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  1. Girl Needs Help Finding Fatherf> Unfortunately, it has become all to frequent in today's society that a man will father a child and then run off, often times without paying any child support. The girl in this picture will face many challenges because she has no father in her life. If you know who her father might be, please contact the authorities immediately. f> ------------------ Deanf>s> Klipsch RF7s - AE-25 DJH - AE-3 DJH - Sony 9000ES f>s>
  2. That's NOT good news. What if this guy ran this amp like this for a year? Should I be concerned? f>------------------ Deanf>s> Klipsch RF7s - AE-25 DJH - AE-3 DJH - Sony 9000ES f>s>
  3. Political Quiz ------------------ Deanf>s> Klipsch RF7s - AE-25 DJH - AE-3 DJH - Sony 9000ES f>s>
  4. Man oh man, what a day. Between Ole Jazman sending my bloodpressure through the ceiling, and my Superamp sounding like poo-poo-ka-ka, I'm just about done for the day. Ah yes, the DJH Superamp. My quest for a little more headroom, a little more transparency. It does sound better than the biamping experiment I did -- more coherent and warmer as well. But at the same time it sounded 'flat' -- it is difficult to explain. It just didn't sound as good to me as the base Superamp I just sold. I haven't been saying much about it because there hasn't been much to say. Ho-hum. Where is the "improvement" I kept asking myself. I finally woke up tonight and realized there wasn't any at all. As a matter of fact, after a couple of CD's I decided it really didn't sound very good at all. I got the little bit of hum thing going, and this spectacularly flat sound. I started wondering about the tubes that came with the amp. I had asked the seller, "how many hours do you think you have on them?" "Oh, not more than a couple of months. I bought new, inefficient speakers, and then packed it away." I started thinking about Lonestar's day, and figured it must be an omen. So, I get in the car and go to Radio Shack, and buy my multimeter -- a nice analog one so I can watch the needle. It was an easy choice because it was the only one that specifically said it could be used to check "DC current". The instructions from the AE-25 manual and the multimeter were cake. Written just for a moron like me. I was very relieved. I powered off the amp, hooked the leads up to the multimeter, alligator clipped the leads from the Cary supplied jack to the leads of the multimeter, plugged in the jack into the back of the amp, powered the amp back on, flipped the dial on the meter, and as the amp warmed up -- the needle went up, and up, and up. 50 mA, 100 mA, 200 mA, 500 mA, 1000mA -- the needle just about pegs as I begin to turn the bias down to the mandated 200 mA. Could the current flowing out of my receptacles really be THAT different than that of the sellers? I sit to listen and it is MUCH better. However, I now have this thing in my head, wondering if the output tubes are about shot. I try not to think about it, but you know how it is. So...I power everything off and grab a new set of KT-88's out of my stash box. In they go, along with another rebiasing session. I am happy to report that I finally got to hear this amp in all its glory. Ed's AE-3 will be here tomorrow, and I'm ready for another round. Speaking of Ed. This guy is a first class act. I haven't even gotten to the post office yet to mail the payment, when I get an email from him saying the preamp is on the way and should be here tomorrow. "Have a nice weekend" he says f>------------------ Deanf>s> Klipsch RF7s - AE-25 DJH - AE-3 DJH - Sony 9000ES f>s> This message has been edited by deang on 07-11-2002 at 11:40 PM
  5. Sounds like a good reason to stay with the Cornwalls!f> ------------------ Deanf>s> Klipsch RF7s - AE-25 DJH - AE-3 DJH - Sony 9000ES f>s>
