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  1. I run an Ikeda 12" and an SME 3012 on the SAME table!
  2. Craig is right on. 10,000 hours on output tubes with a MC-30 is pretty normal, actually . . . .
  3. Mr. Juki does it again! I will never use another type of cartridge in my main system. Ever.
  4. Well, if you don't have any alternative it might work OK. Why not mount it on a wall shelf that sits 1" above the LaScala. That would be much, MUCH better!
  5. Fired up the CD player for the first time in about a month:
  6. Jazz legend Jack Sheldon will be playing this afternoon in Long Beach for $15 bucks as a benefit for the LB RDA. Jack is old, but he can still BLOW, has a GREAT band and is still funny as hell. For fifteen bucks you simply can't go wrong! I'll be there early and if anyone shows up from here, your first drink is on me! http://www.longbeachrda.org/news/displaynews.asp?NewsID=42&TargetID=1 http://www.longbeachrda.org/civica/inc/displayblobpdf2.asp?BlobID=2503
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