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  1. I am running RB35's and a Marantz 2285B in my home office.
  2. I used to have a MMF-7. Sold it after two weeks. You could get a very nice Linn LP12 setup for that kind of money and it will have the dust cover that you want.
  3. Guess I'm a sucker for unusual veneer but I think these look great. No affiliation with the seller.
  4. Thanks guys, good to be back in the Klipsch fold. I learned a lot onthis forum. And yes Kwing, thanks again for a great set of speakers, lets get together soon.
  5. Sorry to hear that. I bought the parts from him and had it assembled here in Chicago by Third Coast Guitar service.
  6. Yes the white Schon was made from one of Ed Roman's body blanks. The red one is all original, number 054. I have a soft spot for pointy headstock guitars.
  7. That stuff is all gone. I have one pair of L100's left and a pair of RB35's I just bought a week ago.
  8. As much as I liked all of my JBL gear over the years it seems like I always go back to Khorns. This new set is my 3rd pair, think I'm done. The JBL's will not give you that "holy smokes" factor when you feel the need to crank them up. I'm sure a pair of 4350's would but they are out of reach for me. In this pic you could see some of my old JBL collection. I had Appollos and Appollo II's in another room. It was a lot of fun collecting this stuff but it became a hassle taking care of it.
  9. Thanks guys. To answer a couple of questions. I like the VTI racks, hard to beat for the money. If you change out your system they are very adaptable. My room is 16 x 25, not ideal but the Khorns seem to work well in it. The JBL's were Sovereigns with the S7R system. Basically a two-way with a passive PR15 radiator. LE15A woofer, LE85 horn. They did a lot of things extremely well.
  10. Been living in the JBL camp for a couple of years and was looking for a change. Last week I put up a post in the for sale section looking for a pair of Khorns. I lucked out, a "good guy" forum member right here in Chicago had a pair for sale. He gave me a great price on a mint pair of 1975's in walnut. I swear they look brand new, couldn't be happier with the transaction. Here is a before pic with the JBL's, the revised Khorn setup, and the front end driving these beasts. The best, Pete
  11. Just messing around, with John Lennon in your avatar Im sure we would be more than fine.
  12. I'm with you on Rush and Journey but I think that genre has so much that makes me ill. You were too kind to Journey Chicago, Styx, Eagles, and Boston just kill me bore me. Hotel California makes me barf within three bars. I'm just not into whatever music that is at all. Pretty much my playlist so I guess we wouldn't get along?
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