  6. ...you've seen too many Charles Bronson movies!f> Thanks for insulting my intelligence. Maybe you're just trying to be funny. BTW, those Bronson movies dealt with vigilantism and revenge. I don't see where I touched on anything like that.f> I also know the language well and I correctly used the word polarity.(Check an unabridged dictionary.)f> I wasn't trying to slam you, Since I had never seen 'polarity' used that way before, I thought you might have been thinking of, "a sharp division, as of a population or group, into opposing factions." But as it turns out you meant, "the presence or manifestation of two opposite or contrasting principles or tendencies." Sorry. Many apologies.f> ...As for the "threat", other than loudmouthing, nothing happened, but I'm sure you think it was because Tom had a weapon.f> Where is this coming from? I was only saying that IF they had walked over towards Tom's camp site and presented a threat -- Tom was prepared. In a situation such as this (hypothetical), the mere brandishing of the weapon prevents an altercation.f> There is no excuse for the other campers behavior, but the "my gun will save me" philosophy, please spare me.f> You might want to examine the information located at the link I provided, instead of resorting to emotional responses. My gun MAY NOT save me, but then again, IT MAY. With my doors alarmed, and a weapon next to my bed, I am at least prepared to make an effort to protect my family. If you have an argument against that then present it, and spare me the condescending remarks.f> The archives must be full of instances where the minorities are overrunning the majority population, stalking and killing their wives and children, uggh..I'm already sick!f> Where in the heck is this coming from? You might want to go back and read the earlier posts again. Tom only mentioned "Hispanics" in the context of their "...screaming about killing fu**ing gringos..." The comment was confined to the camp site, and the six males making reference to killing "Gringos". How does your comment about minorities over-running the majority population relate to anything Tom or myself said?f> Maybe one day you'll get a little further into the teachings of the person who's name is part of the word "Christian", then to, maybe not.f> A personal attack? Why? Do you remember when The Lord was getting ready to send out the twelve? He asked them, "Who has a sword?" One of the disciples said, "Here, we have two." Jesus responded, "One will suffice." The roads leading to and from the various places the disciples would be going to, were ruled by bandits, and many travelers were often beaten and robbed (remember the story of the Good Samaritan). It is a good thing to turn the other cheek when it is personal, but even Jesus would not permit his disciples to be fodder for the wicked. In the end, when the fight regards the things of The Lord, and the things of His Kingdom -- I will have to lay down my arms, for "All who live by the sword will die by the sword." But that time is not now, and I do not think it is The Lord's will to stand idle while me, my family, or property, is invaded by robbers, rapists, and kidnappers of children. f>Exodus 22:3f> "If a thief is caught breaking in, and is struck so that he dies, the defender is not guilty of bloodshed."f> Keep in mind that this is simply regarding theivery -- not mother-stabbers, father-rapers, or the rest of the sorry bunch who have nothing else better to do than antagonize the rest of us.f> This was my last politcal statement in this forum.f> You seemed to indicate that I had much to learn regarding the person of Jesus -- maybe you would prefer religious dialogue instead, and aid me in my spiritual growthf> Making me out to be like some kind of hate-monger was really a low shot. Shame on you. Go in Peace f> ------------------ Deanf>s> Klipsch RF7s - AE-25 DJH - AE-3 DJH - Sony 9000ES f>s>
  7. LOL I'm not sure what "The Dead Boys doing Sonic Reducer", is. But I have a feeling it might even bring me to my knees in utter confusion and despair. Red Ryder BB Gun from 1968? Those are fun too f> ------------------ Deanf>s> Klipsch RF7s - AE-25 DJH - AE-3 DJH - Sony 9000ES f>s>
  8. Dean, the above (excluding your second post which was just added) is a perfect reason why I only really like to read audio (and even that gets hard) in these forums.f> Hey, this is supposed to be fun! It's just clean debate, and I don't hold any ill will towards you or anyone else for choosing to disagree. We can agree to disagree -- and still appreciate each other.f> That is a horrible display of logic and fallacies. Granted, I didnt go into much detail in my post and there was some jest involved, but the conclusions you draw are on another plane.f> I apologize. I read more into your response than I probably should have.f> ...your interesting use of the word "you" to cover two posters in the context and connotations of one entity...f> Hmmm. I wasn't aware I was doing this. That is why I include the comments into my response so everyone knows what/who I am addressing.f> This is a rather monumental debate