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  1. Downloadable "10% off your next Klipsch purchase" coupons. []
  2. If you use eBay, heres something to worry about. Ill post a couple of screen shots from earlier this evening. I was looking at guitar amps, and the nude picture caught my eye (I airbrushed it prior to posting). Clicking on the item description brought up a standard eBay login screen (which was the first hint that something was wrong). If you look at the URL, it traces to the Turks and Caicos islands. This is the third time Ive personally seen this, and Ive got screen shots of the last two instances. Someone has figured out how to hack eBays category listings, which appears to be a major security flaw. On the first two occasions, clicking the item description simply redirected you to a porn site. Looks like theyve been perfecting their pfishing techniques now that a login screen appears. If these people were a little brighter, theyd host the item listing itself on their offshore server, and link the Buy It Now button to the login screen. Theyd put out some real good bait too. You know, something people would JUMP on. Most people would trust that they got there from within eBay, and never check the URL until after theyd given up their account name and password. Id bet a fair number of people use the same password for eBay and PayPal. So anyway, keep your eye on the URL. The eBay website might just send you somewhere you dont want to be.
  3. Seems pretty legit. Lots more info here: http://www.hcvets.com/ I still remember the air gun shots in basic training. A kid in front of me got his, took a couple of steps forward, then passed out cold. He fell over backwards, and I'll never forget the sound of his head bouncing on the cement. Creeps me out to this day.
  4. Indy, Nope, I wasn't kidding a bit. I made a credit card purchase a couple of years ago, and soon thereafter received a credit for the same amount. I called the business, explained what had happened, and had them charge me again. The next month, I ended up getting double billed - after someone caught the original mistake. Took me another 3 months, and several hours on the phone with customer support to get a refund. As much as I want to jump right on this, I'm sitting it out to see what happens. So far, no credit has posted to my PayPal account. If one does, I'm waiting at least a month for MF to catch the error (which they most certainly will, if this has happened to multiple people). Like you last line - it sounds like a Fram oil filter commercial. []
  5. We had a ceremony this morning at work for our 5 employees that perished on 3 of the hijacked airliners. Call me old fashioned, but I'll never say a prayer for Mohammed Atta & company. I can only hope they spend eternity in a very warm place.
  6. Duke, Have not talked with Ed, but sure wish I could play like that! Got the Uni, as my little Bad Cat Mini is just too bad for an apartment. Well, at least cranked to where it sounds it's best - and it never sounds like a Marshall stack. Have an Alnico Tone Tubby cab (2x10) on order, but that's still about 5 weeks out. Been playing an EJ through a modded TS9 Screamer into the Uni's clean channel, and using a Cornwall for my "cabinet". Even with a screwed-up rig like this, the sound is just amazing. Had been running a DigiTech RP200 into the BC Mini to try to get good sound at low volumes, but the Digi's tone is kinda lacking compared to the THD running wide open into the attenuator.
  7. I ordered a carrying bag for my THD UniValve amp last week, and had the same thing happen. I received the bag, then I received a message from PayPal saying that Musician's Friend had "voided" my order. I've checked my PayPal account, and nothing regarding a refund has been posted yet - but it's only been a few days. This could turn into a real moral dilemma... Wonder if I should offer to pay for it again if they send my money back?
  8. Tom, Check and see if this is the same medication the vet is selling you: http://www.valleyvet.com/ct_detail.html?PGGUID=30e072f0-7b6a-11d5-a192-00b0d0204ae5 It's only $3.49 for a litre if ordered online (even less in quantity). Best wishes that all turns out well. - Jeff
  9. If a tube went in sideways, it may have taken out the cathode resistor. No big deal to fix, just a little smoke and ugliness to clean up. Be thankful that it's point-to-point wired. If this was the case, those Chinese tube sockets may help you out. Sticking a tube in sideways will spread the contacts farther apart for the small pins. Find a drill bit that's the same diameter as a small tube pin, and insert it (non cutting end first) into the small socket holes on the good amp. Do the same on the bad amp, and if there's almost no contact tension on the drill bit in one of the small socket holes, the contact was probably stretched by having a pin inserted the wrong way. I did this once with a 300B amp I built, and you could literally see that the socket's small pin contacts were spread farther apart if viewed from the bottom. I used a needle nose to squeeze them back together, so that they would again make good contact with the tube pins. Hopefully, this is all it is.
  10. If it's a decent sized dealership, they ought to have plenty of Sportys in stock. There's usually a waiting list for the more popular models like a Road King. The wait depends on how many people are on the list in front of you. I'm a little over 6', and fit just fine on a Sporty. It's a fun bike for squirting around town, and short trips. Handles a lot better than a Road King too (a friend of mine bought a new Road King, and I bought his 1200 Sporty). If you're into road trips of any distance, you better have an iron butt if you're on a Sporty. Mine had forward controls, but I converted it back to stock to save wear on the rear end (as in mine). I've got straight pipes, which aren't all that loud - unless you really get on it. Or when you start it up cold. Yeah, that really impresses the neighbors. An added benefit of straight pipes is that you can go trolling for Yuppies. Just ride through the parking lot of the local Starbucks, pull in the clutch, and give the engine a good rev as you coast past a Lexus. More often than not, you'll set off their car alarm. Every once in a while you'll get really lucky and get someone with a paging alarm. Kind of fun watching them run out of the building to see what's up with their car.
  11. Birch speakers show who wears the pants in the family. If you're prohibited from sitting on a certain piece of furniture, entering the house with your shoes on, or using the toilet while standing, you have no business owning birch speakers.
  12. Scooter, Run on down to the Ford dealer and pick up a bottle of FW-15 coolant additive. Your engine has such high compression that microscopic bubbles form on the outsides of the cylinder walls, and little holes can actually form from what they call "cavitation erosion". Navistar puts this additive in the cooling system filter on their T444E, but you don't have one of these filters on a Ford. I used to dump in a bottle every 15K miles, after being told by a diesel mechanic that this is something to watch out for with these engines. - Jeff
  13. Scooter, That PowerStroke is a nice engine. I had a 96 F250, and the diesel got better mileage than my current 00 F150 7700 5.4L does. The ride was better too. The engine was so heavy, it flattened out my front springs, but Ford added an extra leaf for free. Be sure to get a large pan, if you change your own oil. I found out the hard way that you just can't fit 15 quarts into an 8 quart pan. Actually it's only 13, the filter holds 2 quarts. - Jeff
  14. Take away Goldie's makeup, and she looks like freakin' Yoda!
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