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  1. I read an interesting article about these amps once. While I don't recall the specifics, all the amps that entered flambe-mode had been seriously compromised because idiots were putting HUGE fuses in and tossing the factory sized fuses into the trash. Apparently Bob Carver used a radically different method to produce power than most electronics makers used. Somehow, he massaged the ample power avail through the normal AC current to create High Power amps and that when someone replaced the fuses with significantly larger ones, the end result was generally catastrophic. Hence the term, Flame Linear. I ran my CF-3s on one and my 5.2s on another for a while. I used a simple splitter to get to line outs to the amps. The result might not have been what most audiophiles like to hear, but it sure made me smile and vibrated anything not bolted down all over my condo. My neighbors did not approve. Those were the days.
  2. Ding Ding. I've heard them described as "sonic turds" but they sure opened up my CF3s. They loved the power.
  3. Perhaps some more esplainin' will help... First, the pic. Second, I am in Virginia Beach and found them on Norfolk Craigslist. I find it a bit difficult to accurately compare them to the CFs for a few reasons - 1. The room is probably far too small, maybe 12 X 14. It's a FROG or, furnished room over garage and has a peaked roof. The dudes carpet really ties the room together, however. 2. The shit eating grin on my face is pushing my ears into an unnatural and awkward position to accurately hear what the hell is going on. 3. I'm RFO and have been listening to The Who and others for a LONG time. 4. I fly noisy airplanes for a living and have for 33 years. 5. My bottom feeder gear and heavy duty lamp cord wires are probably sucking sound out and shooting it off into the stratosphere. 6. There are two other reasons evident why my hearing sucks in the pic. . What can I say? The Bass on the CFs is far punchier, but it seems like the mids are better. With the tone pots at FLAT, I found that I needed to wind the bass up more on the Cornwalls. Less tight thump, but still plenty of Bass. When I got the Bass right and selected the CFs, it was too much. Alcohol was involved. If I jammed a sub between the amp and the Cornwalls I could probably rule the world.
  4. Finally picked up a nice pair of Cornwalls. I think they're 1's, as the serial numbers are stamped into the wood. The factory stickers are in poor shape. 23U132 and 23U130. Oiled Walnut with new Bob Crites tweeters. They have also recently been recapped though I have no knowledge of what went in. I have all the original parts. The grills need new cloth. They each have some minor tears and marks but nothing heinous. The cabinets are in fair to good condition. They each have a few nicks in the veneer but they look great from across the room. Blasted them for two days an old Sansui 5700 so I could A/B them with my CF-3s. Every time I compare my CFs (my first Klipsch) to new speaks I wonder why I ever kept buying speakers. I love the CFs and they still make me smile. But these Cornwalls are a marked improvement. So far, not as much Bass response but the mids are scary bright and FULL. It sounds like I put four speakers in the room and not just two. I just wired them to my Fisher 500B. So far, great. I think the thing holding them back is the room is too small. Guess I need a new house. 700 Bucks. - Happiest guy in the hood!
  5. You guys are astonishing. Many thanks for your input. To clarify I have used a Marantz 2240, a Fisher 500C and an old Pioneer SA9100 to power the speakers. None at the same time. The problem persists. I bought the speakers used from a guy who seemed to know and care little about hifi. Pretty funny that he owned a 1600 dollar pair of speaks! I should mention (and I just now recalled) that one woofer was bad and replaced with the proper speaker purchased from Klipsch. I suppose it's possible that could have something to do with it, but being a bottom feeder, there's a lot that I don't know. I am out of the country right now. When I return I will attempt to do some more sleuthing. Thanks.
  6. I use these Forte 2's in my bedroom and frequently at very low volumes. With more than one amp/receiver I have an annoying difference in speaker output. I have to modulate the balance to get the sound right, but with each change of volume comes another change in balance. Speaks equal length from amp. Wires equal length and gauge. I have tried reversing the R/L RCA's, etc. Is this a crossover issue?
  7. Def two channel. The YouTube volume slide is full right, as is my computers. Messing around with Amazon Music now. Will see if I can replicate. Not a huge issue as I prefer listening to my KLF-30 2 CH setup more, but its pretty cool to put Mark Knopfler (or Itzhak Perlman) up on the 75" and crank the big knob.
  8. I've got an older Denon 3600ish HT receiver (oddly enough, the number isn't listed on the face) which I picked up from Clist. It's mated with a C-7 center, a 13inch Klipsch sub and a brand new (to me anyway) pair of KG5.5's (oiled walnut and PERFECT). So I'm watching music on YouTube and along comes Stugil Simpson and 'A Call to Arms'. I lean on the YES button a bit and start smiling. I lean on it again and..... I reached the end of the MacDaddy volumetrics but it wasn't nearly loud enough. It was loud, but the neighbors were still sleeping. I sure don't have this problem with my 2 channel KLF30 set up. What the hell? I poured over the online manual as best I could but cannot find anything that seems to limit the upper end of the volume. Should I be able to? Is this normal? The receiver boasts just at 100-120 wpc so it can't be the juice. Any ideas? ps...astonishing bass from these KG5.5's. Who needs the sub?
  9. Many thanks for your expert advice!
  10. Greetings. Long time no post. I finally got around to having my 500B serviced and the guy mentioned that it would benefit from some new tubes. Specifically 4 new output tubes, the 7591's. He said that I'd probably not notice that these are toast except when I had it wound up loud. At any rate, while it sounds great now and I'd like to begin the search for new tubes. Do you smart guys have any good recommendations for sourcing these? He said that I either needed a matched set of 4, or two sets of 2. I'm using it in my bedroom with a pair of Forte II's. I should add that the guy said that some replacement tubes from Eastern EU have "oversized" pins and that once you jam them in, you're stuck with them as the correct tube (smaller pins) won't fit properly into the stretched pin sockets. Obviously I'd like to avoid that dilemma. Thanks for reading and any replies.
  11. That's a great idea. I'll try and remember to do that. That step is at least 3-4 weeks away though, so I'll likely forget! It looks as though my cable will need to be at least 15 feet, and perhaps as long as 20. It sounds as though I need to open the wallet a bit and get a fibre optic HDMI for the long run, is that correct? Right now, I only use FIOS, Apple TV, and a Blueray. I am able to stream Netflix, Prime and YouTube through my Apple Airport Extreme and occasionally music through an Airport Express. I have a massive old Denon receiver (no HDMI) which is wired to my CF-3's. I use an Academy, Heresies and Sub as well. 60inch Smart Visio, but its days are numbered. I want a 75 or 80" For living room most music I use an old behemoth Pioneer SX receiver and a Logitech Squeezebox Touch. That's wired to KLF-30s and a 15 inch Sub. Boom. I hate using an HT receiver for music, especially streaming. Even though all my stuff is lossless and the touch has a DAC, when I fire up Pandora the levels are all over the place. An old machine with a BASS and TREBLE knob is the only way to go when streaming music. Thanks for the advice.
  12. WOW. That was fast. Many thanks gents. I figured there had to be slew of them and was surprised at my search results on The Goog and AMZN. I'll get busy reading.
  13. I'm toying with the idea of hanging my TV on the wall but I would like to keep the cables to a minimum. So far, I've only found two multi-input junction boxes. 1. A belkin with 3 inputs and lousy reviews 2. A Goronya with 4 inputs, but a woefully too short (and fixed) output cable. I'd like at least 4 inputs and the ability to attach my own (25') HDMI output to snake through the conduit to the TV. What are you guys using?
  14. Where are these? I'm interested. Very.
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