

    Klipsch C-7 Center

    SVS PB2 Subwoofer

    Denon 4311 AVR
    McIntosh MC7205
    Oppo 103 UP
    Denon CD changer
    Mac mini for internet and music server

    Acoustimac Acoustic panels

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  1. Max2

    Marantz AV8802A vs Anthem AVM60 vs Emotiva XMC-1

    You may have seen these tests, if not, they're worth the read just for color on the models. https://www.soundandvision.com/content/anthem-avm-60-av-processor-review https://www.soundandvision.com/content/marantz-av8802-surround-processor-review
  2. Max2

    Marantz AV8802A vs Anthem AVM60 vs Emotiva XMC-1

    I have been on this edge for well over a year now. Its hard to say one direction is best between the two. I have even considered the 7703 and 7704 instead of the 8802A as good as it is, the 8802A is becoming a dated model. The 60 appears to be all that if you take stock in the hubbub right ups. One tester even went as far to say it sounded better than his D2. And not to downplay the 60, as its bench numbers are at the very, very top. Even then then, the 60 costing around $3K is putting you in the (slightly used) Mcintosh MX121 territory, which is obviously a different animal with less tech, but possibly two channel sound that very well may rival all these units or at least make your brain think it does from the legendary badge. But on a realistic note, I am more interested in the DAC upgrades in the 7703 and 7704 for musical purposes compared to the 8802A. The Anthem is very impressive on paper, sound (from what I have read) and tech, but its hard not to go with good ole Marantz.
  3. Max2

    Khorn False Corners Free ( GONE )

    Too bad those couldn't serve duty in front of my K's. Even if that is a synthetic veneer, it looks really good.
  4. Max2

    Will i damage my speakers?

    I may have missed out on you noting that you were using Audyssey in the thread. That is why the Pre side is limiting the power output, which may also be why you haven't damaged a driver yet. Have you tried turning Audyssey off and just listening to music without it, assuming you were using them for music and not movies?
  5. Max2

    Will i damage my speakers?

    It sounds like there is another variable not being addressed. Things should be getting ugly around 75-80% of the max volume on the Onk, maybe even before that. Don't know if you're running Audyssey, but if so, it likely has the channels cut down possibly in the -8, -10db range or the source input has very low voltage. That is if the volume control max's out at 99 or 100.
  6. Max2

    Greatest Albums of All Time

    I never knew that. That definitely knocks the shine off of "Muskrat Love."
  7. Once you actually start to listen to music, especially with half century old ears, you appreciate and gravitate to clarity and resolution of the most important part of music, which is the midrange. The 400's and 401's are just too dang hard to beat, unless you're space limited or listening very near field. Throw in a cheap beater sub, if needed, and you have a setup that can rival or trounce just about anything price wise.
  8. Sometimes technology cant beat mass. Big mids, big sound, big smile.
  9. Because you would only be getting about 90% of the Bass potential enclosing a non-designed set as compared to a set that were built enclosed. The K's need walls on each side of them to carry out the bass extension. PWK had one false wall built for one of his K's I have read because he had a non existent corner as well. False walls are very heavy and cumbersome to move. Enclosing is simple and all you need is one sheet of 3/4" or a marine grade ply piece. You shoot the 4 screws per side, 2 in the tail board supports and two in the side vent supports. There is a few threads here on the how to. I still have mine enclosed even though they're in corners, just so I can toe them to tailor fit my listening position. It works very well for $40-70 depending on wood you use. No reason not to take up a great deal on a set of K's because you have bad corners. Here is a link for the enclosing talk.
  10. Enclose the backs and toe them out. Very simple, 1 sheet of plywood and you will likely get all but the last 5-10 cycles on the response depending on room. No screws need to be shot in cabs either.
  11. Max2

    1988 Klipschorns (signed set)

    Sometimes everyone here expects everyone else to be up on their "Klipsch" game, yet they fail to realize that there are some owners and indirect owners that don't live and breathe the world of Klipsch on a daily basis, but still they enjoy the heck out of them. Don't take too much stock in some of the straight forward remarks, although they come across as rude and insensitive, most of these guys would drop everything and come give you a hand with anything involving your speakers if they were locals. Good luck with the sale as the pair is very nice and well matched veneer. There was a reason PWK signed those K's and he didn't just hang around signing all the K-horns that made an exit.
  12. Max2

    Raw Jubes in da house

    Congrats ! oooh I'm jealous. I love the raw wood, a little oil rubbed in and I would be good to go.
  13. Max2

    Show us your great photography thread!

    Man thats a pretty room
  14. Max2

    Show us your great photography thread!

    Exercise day. Thank goodness it finally started warming up here, my freezer was almost bare. @Chief bonehead
  15. Max2

    $2000 set of Forte on the bay

    Every Speaker I own is black except for my mains.