that goes FAR beyond guns as we have completely different core perceptions of the World and cause and effect.f> Well, I said it was complicated. I agree it all goes way beyond guns, but we were only talking about guns. To talk about core perceptions and cause and effect we would have to start a new threadf> ...along with the occasional barb when I see what I believe to be slightly more Neanderthaloid-esque observations.f> Speaking of Neanderthals -- if one had you cornered behind one of your Cornwalls, and was swinging a big stick at you. Would you: a) Duck, and allow the Cornwall to absorb the blows. Pick up one of your Moondogs and attempt to divert the blows. c) Throw large tubes at him f>------------------ Deanf>s> Klipsch RF7s - AE-25 DJH - AE-3 DJH - Sony 9000ES f>s> This message has been edited by deang on 07-11-2002 at 01:34 PM
  9. Oops, of course. I should have remember the information from his earlier posts. I was just thinking along the lines of them not putting out any sound. What a doofus I am. That is interesting about the receptacle being "hot". Maybe a flipped breaker? f>------------------ Deanf>s> Klipsch RF7s - AE-25 DJH - AE-3 DJH - Sony 9000ES f>s>
  10. At this point, the first thing you should is put everything back the way it was. Put your old amp back in and at least get the system operating. It's the only way to rule out any potential problems somewhere down the line. Did you check the fuse in your PREAMP? Also, understand that whatever it is, it can be fixed, and those are some damn nice amps!! f>------------------ Deanf>s> Klipsch RF7s - AE-25 DJH - AE-3 DJH - Sony 9000ES f>s>
  11. Is a firearm in your home "22 times more likely" to be used to kill or injure a family member than to be used for protection? Or "43 times more likely?" How about "18 times more likely?" Anti-gun groups and politicians say it is, citing research by Arthur L. Kellermann, M.D. Dr. Kellermann's dubious conclusions provide anti-gunners propaganda they use to try to frighten Americans into voluntarily disposing of their gunsin essence, to do to themselves what the anti-gunners have been unable to do to them by legislative, regulatory, or judicial means. Kellermann admits to the political goal of his work, saying "People should be strongly discouraged from keeping guns in their homes." ("Gun ownership as a risk factor for homicide in the home," New England Journal of Medicine, Oct. 1993.) Anti-gun groups have seized upon his most recent attempt in this regard, a "study" from which the bogus "22 times more likely" risk-benefit ratio is derived. ("Injuries and Deaths Due to Firearms in the Home," Journal of Trauma, Injury, Infection and Critical Care, Aug. 1998.) The study suffers numerous flaws common to previous Kellermann efforts, including the fact that it is a very small-scale survey of sample jurisdictions that are not representative of the country or even of one another. Most significant, though, Kellermann severely understates defensive uses of guns, by counting only those in which criminals are killed or injured. Dr. Edgar A. Suter, writing in the Journal of the Medical Association of Georgia, explains the error in the context of an earlier Kellermann study, which compared family member deaths to killings of criminals: "The true measure of the protective benefits of guns are the lives saved, the injuries prevented, the medical costs saved, and the property protectednot the burglar or rapist body count. Since only 0.1% to 0.2% of defensive gun usage involves the death of the criminal, any study, such as this, that counts criminal deaths as the only measure of the protective benefits of guns will expectedly underestimate the benefits of firearms by a factor of 500 to 1,000." ("Guns in the Medical LiteratureA Failure of Peer Review," March 1994, p. 134.) Similarly, criminologist Gary Kleck notes, "More commonly, guns are merely pointed at another person, or perhaps referred to or displayed, and this sufficient to accomplish the ends of the user." (Targeting Guns, Aldine de Gruyter, 1997, p. 162.) Kleck's 1995 landmark survey of defensive gun uses found guns used for protection as many as 2.5 million times annually, a number much smaller, obviously, than the number of criminals killed or wounded. ("Armed Resistance to Crime: The Prevalence and Nature of Self-Defense with a Gun," Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, Fall 1995.) Kellermann's "22 times more likely" study suffers yet another flaw: only 14.2% of criminal gun-related homicides and assaults he surveyed involved guns kept in the homes where the crimes occurred. With a similar sloppiness in his "43 times more likely" study, suicides (never shown to correlate to gun ownership) accounted for the overwhelming majority of gun-related family member deaths he pretended to compare to defensive gun uses. f>s> Death Statistics ------------------ Deanf>s> Klipsch RF7s - AE-25 DJH - AE-3 DJH - Sony 9000ES f>s> This message has been edited by deang on 07-11-2002 at 11:15 AM
