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  1. Since you all did so well earlier in the week giving me info on one center channel speaker or two and helped out with screen height (Thanks colterphoto1, Olorin, Strabo, DrWho, radiob, dougdrake) I now turn to you for round 2. Looking like my rear Heresys will need to go on their sides close to the ceiling. If all goes well stealing the idea where they are mounted in the ceiling angled down like the recent pix posted. My question is do I put the top horns in toward the center of the room or out toward the side walls? Once we establish what way they go can you give me a reason to satisfy my curiosity? Thanks, Rich
  2. < Sarcasm > KenRatBoy, dont listen to these guysget anything BUT Klipsch. That way you can sell me your C IIs. What finish are they? The check is already made out to you where should I mail it? < /Sarcasm > Seriously, keep the C IIs and fill in the rest of your needs with the rest of the Heritage line.
  3. Ok Lipinski, this begs the question. Did you have any life for the past couple of weeks or did you just keep refreshing your ebay search with "Klipsch Academy" trying to find a BIN auction? "Getting sleepy....can't sleep, must keep searching....Need coffee....zzzzzz" Perhaps you are for hire. There are a few items I need/want, but don't have the time or desire to keep the vigil. Seriously, congrats! I know how it is to want something bad to the point where you get obsessed over it.
  4. Strabo, right now I am not interested in taking apart the Fortes, they have great sentimental value as I got them to replace my KG4s and have been in love with them since 92 or so. That said I would not be apposed to ripping up a different pair of Fortes to achieve the right sound. Probably not going to happen soon with all the other stuff I have going on in the HT. Interesting idea though. Guess that is what prompted my initial question about putting one forte above and one below. Would it be practical or even possible to mount one below upright and the second above and only have top one with high and mids working? If it were is there some sort of reversible process to remove the low end from one speaker something as simple as disconnecting wires from cross over to driver? I dont know much about the inner workings of speakers so any advice greatly appreciated. DrWho, I am a big fan of simpler. I never gave it any though but you are right music sounds as big as the band in my minds eye when listening to 40 inch tall speakers. Also you are right about sound at a commercial theater sounding like it is centered. I would consider raising my mains to center the horns mid screen, but then I thought I would in turn need to angel them down. This seemed to be more work then the payoff for Right/Left. I guess my thought process (flawed it might be) was that with the center it was more important to anchor the voice in the center of the screen. Thus my post last week about perforated screens. Bottom line is I want to get the best sound possible given my equipment and room. Right now I can build for speaker behind screen or two sets of centers above and below or what ever else makes sense. So far it is looking like Chorus/Forte/Chorus all upright on the floor is the winner. But I am still open to suggestions. As to screen height, I was told a general rule was 30 inches off the floor. What do the rest of you projector people do with roughly 60 to 120 inch diagonal screens? Room will be just under 8. So 96 inches minus 45 for the screen (45X 80) gives me less then 51 to play with. Lets call it 50. Subtract another 36 for a future stage (I like this look but with side speakers showing http://da-litehometheater.com) that will house sub and Forte and I have 14 inches from top of screen to ceiling. Should I raise it up more then 36? Room is roughly 13 wide (screen wall) and 16 deep. I am thinking 2 rows of 3 seats with slight rise for second row. Again, open to any suggestions out there. Thanks, Rich
  5. Interesing, I assumed if I went with one Forte I would want it standing up so the highs/mids were still close to the bottom of the screen and oriented as originally intended. Would it make most senes if I go that route to place the woffer end away from the corner that my sub is in or does that not really matter? Thanks for the input, Rich
  6. Nice typing, eh? Title should read TWO not tow...Hmmm, Monday.
  7. Current speaker inventory looks to be shaping up as this: Fronts Chorus Sides Heresy Rears Heresy Sub KSW 200 The question is with the center. I will be using one Forte IIor will I? I will have a fixed screen of 45X80 and current plans are to have the screen far enough off the floor to allow for the Forte to be upright below it. About 36 give or take. This puts the screen a bit high and not a whole lot of room at the top. My concern is that dialogue will sound out of place with a large screen and speaker below (not an issue in my mind with current TV in the 35+ inch range and center on top). First, with this set up should I be concerned? Second, since I have the other speaker should I alter my set up and think about Forte above and below screen? Forte above would HAVE to be on its side due to wall height, Forte below might have to be to accommodate this. I think I would also need a way to angle top Forte down a bit. I know a safe bet would be to try it and see if I like it, but I am in the process of building walls and running wire so I really cant test it. I guess I could always run the wire and leave it there for the future, but I dont really want to change screen placement from current plans if I dont need to. I see pix of systems with centers above and below but they typically seem to be a custom built set up of a larger something at the bottom of screen and smaller something else at the top. Any reason for that? When you run two centers is there any better way then a Y cable from center output to two channel amp, then two sets of speaker wire from amp channels to speakers?
