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  1. kegrdude, There are two sets on ebay right now!
  2. George, I had the pleasure of having both of these in my house at the same time to compare. While I might be biased slightly as the Cornwalls were mine, here is my opinion. The Cornwalls are much brighter in the mids. The Chorus II is boomier in the bass and less bright. Together, they sounded great! The Chorus II while having a smaller footprint, requires rear space for the passive radiator. I don't believe you could be unhappy with either speaker. For all out dbl performance, the Cornwall wins. Let your ears be the judge, as what you listen to will make a difference (movies or music).
  3. I have a black KLF-C7 in perfect condition in the original box.Will sell for $325.00 plus shipping from N.H. You can email me at dmethe3@hotmail.com.
  4. I have a mint KLF-C7 that I am no longer using. I have it packed in the original box. Black-works and looks perfect. I will part with it for $325 free shipping. I am now using a single Heresy for a center.
  5. Wuzzer, If you want to know more about SVS subs, simply contact them and talk to them. Tell them what you have for room size, listening preferences, etc, and they will recommend a sub for you. You may be suprised what they recommend!
  6. I had a similar experience with Klipsch when I had a repair.Klipsch is an excellant company,but, nobody calls the customer to update the progress.As a service manager, this is what gets people angry.It is not how long it takes or cost, but the consumer feels it is the responsibility of the servicing company to follow up with the customer.If this is done, there are usually no complaints about the service. Other than that, it sounds like the actual service was great!
  7. I would like to say that I own both: a Klipsch SW15 and an SVS 25-31+. I believe the answer is in "percieved value" of the products. My SW15 is 10 years old and was top of the line back then. My SVS is maybe 2 years old and is an excellent sub by comparison. I have no problem with Klipsch subs except for the price tag. The SVS is half the price and a darn good sub! It is a far better sub than the SW15 which I still have and use (for movies). LIke others, just my opinion.... p.s. I have ordered the upgrade...if for no other reason to extend the warranty and have a spare! Dave
  8. Al, I have replaced the fuses and am not having problems.Also, I don't overdrive the bass, as I have 2 subs. It was more of a question of is it normal? Someone else told me that for every 100 watts=1a fuse. That would mean 200watts=2a fuse. Is that correct.?
  9. I have blown a high frequency fuse (1.25a) and a low frequency fuse (2.5a). Although I know it was at extremely high volume, my Cornwalls and single Heresy center do not have any issues at this volume (120db). My question is, is it suitable to go to higher amp fuses without having issues. I am driving them all with a B&K reference 200.7 amp into a Denon AVR5700. Very clean power. I have never blown a speaker in a unfused speaker. I also do not listen at that volume all the time.The fuses blown were in different speakers, not the same one at the same time. Any suggestions?
  10. regular listening usually between 95-105db. had rat shack meter reading 120db steady-once!
  11. I have the AVR-5700 and love it! I have had it for about 6 years? Bought it new when they came out.The auto fan makes all the difference in not overheating. I had two Yamaha amps/recievers catch fire! Good luck and nice grab for $300.
  12. Who makes reasonable XLR Blanaced input cables for use on 7 channel B&K Reference amps? And are they better than the standard RCA inputs? What is to gain? Thanks
  13. sorry, I thought of that after I posted. Thanks.
  14. Is there a posted serial number chart somewhere?
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