  12. Oh so true -- as soon as the music comes on I forget about it.f> ------------------ Deanf>s> Klipsch RF7s - AE-25 DJH - AE-3 DJH - Sony 9000ES f>s>
  13. I hear that! Hell yea! Damn Hispanics! Make sure you pass down your wisdom to your four year old daughter. I dont know how I got along all these years from here to Africa without guns... How ignornant could I have been?f> Interesting how you totally disregard the potentially dangerous situation Tom and his family were in. Tom had to point out they were Hispanics, not because he is racist, but so his comments regarding what they were communicating to each other in their camp area would have context. So, I guess if they decide to stroll over into Tom's camp area, and start to eye is wife, he should just be a good humanitarian and roll over and go back to sleep? It's nice you made from Africa to here without guns. However, what I find ironic is that if you had ever found yourself in a very bad situation -- you would have had no qualms with putting a policeman's life on the line to protect your pacifistic rear end. Consistency thou art a jewel. f>Sadly, ironically enough, if alone in a camping area with just the two of us, you would be the one I would be worrying about with your Hi-Power Browning and four year old and whatnot.f> I guess what you are saying here is that Tom is complete idiot and might shoot his daughter? This is a typical attitude towards responsible gun owners. Maybe Tom's 4 year daughter (who can't even work the action on an automatic), might take that Browning, run off into the woods and shoot herself? Ever been in a camping area and been approached by a rabid racoon? Well, I guess you can always beat it down with your lawn chair. f>As far as your comments on everyone being armed as any sort of solution to anything...f> You might want to study the violent crime statistics in Florida before, and after the conceal carry law passed.f> ...or equalizing a 90lb vs 220lb maniac is totally WHACKED!f> Powerful argument. What would be your preferred method of protection for your wife or girlfriend, if she is knowingly being stalked in a mall parking lot? Harsh language?f> ...if you think your Hi Power whatever is the solution to some loudmouths, dream on. In case neither of you knows, most of you folks with weapons usually end up with your own weapons being taken from you and then being used against you.f> We just be ignrent cowboys dat don't know nothn. Please explain how my gun will be taken from me as I am pointing it into the face of a potential perpetrator? Please site your source for this age old and inaccurate argument.f> Maybe you also don't know that a "Self defense" plea is not worth much in a court of law except in the movies. There are even laws now in most states about using excessive force.f> Yes, there are stipulations. However, you are generalizing. These laws make allowances for the threat level. In Tom's case, it would NOT have been excessive. Someone in my house in the middle of the night with kids in the bedrooms will be shot. The saying is true -- better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.f> Silly wabbits. Maybe spending some moments helping your fellow man and developing a better understanding of the BS that creates such social, political and economic polairty (did you mean "polarization"?) in our great nation would serve you better.f> If ever confronted by a "fellow man" bent on stealing one of my kids, raping my wife, or gutting me for my wallet -- I will be sure to deliver the proper social commentary before sending him to Hell.f> I earned expert marksmanship medals and was proficient in all shooting positions by age 15, earned the same in the military, so I'm not afraid of weapons. Just afraid of those who think they(guns) are any kind of solution to "whatever" problems of society.f> There is no such thing as "expert marksmanship". These are two distinct classifications of proficiency. You probably qualified as "Marksman", which is the typical standard for Scouts and the Military. There then also exists: "Sharpshooter" "Expert" "Master" "Grandmaster" The "problem" is potential violence against my person or family by people without conscience. Please explain the available solutions to me. f> Let's stick to audio and "soldering" guns.f> A soldering gun is very dangerous. I keep mine unplugged and put away so my two year doesn't electrocute or burn herselff> ------------------ Deanf>s> Klipsch RF7s - AE-25 DJH - AE-3 DJH - Sony 9000ES f>s> This message has been edited by deang on 07-11-2002 at 12:29 PM
