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  1. Max2

    If you are a foodie?

    Im seeing lots of industrial ranges around here coming up for sale from closed restaurants. I want a Wolf or Viking range setup with the large griddle, heat lamps and over head vent, but the money is another story.
  2. A 20db room is pretty freaky I bet. Would love to hear your setup. Im in a second story room in my home and have mine down in the lower 30 db range with around 150sq foot of panels on the walls. Nothing like a well treated room to hear every bit of the content.
  3. Make sure nothing has dropped through the rear mesh cage. All it would take is something small and then you would have possible magnetic field going on
  4. There is no matching going on with the painted speakers that Im aware of. I have a set of seq. numbered K-horns in Oak and they're close, but not "book page" matched. However, I have seen worse "matching pairs" out there. Those KLF's have the old Red Devil industrial black satin enamel on them. I would be wary of trying to get the black completely off as the veneer is not that thick and that grain runs deep. Best swap with someone if the color is a deal killer for you. You dont find a set of KLF 30's out there in great condition often, someone will have to have them.
  5. I have a pair of factory black 30's and the grain pattern which is pretty deep does look a lot like Oak.
  6. Parts are easy to come by for the old Heresy and they are tough as nails. You might find one with a toasted tweeter, but for the most part they can take a lot of abuse. Tweeters, mids and 12's can all be had easily and theyre all shared for the most part of the entire Heritage line. The KG 4 is an odd ball in comparison, kind of meshed in with the old Tangent line and they're all vanishing further into the sunset year after year. I would suggest looking into the old Heritage line for your next move.
  7. I have owned a set since the 90's and I listen to these more in my shop that I do with with house system. A few observations from my non engineering background is that these cones on the K8 are very, very light and flexible. With both drivers hitting hard with the power turned up, they were having to work overtime with that fairly stiff and heavy coned 12" passive on the back of the cab. With such hard relief due to the passive it was easy to over extend these drivers and damage the coils. Another note is that some KG4's came out as 4 ohm speakers, which I have, yet I have seen terminal caps with KG4 printed on them that show 8 ohms. The plot thickens possibly. I have seen these on Craigs list and Ebay for $150 a pair, which makes it difficult to be cost effective in replacing a driver or two or even matching all 4 up when you can get a bullet proof set of old Heresy's for a little more money. These little speakers are truly hidden gems with the money factor as long as you dont score a clicky driver with a burnt or broken voice coil which will sound great at low volume, but open it up and the coil will lose contact at a certain level of driver excursion. But boy do these little two ways sound great and with a small package that with drop down in the upper 30 cycle region, its a well rounded speaker. Not a huge amount of efficiency at 92db I think, but the 4 ohm versions would make up a bit of that throwing the powersource in a lower impedance offering more juice, but clipping would come much sooner. This may be the culprit of so many drivers getting damaged from AVR's and other sub par power sources getting stepped in a 4ohm load and the power of said source just cant do it and cooks the driver from a high THD dose of power. You can do better, but for the money, I would give these a hard look. https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-da215-8-8-aluminum-cone-woofer--295-332
  8. I dug this out in case you have to find a full replacement. Info from some of the old timers here. The old K8K specs below Forum Veteran Regulars 1 1173 posts Location: St. Louis, MO Report post Posted November 21, 2013 I thought I had it, but evidently I don't. But I do have T-S specs for the K-8-K woofer used in the KG 4: Nomz= 4.00 Ohms Qms= 5.900 Fs= 27.99 Hz Cms= 1268.0000uM/N Revc= 7.00 Ohms Qes= 0.405 Fi=27.01 Hz Mms= 25.5000Grams Levc= 1.00mH Qts= 0.379 BL=8.80 TM Pmx= 100.0000Watts Splo= 88.62 db no= 0.40 % Sb= 0.0220sqM = 34.1000sqIn SPLi= 88.00db ni= 0.74 % Vas= 0.0870cuM =3.0724cuFT SPLi=88.58db @ Vg= 2.00V Xmax= 4.0000mm....= 0.1575 In
  9. The KG4 was notorious for a voice coil issue with those old white drivers. So much, that Klipsch offered replacements for them way back when. I have two replacements, one in each of my old KG 4's.
  10. That sounds awesome. There is nothing like a good project to keep your mind moving. It seems I have been bouncing from this to that since the freakout in March. We would love to go back down in the St. John, Virgin Gorda or the Tortola area and talk about it all the time, but have been settling with Florida trips with the that past Hurricane that smashed the islands. The logistic issues with getting others to go and group together and pitch in on a house for a week is difficult and now the Virus, well it just puts things on perma hold.. Little Max isn't so little any more and is a constant reminder that I have to keep moving, breathing and keeping the joints oiled for quite a few years to come 😀 I will have to come up with a good picture of him to post. Thanks for asking about him
  11. New workshop, new Cabana.... I missed out on the news, whats going on down there ? 👍
  12. May have tweaked the base. Download that alignment app. It uses your phone for all the readings.
  13. Thats an awesome setup. I know your Dad is happy right now seeing you enjoy the same fruits that he did. Hang on to those items as they will just mean more to you as each year passes.
  14. Honestly, I haven't given it that much in depth attention. The whole disk sounds great, but Im always wowed by the dynamics of the old songs I listened to as a kid and that the multi channel formats can really play into, given the engineer takes it that direction. Likely, one Queen track I always have to get through, not on this album, but THE GAME in 5.1 is "Dont try Suicide." Its really clean and has that dynamic swing level to it. Of course, "Dragon Attack" is just brutally good with surprises in the drum section, DTS and straight PCM are both great
  15. Ha! 17 years and only opened my mouth 2400 ish times. You guys are lucky, my wife, not so much. Oh, I just noticed that I still wouldn't be eligible for the old secret handshake thread!
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