  8. So was it a forum member??? Who is peterandlynn from ebay? I was thinking of bidding, but did not quite feel right biddings against Lapinski after 40 some odd posts about one speaker. I have an Oak Academy that has hardly seen the light of day due to the cabinet it is in behind a large speaker grill like cover. Original owner, original box and receipt from when I bought it. Not a blemish on it...look like the day it left the store. Not really interested in selling it but what do you think it would go for? If these babies get to the point where I can trade them for LaScalas, it is gone!
  9. Looking for some guidance from people who might have a similar set up or just people who know more then me. What are the thought, pros/cons, etc. on speaker set up for the following: Room 13 Wide ( 45X80 Screen on this wall ) and 16 long. Left Rear corner has a 3X2 closet hiding the basement stair well (3 in direction parallel to screen and back wall). I do have the option of making the opening to closet shorter at about 55-60 inches and making the remaining 2 feet from shortened closet top to ceiling a shelf for possible rear/side speaker placement. I have the added problem of two French doors (6 total opening) on the left side of the room when facing the screen. This allows for a nice wide open feel if a sporting event is on for viewing from outside the HT looking in. when closed it is totally dark. Door opening starts about 4 from front wall. Meaning that on the left side of the room where the front wall meets the left wall you have corner, 4 of wall, 6 of double door, 4 of wall 2 of closet. Due to the potential for the door to swing 180 degrees from closed to open I dont really have the ability to mount a speaker on that wall because when the door swings fully open there is only about a foot or so from the edge of the open door to the closet. Not ideal I know. Side speaker on a stand that can be moved perhaps? Let the door swing open and hit the speaker? Some other idea? Speakers Chorus I, Forte II, two sets of Heresy IIs, KSW-200 Here are the options I see: 7.1 Chorus Fronts, 1 Forte Center, KSW, 2 Heresy rear, 2 Heresy sides (but how exactly to pull off the sides?) 6.1 Chorus fronts, 1 Forte Center, KSW, 1 Forte center rear, 2 Heresy sides (again side issue), Extra Heresy pair to sell, build into custom center, zone twowho knows. 5.1 Chorus fronts, 1 Heresy Center, KSW, 2 Forte rears. 5.1 Chorus fronts, 1 Forte Center, KSW, 2 Heresy rears. I like the idea that all the speaker are in the Heritage line and that the Chorus/Fortes are very similar if use as the 3 front speakers. What are the thoughts on that sub? If I go with a forte in the rear, 6.1 option above, do I take off the riser and mount it upside down so the woofer is up top and the horns are lower. I love the picture of the Heresys mounted in the ceiling that we have all seen, If I go with Heresy rears on the sides do you want the horns facing in toward each other or out toward the side walls? I am sure I will have more questions, but this is a start. Thanks to all who have helped so far, Rich
  10. Reading through the older posts on differences between 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, etc got me a little confused. I am building out a room and figured I would at least allow for 7.1 no matter what I ended up putting in for now. I had a local high end audio company come to my house last night to look things over and give me some ideas. They suggested 6.1, but my take was that they really did not have a huge grasp on the difference...hey it is not like I do...just a feeling. Anyway been reading here and did a quick look around online and ran into this. http://dolbylabs.com/consumer/home_entertainment/roomlayout.html I seem to understand things much quicker when I see then rather then when I read them. Click on the different links below the room lay out for DD, DD-ex, prologic, etc. Simple and easy...at least for me. Hope this helps someone.
  11. Hey, thanks for all the great info on rack rails and construction! Funny when I ordered the rails I saw the blank plates and ordered 2 thinking to myself that one at the top and one at the bottom would make it easy to keep the rails square, parallel and the correct distance while I roughed in my opening. Later I read about using the vent for basically the same idea. What do they say? Great minds think alikeor idiots seldom differ? One final construction question. Do I only need 2 rails in the front? Looking at the link to cabinet building it appears like itand that is how I have always envisioned it. However, I took a look in our server room at work and the racks of equipment all have 4 rails - 2 in the front and 2 in the back with supports running front to back for each piece of equipment to mount to. I guess my question is will a 30 pound amp with 2 screws on each side of the face plate mounted to the rack rails support all that weight? What happens when you end up with 6-8 pieces of equipment all in that rack? Surely if you are buying equipment designed to be rack mounted the face plate where the handles comes out of are designed to support the weight of the equipment, right? Am I just worrying too much? I have always liked the look of a clean, simple rack of equipment. Now I cant wait to build it.
