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  1. Hi Jack, I was looking at the CHT-15 through etronics.com who sell it for US$459.99. It's a borderfree.com associated site, so I can it to Canada easily. The older CT-150 had "current sensing feedback", said to be less expensive to make than "servo", while the CHT-15 has "Current sensing servo". So perhaps they are different after all. The older CT-150 weights 72 lbs and the CHT-15 weights 83 lbs, so they are not the exact same product. I can't put C$1500 on a sub either (much less US$1500), and I might well get the CHT-15. I'm going to see if I can hear one next weekend in Quebec City. I'll hopefully have a better idea then. Peter
  2. In another thread, someone was buying the JBL NORTHRIDGE E SERIES E250P which is US$250. No kind words for it, I imagine? How about going for a smaller (faster?) and cheaper 10-inch model from Paradigm, Mission or Velodyne?
  3. those subs are basically the same. Okay. Then I'm disappointed. :-( What is critical with subwoofers on horn loaded Heritage Klipsch is SPEED. And speed at low frequency is hard to come by. Most cheaper subs don't have sufficient speed at low output.....this gets very expensive. The ideal? Likely a 15" REL sub (about 2.5 to 3K USD). Now you see why I have no sub on my Belles..... No matter what you do, look for a return policy, or at least the ability to resell at minimal loss. I tried several approaches before finding good subbage for my Cornwalls, and you may well end up trying a few until you get the proper match. Why is speed harder at low frequencies? It's moving slower after all... Moving more air? At this price point, the PW-2200 is a good bet. See also the HSU VTF-3. The Hsu are hard to get in Canada. And it would be easier to negociate a good price locally for Paradigm if I could quote a low price from another store. If you can do a DIY project on this, that's the best of both worlds - save money by building it yourself while getting excellent performance. Any recomendations in the DIY arena? Thanks! Peter
  4. Thanks guys. The price of the CHT-15 would be total through borderfree.com. I ordered a h/k avr-325 last winter using the service and was very satisfied. No surprises. Audible Nectar, you mention the Velodyne "150". Is that the older CT-150 or the current CHT-15? They are similar but not the same, as evidenced by formica's link. I currently have a Paradigm PDR-10 on loan until Friday and had a Magnat Alpha 20A for a few days. Either of them extend the low end of the La Scalas a bit on stereo music without drawing attention to themselves. I'm hoping the CHT-15 would do the same, extended to still lower bass. Setting the receiver to send < 80 Hz to the sub didn't leave that much room for error. So I'm still undecided. There's also the Mission m5as to keep in mind, if my lead on a good price pans out. Thanks again, Peter
  5. Thanks guys, The local stores (in Rimouski) always quote high prices and don't bargain very much. :-( It there a Canadian store I can point them to to get them to lower their price? Still, even if I did manage to get the PW-2200 for C$850, that brings the taxed total to C$977. This is C$200 more than ordering the Velodyne CHT-15 from the States. This would be a borderfree.com total price (Applicable duties, GST and shipping to the door, all included), so I'm not worried about any hidden extras. The PW-2200 goes down to 18 Hz at -3dB while the CHT-15 goes down to 23 Hz. Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I was out of town yesterday and visited my mother. I borrowed her Paradigm PDR-10 and played with it last night. It works quite well to extend the bass on the La Scalas for music. The Paradigm specs say it goes down to 27 Hz at -3dB but I could not hear _anything_ out of it below 30 Hz from a HT test DVD. I setup the sub with an SPL meter and ended up with the level half-way up. I'm thinking a bigger sub will provide lower frequency extension than the PDR-10, and will keep up and playing the La Scalas at 0dB on the receiver if I ever need to. So... Any strong advice against getting the Velodyne CHT-15 for $200 less than a PW-2200? Thanks again!
  6. The aim is to extend bass for a pair of La Scala speakers in addition to HT use. I'll be using a h/k avr325 receiver which allows me to send low frequency signals (< 40 or 60 or 80 Hz) from the main channels to the sub in addition to the .1 digital output. In Canada, I'm looking at: Paradigm PDR-10 (10") C$500 Paradigm PW-2100 (12") C$1000 Velodyne CHT-12 (12") C$750 Velodyne CHT-15 (15") C$1200 (or C$775 shipped, w/ taxes, mail-ordered from the US!) Mission ms10 (10") C$500 Mission m5as (12") C$1300 (Might be able to get it for $1000) Klipsch RW10 (10") C$769 Klipsch RW12 (12") C$900 (or a few hundred less, mail-ordered from the US) I'm unsure whether to go 10 or 12 inch. I've heard that 10 inch models are better musically. So far, I have only briefly heard the Paradigm PDR-10 and PW-2100 on a movie trailer (strangely, the receiver was set to Pro Logic II instead of Dolby Digital; I didn't ask about it). The 10-inch PDR-10 sounded good and the 12-inch PW-2100 was producing annoying bass when you'd think none should be heard. It deserves another listen with a different salesperson (in Dolby Digital). The bargain so far is the Velodyne CHT-15, and it might keep up with the La Scala as well! But is it good for music? Opinions anyone?
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