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    Klipschorn Fronts with enclosed backs.
    Volti-Vtrac mid horns
    BMS 4592 nd mid drivers
    Beyma CP 25 tweeters
    Deans custom AA network with Jupiter Flat stacks
    LaScala rears
    Stock with
    Deans Super X network

    Klipsch C-7 Center

    SVS PB2 Subwoofer

    Marantz 8802A Pre/Pro
    McIntosh MC7205
    Oppo 103 UP
    Denon CD changer
    Mac mini for internet and music server

    Acoustimac Acoustic panels

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  1. Max2

    Congratulations dtel!

    Well deserved!
  2. I am doubting very, very few here and possibly any could pick out the difference in the base poly Daytons as compared to a filmed Soni's. You got a solid set of Networks there for $300. Save your coins and pick up some Theta's, Jupiters or Mundorfs for the high pass later on.
  3. Max2

    Death Clock

    Skinny bunch here
  4. I think they look fabulous and if they're going down in the upper teen cycles, well thats remarkable. Unfortunately, its safe to say a pair will never make it to my Castle....
  5. Stock drivers with the Volti mid horns and adapters are probably 60% to 70% of the upgrade alone in performance, at least to my ears. I ran them with stock drivers for about 6 months. Then upped to the BMS Md mids, the CP 25's and custom X-overs. Its a great kit and I couldnt go back to fully stock, but honestly, if you can find a set of used Jub's, handle the looks and footprint, its a better move investment oriented.
  6. All dedicated centers are lackluster IMO. If space is an issue, I would look for a used C7. Sensitivity is up there (99db) and it has a very decent horn for dialogue. Having said that, match your fronts if you can get away with it.
  7. Heresy. Walnut, raw finish ? 1988 or 1985? Someone will confirm
  8. Max2

    Carbon Steel Pan

    Nah. How to properly fillet a fish. The knives will come out then
  9. Max2

    Carbon Steel Pan

    Use flaxseed or grapeseed. Bring just up to the smoke point or it wont create a good layer. You have to get the oil hot, but no big smoke show.
  10. Without doubt. The Belles were like Mini K's. Tell you what though, I would take a pair of these over them both. Unicorns here and may be my favorite of all as far as looks go.
  11. Owned Belles about 20 years ago and still own LS's. Liked the looks of the Belles better, but the Belles had the smaller cast mid and they were really short which put the output really low at furniture level at my old house back then. They were a bit beamy, but wish I still had them given they were Ribbon Mahogany, perfect condition and only $800 at the time.
  12. Everyone keeps talking Scientists know best. Follow Science, yah, yah. Im behind that, but not blindly. Science didnt stop Sweet & Low. Didnt stop Zantac, Baby Powder, Asbestos and a litany of other items that all seemed perfectly safe at the time. I know a Brain surgeon and I always use to help him find his car keys during Med school, oh and he already had a masters degree in Chemical Engineering. Very smart guy. BTW, this wasn't one of the times when we were eating mushrooms either..... jk, No true story
  13. Anyone doing any fermenting with their peppers? I did a big batch last year of the ghosts that I fermented for 30 days. I am trying to like this new "layered" flavor, so to speak of the sauce, but I am just not digging it. Its really earthy and a bit bitter.
  14. Reverse flow, built Texas style for $800? tough find. Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker – TheOuterDoors
  15. When you coming to AR Old timer? You need to come clean out my freezer.
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