  14. I know, I know -- we are treating you like an imbecile. Are you sure you have the interconnects from the Moondogs going in the correct single ended outputs on the back of your preamp? f>------------------ Deanf>s> Klipsch RF7s - AE-25 DJH - AE-3 DJH - Sony 9000ES f>s> This message has been edited by deang on 07-11-2002 at 08:58 AM
  15. The hum is the same out of both the left and right speakers. It is not a 60 cycle hum, it is higher -- 120 maybe? It is not a ground loop problem. It does not change with variation in volume. I can turn my volume control over all the way and it stays the same. It is barely audible. The uninitiated might not even notice it. Removing the interconnects from the amp, or turning off the preamp does not effect whether it is there or not. f> ------------------ Deanf>s> Klipsch RF7s - AE-25 DJH - AE-3 DJH - Sony 9000ES f>s>
  16. Max,f> It is not beyond the realm of possibility that your ears just might prefer the sound of Heresy's over larger Heritage, just as several prefer the sound of Cornwalls over the K-horns. It is truly a shame that some of you Heritage owners will not give the RF7, or the RB5 with a sub -- a fair shake. I know the mids are not horn loaded, but the response is smooth as a baby's arse, and they really do kick some serious butt, with fantastic imaging. f>Randy,f> I believe the Cornwalls are actually slot loaded. I don't think they are acoustic suspension. Personally, I still think acoustic suspension designs have the best bass -- because the air in the box is used to keep the driver under control. OTOH -- this design also has higher IM distortion because the driver has to move further to create the same SPL as compared to bass reflex. Incidently, this is one of the things I really admire about the new Klipsch woofers -- they come very close to the sound of an acoustic suspension bass. At any rate, hair trigger dynamics that allow a car door slamming to sound like a car door slamming, does not guarantee musicality. There is more to sound than 'accuracy'. I believe you can have 'accuracy' to a fault. This is just my opinion however, and it has nothing to do with conclusions you or others may have reached. f> ------------------ Deanf>s> Klipsch RF7s - AE-25 DJH - AE-3 DJH - Sony 9000ES f>s> This message has been edited by deang on 07-11-2002 at 08:38 AM
  17. ...polarity. I don't know why, but I can't for the life of me remember what the difference. Isn't one A/C related and the other - + related f>------------------ Deanf>s> Klipsch RF7s - AE-25 DJH - AE-3 DJH - Sony 9000ES f>s>
  18. Is this normal? I mean, it's very low in volume -- but it's there. The other Super Amp I just sold didn't do it. Could this be a result of the larger transformer?f> ------------------ Deanf>s> Klipsch RF7s - AE-25 DJH - AE-3 DJH - Sony 9000ES f>s>
  19. Don't the Scala's, Belles, K-horns, and original Cornwalls all share the same drivers? It's amazing to me that they would sound so different from one another.f> ------------------ Deanf>s> Klipsch RF7s - AE-25 DJH - AE-3 DJH - Sony 9000ES f>s>
  20. Thanks Weiming! Nice link. Kelly -- your funny. My interest in firearms started with black powder back in the 70's. Most shooters are involved with the sport simply because it's great recreation and fun. I don't personally know any shooter who even has a remote interest in violence. The 'loons' ARE out there however, and this is all the more reason for the stable minded and gentle to remain armed. This is a complicated issue. I will only say that if you are ever confronted with a dire situation -- you might find that dialing for a pizza will net a faster response than dialing 911. A firearm is the only thing that makes say, a 90lb. woman equal with a 220lb. maniac. It is a shame that a large segment of our society has become