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  1. It is not the "f" I object to, but rather the "f" modifying the "g" I am not trying to stifle free speech. It is just offensive to me and adds nothing to the discussion.
  2. I do not consider myself to be a goody two shoes, and it takes a great deal to offend me. However, a recent thread title is objectionable,,,at least to me. OMFG is not necessary and not appropriate on the Forum in my humble opinion. Just sharing my feelings. Thanks
  3. I hope this teaches you a lesson about the nature of buying and selling. No more goody two shoes Learn from your experiences!
  4. A "firm" offer on a "squeezebox" seems counterintuitive. Or does it?
  5. Hornmiester

    What I Got Today!

    I loved my Jeep but back problems made me sell. It is a little like ridding in a buckboard.
  6. I've never seen an over-and-under crossover before. Cool!
  7. I find buying, or selling, a new house to be an area where money is not the most important aspect of the deal. I bought a house from a retiring doctor several years ago. We could not afford his asking price (which was reasonable) but when we went to look at the house we brought our 10 year old son. The sellers fell in love with him. They really wanted HIM to grow up in the house that their sons had grown up in and gave us a spectacular deal. When something means a great deal to the seller, they look to sell it to someone whom they feel good about. Similarly, when I have sold homes I have rejected offers from people who come in and start telling me what is wrong with the house in an effort to justify their offer. They don't have a snowballs chance in hell of my accepting their offer. So I agree with DWILawyer. A negotiator should not have just one "style."
  8. Any idea on shipping costs?
  9. What are your thoughts about tweeters for Khorns? Anyone done a comparison between K77's, ContracT and B&C DE-10, and Crites? Thanks
  10. Hornmiester

    VRDs on Agon.

    You either got the deal of the year, or you are going to get mugged in Jersey! Either way, it is robbery.
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