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  1. Moon - haha easy there, yeah I for sure must see the movie before I judge it. Eye candy? yes, positively that's for sure! (Alias has lots too ) Juba - I completely agree with you. After all, Artificial Intelligence is one of my favorite movies of all time and not a single person I know likes it. I think it's genius. I can often appreciate a movie moreso than my more provincial friends as well, because I majored in film production so I can dissect a film in ways others never thought possible.
  2. The senator? No, he's a good guy. He was just tied up trying to free 10 international terrorists per Jack's request only cause Dickson was trying to divert CIA resources so he could really focus on getting "lot 45," the Rhambaldi artifact. Haha, I just realized that anyone (like Moon) who doesn't watch this show religiously would be like WTF is going on?!
  3. Oooohhhhh yes. Lots of seventy minus ones in there. Sorry if I sound crude...it's the scotch on rocks talking.
  4. I haven't seen the final installment either, although from every single source I hear from, it sounds like the trilogy simply went from revolutionary to acceptable re-hash to embarrassment.
  5. Hmm, I tried both but it doesn't seem to work. Seems like Klipsch made it so even if I insert a space, it just lumps it together anyhow. I even tried using their "break" symbol "{BR}" (actually square parenthesis) but that doesn't work either. Damn, this really sucks a fat one.
  6. ---------------- On 3/22/2004 10:34:15 PM TIbor wrote: Thanks and Sorry ---------------- haha, that's both funny and charming.
  7. Hehe, no debt. I'm lucky because my grandfather was in real estate in hawaii, and so I in part own several plots of land where office buildings are situated and simply sit back and collect. I thank my lucky stars everyday for that.
  8. Hehe, well perhaps, but it's very much a guy's soap since the lead character is a babe, and there are plenty of guns, violence, and big budget explosions to satisfy our tv needs. Funniest thing is many of their hallway scenes are shot in the ABC building's ground floor, which I spent a lot of time in many months ago working as a production assistant. Rdmars - I thought Lauren already framed someone? Sloane? That's why he was in jail?
  9. Hey, Camry's aren't boring. They're comfy, reliable, and I learned to drive in one. My dad's 1993 Camry. Man, have there been some TIMES in that car! But then, he's now donating it and getting a Bimmer 540i.
  10. ---------------- On 3/22/2004 5:31:46 PM m00n wrote: Send me a perfect or near perfect condition RC7 and I will send you a set of 99.5% perfect condition RS7's. I still have the box, and packing. ---------------- Damn, that's a tempting offer...only I don't have a 2nd RC-7, just my center. Plus, what makes things worse is that even if I did wanna grab the RS-7's, I still gotta pay another 2G's for another Halo A21 amp to match.
  11. Last night was number 16 out of 22, if I'm not mistaken. So there are 6 more.
  12. ---------------- On 3/22/2004 3:21:52 PM m00n wrote: Nic... You want to add aditional RS7's or RC7's. ---------------- I wanna add RS7's, since my center surrounds are RF-35's, and my rear surrounds are RF-7's. based on your discovery, since I already have monopole surrounds, adding dipole surrounds might fill in the gaps.
  13. Hehe, well rdmars being 15, and me being 23, we've still got a little ways to go...
  14. If you tell me how to make my gear list back into list format, and not this stupid paragraph format, I'll tell you.
  15. He just means they can't be referred to as "towers of power."
  16. Very interesting story Moon! You've kind of inspired me to get a pair of RS-7's now to complete my 9.1 setup. But that also means getting another amp, so that sucks.
  17. No, I think she'll remain "professional" and respect their confidentiality. Finally Lauren (who looks waaaay hotter with evil makeup) and Vaughn are gonna separate! She's such a biatch. I have a couple chick friends that follow not only the shows, but some discussion boards on that show religiously, and they said within the next few episodes something CRAZY is going to happen...something like how the 2nd season ended with her waking up 2 years from now. But I refused to have them tell me since I wanted to be surprised. PS - how is it that you racked up more posts in 1 month that I have in 1 year?
  18. Lancestorm - high five, I'm 23 too! Dr. Who - wow, just one year left until you reach the age where you wonder how you EVER lived before 21.
  19. ---------------- On 3/22/2004 2:34:38 AM kenratboy wrote: I've been here for a while - and I am probably the member with the most posts that does NOT own Klipsch! I plan on changing that soon. I will keep you posted. ---------------- Yes, that was me going through every imaginable reaction. WHAT!! I thought you owned something of klipsch? My god kenneth, how you had me fooled! blasphemy! hahaha
  20. Yeah, no worries, they'll work even with smaller 75watt receivers (and less). Their high efficiency is truly a blessing. I run my RF-7's with an amp that puts out 250 watts per channel, but before that I had them connected to a pioneer 45TX unit which only gave 100 watts (if that) per. They still sounded tremendous.
  21. I had a cat too, before she jumped out of the window. Once she began scratching my RF-7's and RF-35's, I promptly removed the grills. But that was cool, since all my friends that came over from then on took one look and said, "holy sh!t dude, those speakers look hella hardcore." I was like, "thanks. just like me."
  22. ---------------- On 3/21/2004 11:31:47 PM Rdmarsiii wrote: And yet another awesome episode of Alias. Missed some of it because I have been working on this computer. Linux took over and made it to where XP wouldnt boot. But I fixed it. ---------------- That's why you gotta get a mac. Yeah this episode was pretty good, it's always more juicy whenever things get personal, like it did with Dickson. I also can't believe Sloane got with the good doctor! what a pimp he is! what a S7UT she is! oh, and I also heard somewhere that JJ Abrams is creating a new series with Weiss as one of the lead characters. Meaning he's gonna get killed off sometime this season.
  23. I owned the RF-3's before trading them back in and paying a little more for the RF-3II's when they came out, which I later traded in for the RF-35's. The RF-3 and RF-3II's are beautiful speakers indeed, but with an A-B (and C) comparison you'll discover that the RF-35's do infact, sound better than it's two predecessors. They're just more...shall I say...open, wider, airier, and fuller. All would be satisfying purchases, and they truly shine with HT use as you said you'd be using it for completely, but if you're able to, I would highly recommend demoing the RF-3's, RF-3II's, and RF-35's which without a doubt in my mind, sound the best out of the three.
  24. I think Vaughn's wife needs to get the smack slapped outta her, Sloane and Jack Bristow need to throw down, and Arena Direvco needs to get back in the show, along with Kendall.
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