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  1. Surprised at the lack of interest in these. Is there any other info I could provide? Is my price too high? Just not much demand? I’d like to see them go to someone who would enjoy them!
  2. The Heresy II components are still available. Open to reasonable offers.
  3. OP here. Thought these were sold but the potential buyer went radio silent (hope all is well with them) so I guess they are back on the market. They are packed up and ready to ship.
  4. Asking $425 USD including shipping. I’m in Canada and will offer a discount to any Canadian buyers as shipping to the US is expensive. After waiting five months for my Heresy III upgrade kit the parts arrived, I’ve installed everything and it’s working well. I would like to sell the original drivers, horns and crossovers from my Heresy II’s. Everything works well and I’ve got the Klipsch boxes and packaging that the upgrade kit came in so I will use that to ship. One of the woofer caps appears to have minor dips and I’ve included a good photo of this so that any potential buyers understand what I’m selling. Aesthetic only, functions perfectly. I am in Canada. I’ve bought and sold on Canuck Audio Mart and understand how important packaging is so I have taken packing photos that I will share via pm to anyone interested. Thanks for looking
  5. I’m 45 years old and have been pretty rough on my ears, playing in bands, working construction and listening to loud music. I was thinking about this topic as well but more in relation to the Klipsch “sound” and how some people describe it as shouty or harsh. I was wondering if maybe Klipsch is more popular with the 40+ crowd. And, if so, could it be because our mature ears appreciate a bit more high end to compensate for hearing loss? Is it possible younger people think Klipsch sound harsh because their hearing is still pristine?
  6. Quick update. Thanks to those who have shown interest. I’m going to sell these components but not for another few weeks. When I am ready to sell I will pop back on and pm everyone who is keen to buy. One other piece of info is that I am on the west coast of Canada but willing to do a very diligent job packing and shipping. I will send photos of the packing to the buyer and get their approval before sealing up, just so everyone is happy. I use Canuck Audio Mart under the same name and have a positive review there if you want to look me up. Cheers
  7. I am gauging interest in these items. All are in great shape, currently in my mint Heresy II’s and I am listening to them as I type this. Prices I am looking for: Pair of woofers $150 Pair of tweeters $100 Pair of mid drivers (less the horn) $100 Pair of crossovers $100 Please let me know if you are interested. I would prefer to sell the lot.
  8. OP here. Every good story needs a good ending so here goes. I received two different dm’s from forum members to send me an original replacement driver for the kg4’s. But in the end I decided to return the speakers to the seller who gave me a refund. Thanks to you guys for offering to help me out! That’s not all though! I also got a message from another forum member fairly close to me. They invited me over to check out a pair of Heresy II’s that they weren’t using. Well I dropped by today, had a great chat, listened to some music on a very cool sound system, and ended up buying them from the generous person. So now I’m sitting back and enjoying. I love the Heresy’s so far, so much clarity and liveliness. Seems like things worked out for the best, all because of this forum. Thanks everyone for your suggestions!
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