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  1. Thx Bill....Dtel not sure. I aquired them on a trade with bonzo year or so ago.. He might of very well did the caps ill have to ask him. The difference is very noticable..have to get some work done on these
  2. I purchased a set of forte's not long ago locally. This is actually the second pair ive had. I do have a concern... The first pair i had sounded so musical and dynamic.. This pair i recently aquired sounds a little different. If I could use one word to describe them id use the word stail. Not near as dynamic as the first pair I had..stail and a bit dull. I was wondering if these could use new caps. not sure really . Could use some input here Monty
  3. Can I hook up my 5.1 amp AND my two channel amp to my RF 3 floor speakers . As long as I dont turn them on at the same time i wont damage the speakers ? is this safe ?
  4. im pretty content with my synergy surround. For the price the performance cant be beat for movie surround..Athough I dont like them for music.
  5. Bill, Bonzo lives in Redding and he's a great guy who just might help out a forum member, if he has the time..(sold him speakers a few times)..Send him a pm
  6. Some people come to this site to ask for help and opinions. Not listen to arguing and bickering back and forth. Everyone has there opinions and perspectives. So pls respect them ..can do without your sarcastic feedbacks..furthermore..there are plenty of places to chat on this site, but when a user comes asking for our help and opinions pls keep the thread on their subject, and just help them out if you can....Especially a new forum member.......ty Monty
  7. Bill....Basically what you will get if you decide to go that route is louder speakers. I suspect the chorus speakers are tuned for sounding better at louder volumes. But you will lose the nice sound at lower volumes as you get with the Fortes. For my 12x12 living room the Fortes were much better than my chorus II's were.. If you have a nice big living room with vaulted ceilings and can space them out about 12' apart...The Chorus II's will be a great choice
  8. On the older models you could unscrew the magnet assembly from the horn. There would be a two peice magnet assembly and in between them would be the diafram. With the reference models the diarfram is secure. It cant be removed from the magnet assembly. Unscrew the magnet assembly from the horn/woofer baffle and disconnect the wiring to remove. That peice will be your replacement part. K-137 is your part # for Klipsch It might be a hastle but at least it is repairable..Less than $30 I think... Let us know how its going
  9. 1/3 the cicumference is substantial. I dont know tht that can be repaired. The fixes ive always done where inches no more than a 4 inch rip. You can give it a try but im not sure it can be done with that much damage.
  10. I dont recall having an adjustable foot on mine..just four rubber feet Although im not 100 percent on that.. If you dont have any sound at all coming from the horn then most defenitly your tweeter diafram needs to be replaced. On the reference I think its the whole assembly that klipsch sends you..not just the titanium diafram insert.
  11. Subw00fer, When you put your ear up to the horn are u hearing anything at all ? William, The new connections are different sizes now making it impossible to reverse the pularity unlike b4 where it was very easy to do so. One size does not fit all
  12. IWG the passive radiator cant be blown only torn..theres no voice coil no magnet or any wiring going to the crossover. If you cant find a replacement you can repair it yourself , finding some simular materials and glue..Ive done it many times How bad is it torn ?
  13. I need to jump in here and ask a question about this. I just bought a pair of RF 35's and my first impression was the sound was very muddled. Not clear and high like my RF 3's. I took out the crossover s and hooked up the tweeter and tested it seems to work. Could the diafram still be damaged even thought the tweeter seems to be working. My previous experience tells me if the diafram is damaged tehre is NO sound from the tweeter at all....
  14. Hello everyone. Happy Easter! Yesterday I picked up a pair of RF-35 towers for a very cheap price due to the fact two of the drivers in one of the towers are blown due to violent multiple impacts. The other tower is in good condtion. One driver with some cosmetic damage but works perfect...I need help with your thoughts.. I was thinking of modifying the baffle board on one of the 35's to make a center channel speaker. After putting much thought into it. It can be done with no cost. Although the draw back is I wont have a grill for it. All I need to do is cut out a 7" circle for the d river ..spacing it so the two drivers and the horn are cemetric to the enclosure. Then I will have to figure out how to cut the plastic horn molding. As some of you know the baffle board is covered by a two piece plastic modling screwed in molded around the drivers. My question for anyone interestd in putting some thought into this to give me some advice....is : 1. how can I cut the plastic baffle cover to disconnect the horn molding from the driver molding..What tool could do this and make it look straight and clean... 2. Since I cant figure out how to attatch the magnetic grill back onto it I will have to paint the baffle board black.. Spray paint black satan ? If anyone has some of there own thoughts on how I could convert this into a center speaker please let me know...
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