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  1. Pair Forte IIs with DeanG X-over mod.Good condition. Some scuffs, chips. Function 100%. Will not ship, sorry. $750.
  2. Maybe find some bigger RFs and move the RF-3's to do surrounds!
  3. I was looking for RF-5's for a while then RS-7's and gave up so ended up with RS-62's Couldn't be happier.
  4. I don't think the RC-7 is an exact timber match anyway (meaning it does not sound like you have 3 exact speakers) Mine is a Dean mod RC-7 AND RF-7s but I'll bet the RC-64 will be just as good.
  5. I have room mode problems and tried to help it with bass traps. It helped a little, but what do you think about this gadget?? $349. http://www.tweekgeek.com/_e/DSpeaker/product/Anti-Mode-8033/Anti_Mode_8033.htm .
  6. I also am thinking of bi-amping the tweeters with a few spare channels- Rotel 65wpc (RB-976) This amp has level controls on the front so I could adjust to taste. What do you think of this idea. Are they compatible??
  7. Well, I finally found an Arcam FMJ P-25 (3 channel) amp. I already have a P-25 2 channel, so I traded off my RB- 1080. So now I have 5x100wpc exact same amplification. I know I am going from 200wpc to 100wpc, but the Arcam sounds sweeter (I tried mt P-25 when my Rotel was out.) I read somewhere that the P-25 can put out 170wpc for 4 ohm peaks. How critical is the RF-7's 2 ohm dip? Will the Arcam be safe with them? I really don't get the fluxuating ohm thing. I also am thinking of bi-amping the tweeters with a few spare channels- Rotel 65wpc (RB-976) This amp has level controls on the front so I could adjust to taste. Any opinions? Advice? Thanks, Bob
  8. http://archives.telex.com/archives/EV/Speakers/DIY%20Manuals/Patrician%20IV%20Part%202.pdf And I thought K-Horns were too big.......... How about boiler room coupling.......
  9. Why can't you move the system 90* to the left so the RF7s are on the 21' wall. Move the big couch to the opposite side. The Paradigms would me where one of them is now and where the right 7 is. You could get a single center back on that short wall. 20 feet is a long shot to the TV. I'm a bachelor so I get to set the system up for Theater/music before anything else.
  10. I have RC-7s. FC & RC. It's prolly overkill. KLFC7 & RC3 makes better sense than mine. Why? Did you buy the 7 and wonder if you should sell the 3?
  11. http://bountii.com/deal-2362368-panasonic-blu-ray-disc-153.html
  12. Thanks Much. I saw the diagram about the seating and speaker facing. So I Shimmed my Center so it faces my head. It was pointed to my chest before. It seems better now. More like the voices are coming from the screen instead of under it! My OP was me thinking of 2 are better than one.
  13. Thanks for the sig advise. No, I am thinking of 2 centers, then getting an RS-7 or 62, or 52 for the back center. I could prolly sell off the c7 but it works fine there. I just thought I could split the front center speakers for a wider sound for center, if that makes any sense.....
  14. Any advantage to using 2 of these? One is a DeanG mod the other, I got locally and use it for center-Rear (which I think is overkill for the amount of info comiming from it). I could get an RS-7 or RS62,52 for that and move the C7 to the center front with my other one...... Waddya think?
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