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    Klipschorn Fronts with enclosed backs.
    Volti-Vtrac mid horns
    BMS 4592 nd mid drivers
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    Deans custom AA network with Jupiter Flat stacks
    LaScala rears
    Stock with
    Deans Super X network

    Klipsch C-7 Center

    SVS PB2 Subwoofer

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    Oppo 103 UP
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    Acoustimac Acoustic panels

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  1. Heresy. Walnut, raw finish ? 1988 or 1985? Someone will confirm
  2. Max2

    Carbon Steel Pan

    Nah. How to properly fillet a fish. The knives will come out then
  3. Max2

    Carbon Steel Pan

    Use flaxseed or grapeseed. Bring just up to the smoke point or it wont create a good layer. You have to get the oil hot, but no big smoke show.
  4. Without doubt. The Belles were like Mini K's. Tell you what though, I would take a pair of these over them both. Unicorns here and may be my favorite of all as far as looks go.
  5. Owned Belles about 20 years ago and still own LS's. Liked the looks of the Belles better, but the Belles had the smaller cast mid and they were really short which put the output really low at furniture level at my old house back then. They were a bit beamy, but wish I still had them given they were Ribbon Mahogany, perfect condition and only $800 at the time.
  6. Everyone keeps talking Scientists know best. Follow Science, yah, yah. Im behind that, but not blindly. Science didnt stop Sweet & Low. Didnt stop Zantac, Baby Powder, Asbestos and a litany of other items that all seemed perfectly safe at the time. I know a Brain surgeon and I always use to help him find his car keys during Med school, oh and he already had a masters degree in Chemical Engineering. Very smart guy. BTW, this wasn't one of the times when we were eating mushrooms either..... jk, No true story
  7. Anyone doing any fermenting with their peppers? I did a big batch last year of the ghosts that I fermented for 30 days. I am trying to like this new "layered" flavor, so to speak of the sauce, but I am just not digging it. Its really earthy and a bit bitter.
  8. Max2

    Charcoal Smoker Rig

    Reverse flow, built Texas style for $800? tough find. Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker – TheOuterDoors
  9. When you coming to AR Old timer? You need to come clean out my freezer.
  10. Peppers can be strange. I can chop up a ghost and put rings on a sandwich and it no doubt has some big heat. At the same time, I can chew up a tiny Tabasco pepper and it will bring me to my knees and reaching for milk. I don't pick my Jalapeños until they start to what is called corking. Its basically when lines start to develop down them and this is supposedly when they have reached their max potency. It can happen when they're green, red or brown, you just never know.
  11. Ghost's just seem to grow easy for me. Not doing any this year as I have gallons and gallons of base stored and about 10 gallons of peppers frozen. If any central AR locals want a frozen bag, let me know.
  12. They're all just throwing spaghetti against the wall with the numbers.
  13. I have been running them for a few years. Low level listening, I like them wide open. If Im going to run it at 30-50 watts or so peak, I like them cut to -3db as they can get a bit spitty on some hot recordings on the top end. I think they're very revealing, but then again, Im a fan of the buzzy old K77's too.
  14. Mom got both of hers and she is 71. Wife has had her first, Im holding out as long as I can. I dont want that 5G miker chip in me just yet.
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