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  1. Yes in my experience.

    I used to have KLF 20s that I ran with my Denon 4800 and the bass was good but my Fortes bass is much better with the Denon. I got the Fortes 2 years after selling the KLF 20s so never did a direct comparison.

    Now the KLF 20s go down to 34Hz and the KLF 30s go down to 36Hz and the Fortes(1 & 2) go to 32Hz.

  2. I owned KLF 20s and now own Fortes and the Fortes and C7 should work great! The KLF 10s and 20s are very good speakers but it is not a upgrade sound wise over the Forte IIs.

    If black speakers are a must do to WAF then post on the upgrade section of the forum about how to paint your Forte II in black or even cherry veneer. There are a lot of great people that can help.

    If you don't want to paint them then check Craigslist, Audiogon, and the Garage sale section on this forum and a pair of Black Forte IIs will show up eventually.

  3. Fini wait till you hear this girls voice on the latest Live from Daryls House, I think you will like her.

    Diane Birch, I have never heard of her but I love her style of signing.

    I stumbled upon her at a local Austin legend music store called Waterloo playing a live in store set. She is has a great voice[8] and she sounds great on this show!!

    Also agree the show sounded very good! Need to try it thru my tube DAC and Stereo.

    Thanks for the heads up on the show! Looking forward to watching/listening to others.

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