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  1. Hurricane Harvey 2017

    Financial help? Are you talking about a low interest loan for the victims?

  3. Ahhh. Did not catch there is an XD and XP version. The XP's are much more doable. So what is retail these days for a set of Jubs? I'm guessing a little veneer on the front really steps it up.
  4. I was thinking the 4080 was like $3500 retail? Which DSP are you referring to at that price? The 4080 sure has some great specs
  5. What exactly are the EQ drawbacks for the Jubs? Is it because of the two way design which most use, if so, would things be easier just going to three way setup? Likely which this is not, why the notch and big disappointment with the initial EQing and why does this design needs such insight in EQing and not so normal like the rest of the Klipsch offering? The K-horn definitely has its peaks here and there, is the Jub grossly past this and is really required to be active? I have just heard analog two way Jubs and wish I could hear an active setup in comparison. So are we past $10K now for a set of Jubs and a $3.5K EQ to boot ?
  6. Bingo. Yep, things sure have changed.
  7. Thats funny. My wifes High School mascot was the "Fighting C H I N K S" for quite a few years many moons ago,. This was back in the days when George Jefferson episodes were dolting out his favorite monikor line and we all loved it. Anyway, couldn't get the link on the CH INK to work. Its gonna take a thick amount to cover that RG7 or whatever coax you are using, maybe you're going that thick on all the seams, but my guess would be that you weren't. That one wide seem may stick out like you hid a cosmetic error, but if you're staining or painting it all one color, then it won't matter.
  8. custom 396's - way cool

    Whats the retail on those?
  9. Go buy these right now. In your area as well I think. Price is very right and with the tubes in the background, the owner probably took care of them. https://houston.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-cornwall-ii/6304345890.html More value in your area. https://houston.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-la-scala-loudspeakers/6304327059.html
  10. Real Deal, he said so Firm. $440

    This makes more sense and likely can be had for $150. AND you get the passives in the newer version https://memphis.craigslist.org/ele/d/mid-century-vintage-klipsch/6278626741.html
  11. Klipsch KG4 listing

    Keep looking. Someone hid something spraying them. Those 8" drivers had an issue with being overpowered and Klipsch actually sent out replacements free of charge many, many moons ago. I think it may have not helped them being in the 4ohm range with the dainty 8" drivers they were fitted with. Having said that, the KG4 is a well rounded, great sounding speaker IMO and has surprisingly good bass. I traded a boat prop for a pair back around 1989 I think and they still sound great, old caps and all. I don't even think I would trade my set for a pair of Heresy's
  12. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    You guys had better think of something quick, this thread is running its course.
  13. Should I get Tubes or SS?

    Didn't PWK run a Brooks tube amp? I think he and many other "audio giants"also longed for solid state to finally arrive and get rid of the downfalls of tubes. Now we are chasing modern tube topo's that sound like tubes, yet fight the inaccuracies of them? Value to me is not something cheap, its something that is going to hold that value when Im ready to move on to something else, which is what this hobby is all about. In that case, buy a set of MC 30's or a MC 225. I would lean towards the 30's. Then when you want to sell, you get what you paid and then can go after that uber McIntosh SS amp.
  14. IMO, from a price point, you can't beat the LaScala's when paired with a decent sub. You can spend $2500 on a set of used LS's and a new PB12 plus and best a set of K-horns across the scale. No worries of corner tucking the K's or having to enclose them and the ability to toe the LaScalas to whatever angle you want for perfect imaging. The only miss I would have is the additional height of the K-horn, but it won't be a factor with your room size.
  15. So Long BS Forum

    I'm looking forward to all the folks stepping closer to the edge of the main forums without falling. Everyone like a close call with no one getting hurt and I have been here around 14 years without getting a glimpse of the entitled glory section. Never had time for 15 post days like many here, but here is one more to get me in line for the redesigned and improved BS forum II.