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  1. I've got a set of Digital Amplifier Company Golden Cherries to try this weekend. Never heard them and coming from a SET amp.
  2. I have a fully tricked out Decware EL34 Rachel straight amp with one set of single ended inputs. Moving to a 220v home soon and thinking about selling it. Was about to post up on Garage Sale.
  3. Bundle... 21" tip to tip clean pair of Virtue Audio Nirvana cables: "The Nirvana Interconnect is a very high-end, 4 conductor, shielded cable. The OFC copper conductors are polypropelyne insulated and the assembly is swathed in a white polyesther braid with clear PVC outer jacket. The Nirvana's are a terrific looking and great sounding package. Please note that you can buy this product in 1 meter pairs (L/R), and single lengths of 5 and 8 meters (ideal for subwoofers or long runs). The plugs are high quality brass." NuForce uDAC 24/96 USB DAC "The Violet Edition ($149) comes with a purple carrying case, 24K gold-plated screws, and a stainless-steel volume control inset with a genuine Swarovski crystal. " Asking $130 shipped worldwide, net to me via Paypal.
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