  12. Hello, I know this would be a huge imposition...but I am shameless so I will ask. Anyone in the Charlotte area able to help me out with shipping of a pair of Chorus? The seller wants local pick up only and does not have original boxes. Better yet, anyone taking a drive up north via 95 from that area through D.C. or Baltimore??? Obviously I would be willing to compensate you for your efforts and very very thankful. The speakers are in GASTONIA,NC if that makes the decision any easier/harder. I am into pinball machines and the pinball community on the Internet is very willing to move games around for others given the size and fragility of those old machines. I thought maybe you fellow Klipschers were into that altruistic good Karma thing too. FWIW, I have a pair of Heresys waiting for me in the Detroit area of Michigan that will need to make there way to Baltimore some time, so if I head out to get them or when my parents make the trip out I am extending the offer to pickup/deliver along the way any Klipsch speakers you guys have provide we can accommodate schedules. Thanks, Rich
  13. Frzninvt and others, how exactly do you pull off using two speakers for center channel? Do you use a 2 channel amp and run the right wires to one and the left wires to the other? If that is true how do you feed the two channels of the amp? Some sort of "Y" cord going from the one center output from preamp to the R/L of the amp? The reason I ask is I am concerned when I have a large screen (at least large to me 45X80 92" diag.) that the center sound will not sound like it is coming from the screen but below/above if I only have one center. Actually that is what drove my post yesterday about perforated screens and placing the center behind the screen. I still like that idea but don't want to tarnish the sound or picture quality. I have a request for info out the Sound Research people. Thanks, Rich
  14. I have read lots of posts about center channel placement. Obviously this is a concern for a TV set up. What are the thoughts on pros/cons for a fixed screen used with a LCD or DLP projector that is perforated allowing the sound to come through the image? I would imagine the picture quality might suffer a bit...but if that was true I can't imagine people buying them. Any experience out there? Da-Lite has a cinema perf line and I am sure others do as well. I am in the framing/building stage of my HT and this seems like a decent idea.
  15. Actually I am just interested in the rails only so I can create my own rack in a wall/closet.
  16. FYI this place seemed to have pretty good prices on rack rails. No idea how the company is to order from online...time will tell. Just passing on info, I have no interest in the company.
  17. I need to buy some rack rails to put my equipment in the side of a closet. Room limitations and a "pump diaphragm" for my well dictate that the rails can not be the better part of floor to ceiling. I have about 4 feet to work with. More then enough room for my current equipment, but I don't know exactly what size rails to buy. I have heard 3 holes in the rack rail = one "Space". Is this correct? Anybody got a good rule of thumb for what a space is AND what that height actually is? I want to be able to calculate spaces I currently need as well as have a few for future growth. Do people typically stack the bottom edge of one piece of equipment on the top of another or do you leave space/half space between components? I have seen shelves for non-rack mount equipment as well as fan inserts and other nice rack stuff, but have not seen any sort of "spacer or face plate" designed to simply block off extra space if the rails are a bit taller then the stacked equipment. Anybody know of such a thing? Thanks, Rich
  18. Hey, thanks for the infojust the sort of thing I was looking for. I am intrigued by the posts I see about creating your own centers, or any speaker for that matter. I have never taken apart a speaker, but am pretty handy, how tough is it? Got any good starter information for somebody wanting to tackle this sort of project? On the surface it looks like you just construct a box to fit your needs and cut the right holes for the various drivers, then stuff the factory parts back in your custom box. I am sure there is a lot more to it. Surely there must be some acoustics and physics involved. I think I would like to eventually get some sort of center placement both above and below my 92 inch screen. Does that in turn mean two speakers or do people typically separate out the highs/mids/lows and effectively end up with one speaker spread over a large area? I am probably not explaining this right, but my limited knowledge tells me that if the center signal is one channel there are issues with two speakers if run in either parallel or series. Obviously someone has cracked this nutdo tell how. Thanks, Rich
  19. That really is a slick setup. All the better that it was cheap and easy. Anybody have any thoughts on how to pull something similar to that off if you don't have access from above? I don't have the ability to go into the attic and drop them down from above because right above my HT (HT is in basement) is my 1st. floor foyer...don't think my wife would be keen on my cutting large holes there to drop them in. I was looking into how I might do it last night. The joists run the right direction to put the speaker between them (16" centers parallel to projection screen) and deep enough to house the speaker in the cavity between joists and below flooring above. The problem I see is that the speaker would have to be mounted before the drywall was put up. In turn the drywall would have to be cut and finished to fit sort of like you do with the installation of a recessed light except the speaker would be hanging down past the drywall. Not impossible, but messy and potential for damage would be there. Also this would make for a more permanent installation with little future access. I was kicking around the idea of some sort of larger face plate if that makes sense. Maybe 6 inches wider then the speakers and spanning an additional joist in front and back. You would install the drywall to the ceiling except in the area of this "face plate" when finished with construction mount the speaker, then put the face plate over the speaker to cover the larger hole having just the speaker pop through. A lot more work, but hopefully the same result. Any other ideas out there on how to pull this off? What are the thoughts on getting MDF or other material to match up nicely with the drywall?
