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  1. Max2

    Gun safe failure - need help

    If Im not mistaken, the battery is in the keypad which simply unlocks and pops off like the top of a smoke detector and has a wire that feeds into the safe. I would make sure this wire connection is good and doesn't have a dropped pin on a plug or anything. A few blows to the front is the next step to see if the solenoid is frozen. Just put a 2x4 on the front and hit on it. What is there to lose at this point? I think a lawyer's letter stating "company known flaw or defective keypad" might get your son a new safe.
  2. Anything truly below my enclosed K-Horns capability comes in the form of driver movement or flutter and the speed of it has to do with what Fr or cycle we're talking about. That's all I hear in subsonic range on my K's. I didn't bother kicking my sub on for the "Birds" track as I assumed we were talking about a 100ish hz "thump" that Kink56 had mentioned. I didn't turn it up and rattle the walls, I played it at a conversation level sitting about 12-14' off. I could hear it immediately and as I moved closer it got much worse. I put my ear closer to the side vent and it was a really bad buzz like the guitar body was doing the resonating or someone wasn't fretting hard enough with their fingers causing the buzz. Could have been a hot channel, could have been the mixing trying to keep up with her delicate, yet very pronounced voice after the fact. It is plainly on the track and obviously a bass horn is magnifying it. This is my interpretation, but I didn't use enough power to cause any resonance in my bass cab. I guess I could play it through my LaScala rears, but I'm pretty sure its going to be a very similar result with the audible difference being the length of the bass horn. The Bass horn is simply magnifying what its being fed. The only rasp or resonance I have heard takes quite a few watts to really rear its head on my old single wall Indy LS's which were my mains for around 15 years. Like mentioned before, its pretty telling that a DR cab is not producing or should I say, "revealing this." The K's have a hump, the LS's have a hump, The Belles have a hump and I believe the Jubilee bass cab has its short comings that have to be dealt with as well. Highly efficient Horn bass cabs are going to have these issues to deal with, but they're still the cleanest, most efficient, lowest THD setup you can build or own.
  3. No its there. I don't know if they recorded with a pickup in the acoustic or used a mic, but his hammer on with A7 I think is very harmonic as well as much more of his or her finger work in the song. That guitar could very well have a nasty resonation. The Tune finishes out much better than its starts. As far as the Belle and the LS, theyre really not full range speakers in sorts IMO. The LaScala was built straight up for P.A. action, or at least that the last story I heard. The Belle is a spruced up version with a shorter cab and shorter and more narrow mid horn for easier placement. But if you can get over their shortcomings, the rest cant be touched by a lot of the very costly cream that is out there. The Belle is better in a deeper room with its smaller mid horn, but the LaScala gets the full enchilada with the K-400 or 401. Two LaScalas and a sub will trounce 90+% of the garb on the market. What I listen to just cant be reproduced to my ears correctly without involving a horn. The cycle response humps you mention that are actually in the K and the LS's and B's are there for a reason. I know someone really smart didn't want them there, but to gain on one side you have to subtract from the other and Im pretty sure he made the most sensible decision where he had to.
  4. Ok, I hear it and its awful. Geez, the vocals were clean and almost wet sounding, but that thump was horrid. Never heard a buzz like that in any content before. Its interesting its not as pronounced in a non horn loaded bass cab. At least we know the horn loaded bass cabs are reproducing what is coming through. I didn't put enough power through it to say my cab was actually resonating, just reproducing what was there. I think thats pretty unique. I hear read flutter from Stan Getz, Coltrane, etc especially from the old recordings. That's something funky, whether mixing, drop tuned guitar or dropped and plucking the string, something is a miss there.
  5. How much power does it take to produce the resonance? Im going to listen to "Birds" in a bit on my K's and tell if I can hear what you are hearing.
  6. That's the ticket. 2-3 seconds of content and a black silent decay involved. I don't see how anyone could mash anymore than that and identify a difference with the brain trying to absorb all the info. Its probably why all the pictured testers in that link were holding both hands on their brain.
  7. So if I end up buying a new Pre/pro with DAC's SNR @ 120db with THD @ -112db vs the cheaper Pre/pro with DAC's SNR @115db with THD @-107db I will be wasting money for better numbers? Not saying I could hear a difference, but aren't better numbers actually better? My Powersouce is A weighted @ 113db below rated output
  8. Max2

    Klipschorn problem

    All the money I have spent on Networks, drivers and wiring, the first thing that went on my Indy LS's and K's were the fuses. Don't want my signal going through them with pressure or spring related contacts. My ignorance works and helps me sleep at night.
  9. Max2

    Klipschorn problem

    Just wrap some aluminum foil around the fuse and see if it play's
  10. In that case. Crappie longer than a 5 gallon bucket, multiples almost 3lbs each
  11. Max2

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    😝 We have to hold out for another 20 years, that's gonna be the new "Roomba"
  12. Max2

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    You started it
  13. I agree to some of this, but one way anyone can tell a difference without even playing any content is the noise floor. A lot of budget amps and some not so budget oriented are badly lacking here from very high input stages. Find you a first generation EMO amp, hook it up to what ever pre, leave the volume all the way down and listen to the hiss at idle. Now any pauses in music content will have that hiss and a good black decay in music content will reveal this. I have one of these boat anchors in my garage hooked up to a pair of KG 4's and they have a low sensitivity and its still very much there. Hook it up to my K's or LS's and its unbearable and deems itself as a waste of money, but I traded a boat propeller for mine that I had no money in. When comparing power sources you need small amounts of data, 3-4 seconds of music content tops. Your brain can pick out a crappy noise floor immediately, it can even pick out delicate passages that offer differences in clarity between power sources. My Mac amp sounds harsh, bright and a bit analytical when compared to my old fuzzy, SS Fisher amp. The differences are there among many, but maybe not so much once you hit a build and price point, but once again Ignorance is bliss on both sides of the isle.