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  1. I thought the 95 is suppose to have upgraded audio section that is why it is another $500.

    So I guess if you go with Oppo BDP93 + Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 -->amp you will want to make sure the DAC2 will give you better sound than the 95 would.

  2. I agreed with everything Groomlakearea51 said except the Fortes have clearly better bass than Heresys not slightly better bass.

    I had Heresy 1s for 15 years and loved them but my Fortes have a much better balanced sound than the Heresys because the highs, and midrange do not overpower the bass which can happen with Heresys.

    Now I have not had a chance to compare Heresy IIIs to Fortes.

    Both are great speakers but my vote is for the Fortes.

  3. One problem I had going from the KLF 20s to La Scalas was the LS with the audio video reciver did not sound that good. They sounded good but not like I remebered them sounding.

    The LS and KHorns have to be paired with quality equipment to get the best sound from them. Quality equipment does not mean very expensive equipment but it can still add up if you are not careful.

    What equipment will you be using?

    Be very careful cause if you get the KHorns you may end up upgrading your whole system and spend tttttooooooo[:S] much money which is what I did.

  4. I bought a GG and enjoyed it very much!![:D] I did not build it but got it from the original owner.

    I used it with a Luxman 100 watt int amp, a Cayin 30 watt int amp, and a pair of Welborne Labs 2A3 Moondogs 3.5 watts and liked the GG with all 3!!

    I did not have a chance to try it with one of the Transcendent Sound amps but I have read very good reviews of them.

    If you do go with the GG and the mini beast( I think if you get two they are 12 watts) post pics of the build and how they sound.

    The Chassis is very basic but the preamp sounds very good!

    I was using it with La Scalas and the Welborne Labs 2A3 Moondogs had enough power for my 15 x 15 room.

  5. Blockbluster just closed another store that I started using after they closed the first store I was using. Now they want me to go to a store that will have all the customers from the two store that closed which means supply at this store(until they close it) is going to be very low because demand just went up.

    So Netflix blue ray discs looks to be the way to go.

    I don't see Blockbuster stores staying open but Blockbuster may just become .com only and go to streaming only.

  6. Speakerfritz

    he said it looks like a La Scala II and will go lower than an original La Scala not lower than the LS II.

    " I agree that it looks more like a LaScala II. That means it will sound
    deeper than an original LaScala
    and that's a good thing."

  7. Very balanced. Tons of bass, if you need it.

    [Y] Exactly what I thought when I got my Fortes! I had La Scalas and really noticed the difference in bass. Looking at the speakers next to each other you would think La Scalas would have the lower bass but the Fortes beat them.

    I have enjoyed the Fortes more than the La Scalas.[:o]

    Enjoy your Fortes!!

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