  20. Who has the lowdown on Heresys? I figure since they have been around so long they must all be good. But like so many things I am betting there are some really killer years that the true people in the know search out. You know, like a 1967 427 Corvette a true classic. Obviously some of this is subjective I am sure there are those who like the original Heresys over the H IIs or some other incarnation. I did love the look of those older ones that recently sold on ebay with the original old style boxes and vintage logo on the grill. I remember hearing a pair in a frat house in the mid 80s that must have been 10 years old chronologically and about 50 in abuse yearsbut they sounded incredible. After seeing the posts yesterday with Heresy hanging down from the ceiling and killer all Heritage HT with Heresys on the rear and side I am rethinking my desire for Chorus, Forte II, Chorus up front and Forte IIs in the rear. Why are Heresys so darn plentiful on ebay? Is it because they are a great speaker with a relatively decent size so everybody buys them. If that is true then why do so many get resold. Anybody have Forte IIs in the front with Heresy center and rear and care to comment on that? What about Heresys for sides in a 7.1 setup. How about 7 Hs with a sub? So what is the deal are the newer ones goodbut not as good? Are there any that should be avoided at all costs? Of course I understand that ultimately all that matters is if you, the listener like them or not. Just trying to get some insight on the line as a whole.
  21. I am north of Baltimore in Harford County. Moved to the area recently. Rough location is 1 and 136, if you know the area. I am currently building out my basement for HT, would love to get together and pick the brains of fellow Klipsch lovers. Currently have Forte IIs, Academy, SS-1, a set of bookshelfs (the model escapes me now) and a SW-12. Thanks for the interest, Rich
  22. I see you are in NJ. I am in the Baltimore area. Any chance you can meet me part of the way down on I-95? Do you have the ability to send some pix of the speakers? Thanks, Rich
  23. For years I had my Forte IIs in a wall to wall floor to ceiling custom build cabinet. The bottom height of the unit was based on the Forte. To be clearer, imagine a built in book shelf where the bottom row was about 6 inches higher then a Forte. My TV was centered on the next row and my Academy was on its own shelf above. Finally each Forte had a vertical partition again about 6 inches wider then the speaker on each side. That left a big hole for CDs/Laser Discs below the TV and between the two speakers. The speakers had about a foot behind them to the back of the cabinet. In summary each Forte was in a big box that was 6 inches wider on each side and the top with about a foot of space behind it. It sounded pretty darn good but the base was a bit muddy. I cut almost the entire back of the cabinets behind the speakers except maybe 8 inches on the side/top so when you looked at it from the front or any angle it appeared like that speakers had a full wall of wood behind them, but in fact the air/sound could move easier (at least that is what I convinced my self in my mind, nothing scientific). The large area below the TV and between the speakers was also open to the wall behind the cabinet and I moved all the junk out of there. This sounded great. I think the passive woofer in the back worked better with a little space to breath. I actually think it sounded better then F II's simply a few inches off of a wall totally open.
  24. I am looking to buy a pair of Chorus Is or IIs and a single Forte II (a pair of F II's is not out of the question). I currently have Forte II's in oak so my first choice for the Chorus and would be oak, walnut is great as well. The Forte will be hidden in a cabinet so finish does not matter and scratches are ok as long as they are sonically in good shape. Chours' need to be in pretty decent shape as they will be visible. I live in the Baltimore area so D.C., Philly, NJ, etc. would be ideal. Let me know if you can help, Rich
  25. Thanks for the reply. Do you have your Forte center on it's side or upright? Thanks again, Rich
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