so lazy and irresponsible -- that you can't even trust them with a toaster oven. This, along with so many unstable people in our society, has led me to the idea that it's not necessarily a good idea to let ANYONE have a gun. I'm a big advocate of mandatory safety classes, a demonstration of proficiency with the firearm, and licensing. Hell, we need at least this to drive a freaking car. I'm also a big advocate of concealed carry. An armed society is a polite society, as long as all are armed. The alternative is for only the wicked to be armed. This does not bode well for the righteous. At any rate, we only scream the 2nd amendment when everyone starts picking on us, and making us out to be a bunch of psychos. Fini -- our church doesn't have a balcony. Besides, I usually only carry my handgun to church, nestled inside my Bible case with my Bible. Hey, you never know when the preacher might go 'David Koresh', or 'Jim Jones' on you. f>------------------ Deanf>s> Klipsch RF7s - AE-25 DJH - AE-3 DJH - Sony 9000ES f>s>
  21. Painted White? That's just raw birch -- look again, you can even see the grain. I seriously doubt the possibility of the woofer(s) not working, I mean -- that is just a ridiculously obvious thing. If you have ever heard a speaker with the woofer unhooked then you know what I'm saying here. Max -- I say go back and grab those damn things. Tell the owner you want to hear them IN YOUR ROOM on YOUR SYSTEM. Get them home and give them a good going over without distraction. Check the drivers, and the wiring to the drivers, and make sure they are not running out of phase. If they flatten out in your house, producing something in the area of music, maybe you should consider buying them, and modifying them with different networks. If YOU think they sound bad, then YOU KNOW they sound bad to the owner also. Offer him $1500 and tell him that in the present condition they are not very "musical" and that you will have to modify them with new networks (Al's crossovers). That should take care of that money burning a hole in your pocket f> ------------------ Deanf>s> Klipsch RF7s - AE-25 DJH - AE-3 DJH - Sony 9000ES f>s>
  22. ROTFLOL -- Well, with that room those poor Scalas never had a chance to begin with. In a very overdamped room they probably sound half decent. I had a feeling it would be an assault on your hearing. I still haven't recovered from my experience with them this weekend. f>------------------ Deanf>s> Klipsch RF7s - AE-25 DJH - AE-3 DJH - Sony 9000ES f>s> This message has been edited by deang on 07-10-2002 at 02:49 PM
  23. 1) For the same reason those "upstanding Christians" of the Revolutionary War did. 2) To protect myself from the fascists who have kidnapped the "Religious Right". 3) But mostly, just because it's plain fun. f> ------------------ Deanf>s> Klipsch RF7s - AE-25 DJH - AE-3 DJH - Sony 9000ES f>s>
  24. Yeah, I was thinking about that 15 watts to 13 watts thing last night as I was drifting off to sleep. Then I started thinking about 13 watts to 9 watts. After so many years of solid state -- I still find it difficult to keep perspective on the power thing. I specifically upgraded to the DJH version of the Super Amp, not so much to in an attempt to squeeze that LAST ounce of transparency out of my system, but to gain the extra 3db of headroom -- since I also use my system to watch movies. The extra power is certainly nice in this regard. What I am really interested in is learning how to solder, and actually learning something about how these things are put together and work. If I find I have an 'upgrade' at the end of it all -- well then, that's all the better. However, I am really satisfied with how things sound right now -- and I will have the AE-3 shortly. Complicating matters further, I also have my eye on a Romanian Romak 3 Dragunov 7.62x54R sniper rifle. Hmmm. 13 watts, 9 watts, 7.62x54R. 13 watts, 9 watts, 7.62x54R. 13 watts, 9 watts, 7.62x54R. I think I need to sleep on this some more. f>------------------ Deanf>s> Klipsch RF7s - AE-25 DJH - AE-3 DJH - Sony 9000ES f>s>
  25. The more I look at them the less ugly them seem. I never really cared for the looks of them -- but they are starting to grow on me. It will be interesting to see what your impressions are. Especially after my earbleeding experience with them last weekend. f>------------------ Deanf>s> Klipsch RF7s - AE-25 DJH - AE-3 DJH - Sony 9000ES f>s>
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