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  1. The Heritage line center channel speaker would be another Heritage speaker.

    For instance I had 3 La Scalas up front. I could have done a Heresy, Cornwall, Belle also. The best way is to match all 3 Heritage speakers up front.

    From the pic I saw of the Academy there is no mid horn just a high freq horn so the Academy does not seem a good choice for the Heritage line.

    Also the Heritage line has always been marketed as a 2 channel stereo speakers that customers have used for home theater. Klipsch probably figured if the customer wanted the Heritage line for home theater they would just use another Heritage speaker for the center and rears.

    Now you could contact Bob Crites or others on the forum and order the parts for a Heritage speaker and build a center chanel speaker. I have seen some on the upgrades and Mods section of the forum.

  2. I can not speak on the audio since I live in a apartment and watched it late.

    The movie was very good since it gives us a idea of what the SEALs and their families go thru serving our country.

    Watch all the special features with interviews with the real SEALs and some of their history.

  3. Congrats on your new receiver I've really enjoyed my Denon 4800!!

    I bought my first Klipsch speakers when I was in the USAF at the BX on base in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Walked into the stereo section and saw a pair of Heresys for $565. Bought em and shipped em home and enjoyed them for many years.

    Off topic but just watched Act of Valor and very good movie![Y]

  4. wipster I don't know if you have read any of the Avenger comics but the purple stone faced guy at the end is a major bad *** called Thanos. He killed off half the population of the universe because he worships death, of course the Avengers saved the day!

    I am sure the next Avengers movie will take things to the next level with Thanos involved!

  5. I bought my Denon 4800 back in 2001 and it is still going strong and sounding great with my Fortes. The 4311 should sound great in your system!

    I am thinking about the 4311 later this year to replace the 4800 so I will be looking forward to your review.

  6. Saw the Avengers today and it was the best super hero movie so far[:D] [Y]. As usual stay thru the credits for the extra clips.

    When this comes out on Blue ray it should look and sound outstanding!

  7. My Denon 4800 did the same thing one time. I had one small strand of speaker wire(don't remember if it was + or - ) touching the other speaker wire at the + - terminals.

    Check all your speaker and make sure no speaker wires are touching the other speaker wire.

  8. I've always liked the rear projection tvs cause it looks more like film to me compared to lcd or plasma. When I bought my Sony 50 inch RPTV 4 years ago a lcd or plasma 50 inch would have cost me 40% more. So for ME the Sony was a better deal than the LCDs or Plasmas.

    Everyone's is different on what they want from a tv. Find what you can afford and which tv has what you want and get it.

    I'll probably get a Mitsu 73 soon.

  9. Didnt realize just how big that 402 horn is...

    Bear in mind that in the picture, the top section of the LaScala is missing, rendering it maybe 12" (a guess) shorter than a single piece LaScala.


    I have just a LS bass bin and it is around 24".

    That should sound spectacular[:D] [Y] !!

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