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  1. Erik, are we going to take this to blood and guts stories..... cool...Oh I have some of those for sure. I once was hanging kitchen cabinets for a customer. I had a table saw setup in the backyard. The customer had children in the 8 year old range and they were playing with the cabinet boxes building a kind of fort out of them in the back yard. I was ripping a filler board for between some cabinets when one of the kids screamed I looked up thinking one of the kids had hurt themselves the next thing I knew my thumb was about a 1/4" shorter! Me being the he-man I was back then I wrapped it up and kept working. Once done for the day I went into the customers bathroom and removed the bandages I turn the water on in the sink (cold) and decided to wash the wound. stuck my thumb in the cold water and received the most horid pain of my life!! Exposed nerve endings... This was much worse then any 500V shock by a very large margin........ But to give you the happy endings I used one of those plastic protective covers on it for like 2 weeks and the entire 1/4" grew back I was amazed! Today you can not even tell it ever happened. I can though since the tip of that thumb is totally lacking an feelings ever since. Craig
  2. Thank you very much. Actually I'd just like to her to send me an email and let me know what to do to resolve this. Regards, Bill Woodward (126mhz) Portland, Oregon wjwoodie@aol.com
  3. No I have not got it fixed,... I don't know of a way to specifically get hold of Amy and try to get this resolved so I can get back to posting. I wouldn't even mind it if I could just get all my information wiped out and I could start over with a new handle. In any case until I can get hold of Amy or someone who can take ownership of my problem I'm out in the cold. Craig, I do apreciate you letting me borrow your name so to speak,....it's better than nothing. (no offense!) Regards, Bill Woodward Portland, Oregon wjwoodie@aol.com
  4. Yea,...I'm sure that would put me in real solid with Craig! He's already got to be wondering about me,... You could always send it to me,...do you remember the smell of burning electronic gear? I can operate a two million dollar MRI scanner pretty well but I could barely trouble shoot the gear I operated in the Navy after a BEE course. (Basic Electronics and Electricity) I hope Amy looks at this post and I can get back to being myself. Bill Woodward 126mhz, Portland, Oregon
  5. I have gone in and deleted the cookies and tried to sign in,...to no avail I have selected "I forgot my password" and had a new one sent to me,....and it still will not let me sign in,... I have tried to re-register under a different name with my same e amil address and it tells me a mamber already exists with this e mail address I want my old name "126mhz" back. Craig at NOS Valves let me sign in so I could post this message... Any help would be greatly appreciated Bill Woodward aka 126mhz Portland, Oregon wjwoodie@aol.com P.S. Please other members do not send me e mails unless your identify yourself as being a Klipsch Forum Member.
  6. Okay let me try to give you a short history. Allan and Edmond have both been banned or given a time out here before. I have not if that might help you make a clearer judgment. The rest we would have to go back years to explain the under lying problems. This entire problem started from a post from a guy that literally hates my guts and the only reason the post was made was to goad me. Then they try to play off like what he was doing was trying to do me a favor. Trust me this guy would just as soon punch me in the mouth then to talk to me. He has threatened me bodily harm right on this very forum before and other people also. He may seem like a gentlemen but disagree with him and you will see the true man. Allan is usually a great guy and honestly for the most part I like him. But he stuck his noise where it did not belong at least IMHO. This thread would of floated off into never land if they would of just left well enough alone. This entire argument was covered and ruled upon by Klipsch long ago. Many of us have been on this forum for 4 years or more so what shows on the surface to someone that may not have been here this entire time can be very misleading. Everyone knows that I will not back down when I feel I'm in the right or attacked. The fact is I haven't started a thread that was pertinent to my business in a very long time. I pop one up and then this simple request thread and what you see is what I get. Craig
  7. Gary, your delerious with fever and its burning your brain cells go to bed[] This is the most fun I've had around here in a year or more. But some people do make it a yaaaaaaawwwwwwwn at times. Craig
  8. Dean, I wonder if I should hold anymore shpiment till after the Holidays myself !! Kelly, Do you know what is involved in upgrading the Cable and arm/cartridge wiring on my MMF-7 by any chance. I would like to have it just 1 foot longer and a cable that can hold up better to my constant unhooking to test on other peoples amps. There holding up fine so far but........ Craig
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