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  1. NCAA basketball 2017-2018

    I would be scared to scratch my behind in a Chinese Hotel room without fear of getting drug out, much less anything else. As far as the kids go, its not any sweat off their arse. Kids these days have little remorse or actual embarrassment for anything. Just them showing their stupidity for being thieves was enough, but no, lets do it in a communist country where no one has any rights.....well that just tells you its a good thing they can shoot hoops. If they get a season off it wont matter, they will have an extended sheet by then or possibly already be in jail.
  2. Klipschorn vs. B&W 802 Diamond

    The 802's still out front in your setup?
  3. Led Zeppelin 2!

    Eerily similar. I'm mean the singers style and voice, the guitar riffs and tone and the beats are all seemingly modeled form Zepp. Don't mean to sound negative, but skipping through this album just sounds like they got their feet really close to fire and seemed to have done it very well. To top it off, we need Druids on the album cover.
  4. Damn Kids, Think They're So Coooooel

    Lots of great musicians out there, especially the young talent. Problem is, they cant write songs and/or they get tossed in with some other guys and it just doesn't work or ends up being the same mish mosh that is the bulk out there. The building of a band these days has too many hands in the deal trying to recreate something. No more letting a band build and progress on its own of the yesteryears. The rock scene is just plain bad when speaking numbers as compared to the last 30-40 yrs, originality is left for the far fringe.
  5. The Wussification

    More Hot sauce info please. Just come one way or are there heat levels OT?
  6. The Wussification

    You're right. I don't consider myself an insider here, but I read a lot of the comments and "intellectual" speaking and spills from the oldies here. It is nice to hear an opposing side or view of things because they're usually eager to explain their view and offer a different take. Sadly, there is just not much discussion these days with unknowns on the crazy events going on, just a lot of one sided my way or the highway with no facts, just some mythical smoke monster that is causing it all and being blamed on others.
  7. The Wussification

    You can't compare this forum to the FB setup. Its family here where talk goes way beyond speakers and thank goodness for that. Most people have been posting here for 10 -15 years and longer and for the most part its still the same crew. While everyone has a poke or a prod for the usuals and rarely agree on every matter, we're all still friends in the end. Now this may hardly be the case in every situation, but its still just a gathering around the dinner table until someone throws a biscuit and gets excused. ITs just expected with family/
  8. The Wussification

    Exactly. You made a common sense decision about where the level of things were headed, yet you didn't get the spoiler alert from the title of the thread. It was political before it even began, yet there was some wiggle room there. Maybe we can add a little fat to the closing of thread "trigger" as everything is politicized by a certain side these days.
  9. The Wussification

    No,no. I think we all agree on what is purely ugly and what isn't here. Im talking about lectures from a party that are being denied to congregate and have a discussion.
  10. The Wussification

    Cool. All these far leaning groups we were discussing in that thread are against free speech, hence them feeling unsafe on campus. They're trying to block anyone to come and speak that doesn't fit their cause. Thats why they chant and yell "safety." Oh and they have empathy tents set up to rub shoulders, pat backs and hand out tissues for the folks that are so shaken by a civilized group having discussion across campus.
  11. The Wussification

    Why did the last Wuss thread get locked? I thought we did a pretty good job keeping the topic on without it turning ugly.
  12. The Wussification of college students

    Another fine upstanding MIDDLE SCHOOL teacher, truly teaching young kids. ANTIFA, my cause by all means? No free speech, burn everything that doesn't fit their sinister agenda
  13. The Wussification of college students

    Just watch the videos, it defines their hypocrisy. The videos are painful to watch and hard to get though for for any honest citizen. Sadly, these ugly minds are stacked ocean deep on youtube for your viewing.
  14. The Wussification of college students

    No I get you, and Im a firm believer in free speech. The problem is many of the past just started these side shows just to honor the fact that we can do them from our freedom. Now we have these "movements" where we are casting out so called violence only using it to support the cause. Or we are complaining about racism only to use it to contradict our own effort. Its like no one has a brain or is capable of any basic reasoning Here is another great teacher of a fine college that is no longer because I can't imagine what she was cramming down the student throats. Its no wonder the kids feel like they have no chance in society and everything is pre=written due to their race. Bitter, bitter, bitter
  15. The Wussification of college students

    If we could only adhere to it more accurately. Well, here is another "movement" even if it is radically idiotic. Basically self governed Anarchy Another great Professor of the USA