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  1. I have Chorus ii and have a Academy that I need to try with them.  I had a C-7 which was a great center but sold it long time ago.  There is a C-7 on EBay asking price $500 so that is a bit high to me.  You can put in what you are willing to pay and if the auction ends with no buyer the seller may sell the C-7 to you at your asking price.


    I am thinking about buying a midrange and tweeter of E Bay for the Chorus ii and talking to some Forums members on the Klipsch Tech section for advice on how to build a center channel speaker and crossover to match the Chorus ii. 

  2. 3 hours ago, Tony Whitlow said:

    IMO if a person buys speakers because he likes the sound, why tinker with them?  I’m not one to second guess audio engineers.

    Cause some people want to and like to.😁  I never owned Chorus ii and when I bought them of Craigslist did not dislike them but felt the Fortes I had just sold to a good friend sounded better.  So I tinkered with the Chorus ii and now have them sounding much better to me. 


     audio engineers, if what sounds good to them does not sound good to me then I will tinker.  I will tinker cause I like to and maybe improve the sound of the speaker or system to me.  What everyone else does to their speakers and system is up to them.



  3. Rich If you were still in Austin I would have grabbed them!  Oh well.  


    Sounds like you have upgraded your system since you lived in Austin.  Jubs👍:D.


    I Hope everything is going well in TN!  Austin still the same, HOT!

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  4. On 7/11/2018 at 7:18 AM, Zen Traveler said:

    If he rearranged some things it could be something as simple as having a speaker wire that is loose and touching. That is the most common reason an AVR shuts off. 

    I had a Denon that this would happen and shut off.  A very tiny wire would be touching the wire next to.  Almost could not see the wire.  

  5. 11 hours ago, hcnelly said:

    I have owned Heresy IIIs and Cornwall IIIs....Heresy IIIs with a nice subwoofer compare very closely against the cornwall IIIs, considering they both have the same midrange horn. Heresy III and a subwoofer will save a lot of money and give you a very similar performance in my experience.


    I actually preferred the overall balance of my Klipsch Forte I speakers over the Cornwall III with that same midrange horn. I kept the forte I.... I sold the Cornwall IIIs because I felt, for a such a big speaker, midrange detail was lacking for me. It really bummed me out, considering how much they cost. I wish I would've picked up some Cornwall IIs instead, or maybe even cornscalas. I'm just sharing my experience.

    Felt the same when I went from Forte 1 to Chorus 2.  The Chorus 2 had more slam but the Forte 1 was more balanced overall and better midrange(TO ME).  Sold the Fortes to a friend before I realized this.  


    The Chorus 2 are great speakers and I do not regret selling the Fortes.  I think since my first Klipsch speakers were Heresy 1985 the Forte is very similar but better bass.  I would like to get a pair of Chorus 1 just to hear them but do not have the money.

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