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  1. A great concert -- if you're a JB fan at all, you've heard these tunes many times before, but they are so beautifully played and sound fresh. Jeff Beck has all the speed you'd want, but his touch and taste are impeccable. Wish I was there...
  2. Flaming Lips "Fearless Freaks" is the best recent one. But, The Last Waltz is pretty hard to beat, especially if you FF through Neil Diamond's performance.
  3. Has anyone seen this great movie? I saw it in the theater and just now on DVD, and its so good on many levels. Top 5 in my favorite war movies. Jeremy Renner plays a character so casually driven, heroic, and courageous-to-a-fault that he creates a totally original and modern character. The story in Iraq occurs before there were few protocols when it came to defusing roadside bombs because they were a "new" threat, so they make it up as they go. The ways this unit of soldiers deals with the bomb and combat situations really gives the viewer an idea of what its like there. The movie focuses on the soldier and his motivations without the Hollywood "lets get out of there!" bent. Isn't it better to see our boys as American heroes of bravery and courage than some baby-killer-sheister-rapist-murderer? Check this out if you haven't -- a great one.
  4. A great story with great personalities that have made average music for decades. A few more listenable tunes in the movie might have gotten them the big break they were looking for, but after hearing their one big song over and over it was obvious their sound is limited. Maybe Green Day could produce their next CD? They need help...
  5. Katy Perry last night was just delicious... I still think there's just a little too much of the "clueless and talentless" aspect of these early shows each season and not enough of the good singers. The best scenes are when the good singers make it through and celebrate with their friends and family--I want to see more of that. The Latin family man last night should go far...
  6. This is one that you have to see in the theater. The plot is so done, but the effects and incredibly imaginative world and creatures pulls you in so you're not even thinking you've seen it all before. side note: Tell me, why is Sigourney Weaver always portrayed like she's a goddess when she's not attractive?
  7. I thought this incredible -- How do you make a drama about clergy and educators exciting? Use dynamic actors... I realized that I cheered for and was reviled by the four main actors, sometimes in the same scene. Hoffman and Streep really pull you in. You can see how this was a play orginally, but its fleshed out so much by the performances that it makes a pure movie. So many 'play' movies are stale, but not Doubt. And yes, I think he did it, I think. I just saw "Flawless' with Philip Seymour Hoffman doing an outrageous drag queen with a stroke-debilitated Rober Deniro. If Hoffman can pull that off, and he does, he can do anything.
  8. Saw this in a 4G Digital theater, not 3D, and wow the clarity is impressive. Astonishing how the images pull you in, though the movie is a tad long and the ending is confusing unless you'd read the book.
  9. North Dallas Forty is a classic, too. Remember the Titans is the best. Special mention for Forrest Gump for the hilarious Alabama running plays out of the stadium--
  10. No , just a dark night picture of some kids laying down at the beach -- You're talking about Bo is a Gunslinger
  11. I had this on cassette years ago, and its killer. Allmuisc.com states that it was the best live record of its era. Yet, I don't think its been released on CD -- Anyone know where this great recording can be purchased?
  12. theryugobuddy

    War Movies

    The most exciting war movie of late is Rambo -- Yeah, its Sly, but he's good in this one, and the effects and visuals are incredible. The featurette on the DVD explained that the producers wanted to show what really happens to a human body when its hit by a large bullet or shell, and they succeeded. The mayhem and battle scenes feel realistic, and sometimes even hard to watch -- riveting.
  13. theryugobuddy


    I kind of liked it -- Angelina looks good if not a little too skinny and tired. It seems more like a 'posing' movie where each character takes their spots/roles on the set and shoots the heck out of everything and beat the heck out of each other, and its not a riveting watch. AJ is not the lead -- she's more of a supporting actor to the Irish guy (name?), who's not quite up to the task of carrying this movie. Cool effects where they bend the bullets like Beckham, but i found myself not realy caring-- Is AJ good in Changeling?
  14. theryugobuddy


    Audrey Tatou is a goddess, and this movie is a very original romantic comedy. If you thought she was somewhat cute in Davinci Code, she just stuns here -- a great jazzy soundtrack and very interesting characters, too, all set somewhere on a Mediterranean resort--beautiful. All in French and English subtitles, so you droolers should skip this one
  15. First one was a snorefest -- by the time you got to the action, you just didn't care-- This one was MUCH better -- the acting is ok, but the action and visuals are top-notch--
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