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  1. personally, i'd clean it up best i can and flip it. hold out for a pair of k-horns if that's what you're looking for.
  2. Thank you very much, Chris. And happy New Year to you! I suppose the easiest way to go about this is to throw them on ebay. It should more than cover the replacement crites drivers. I'll work on this in the summer. My duct tape fix should last until then before it dries out and starts cracking. -Christopher
  3. Yes, they're bass traps. Well, in a technical sense they're broadband absorbers since i did not put any reflective material on them. I build them out of metal drywall corner beads (as frames) and roxul rockboard 40. They're 4" thick and straddle the corners of the walls (wall-wall, ceiling-wall). I made tem based on this tutorial: http://www.radford.edu/~shelm/acoustics/bass-traps.html but took the time to make them much neater and presentable. Same general idea, though. corner beads and rivets. In short, let me just say they helped the sound more than any amp, dac, subwoofer, or speaker component upgrade i have ever done. The room could use more treatment for early reflection points, but I will wait until spring/summer for that. -Christopher
  4. http://www.homedepot.com/h_d1/N-5yc1v/R-100152937/h_d2/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10053&langId=-1&keyword=caulk+tape&storeId=10051#.UN-ZcWfaJGg this stuff seems to work well. not as nice, but no one will see it
  5. Before I had them painted, I was considering experimenting and coating the horns in plastidip. It's basically a spray on rubber coating for those not familliar with it. It's peelable and removable, and comes in every color imagineable. The finish is smooth and matte. It seems it would dampen the horns quite a bit. May sound great or may sound horrible...
  6. Thanks Well, my friend who owns a bodyshop painted them for me. The only cars that really come in are white, black, red, and silver, so I figured red would look interesting against the brown and gray tones of the room. I guess it's a nice focal piece. They sound much nicer than the stock squawker combo to my ears. I'm using them with the ALK universal network, but in retrospect I should have put the $ toward a steep slope active crossover. I put it together according to Al's schematics before he offered a DIY kit, which is why my networks are on an ugly piece of MDF -Christopher
  7. Hey, Just wanted to share my painted 511b's with you guys. Just got them back from the body shop today. They came out pink in the photo, but they're a fire truck red in person
  8. Chris, That's awfully nice of you. Thank you very much -Christopher
  9. they're variable impedence and have the green frame like the one you showed. i'm missing the magnet covers though
  10. Thanks guys Considering the cones are torn and i'm missing the golden cover on the back (only way it would fit in the cabinet), what would these be worth on ebay? I see them go for $600-650, but those are generally mint and have the gold cap. Otherwise, any idea where i can order a new cone for them? I've been searching but can't find anything. Or possibly a place in nyc that will do it for me? I don't think it's worth shipping them out due to their weight.
  11. Are the promedias the best I can do? I was considering the DIY route, but the cost of an amp, drivers, wireless receiver, and building a sub make it way over $200 for something halfway decent. This seems like one of those times when mass produced is the most cost effective. I just want to pick up something for my girlfriend so she can enjoy her internet radio streaming and movies from bed without having to run a long wire to her laptop. I think there's a logitech offering in this price range, but it seems the klipsch are a better choice. advice would be much appreciated.
  12. Opened up my la scalas today and it looks like my C15Ws have dried up and torn (both of them). I placed duct tape on them for now, but i want to have this repaired properly Should I throw them on ebay and buy a pair of crites k33 clones? I am not really sure which is the better woofer. If i go with the repair route, I have no idea where to source new cone, how much it would cost, or alternatively where i could bring them in NYC to be repaired. I am using them with ALK universal crossovers if it makes any difference. Any advice would be appreciated -Christopher
  13. meauge, i'm looking for a crossover solution as well, so i'll keep an eye on this thread. the only other thing i've come across besides the icbm would be xm1's
  14. well to be honest, i don't think there will be much price difference between the samson + icbm vs crown xti 1000. i guess it call comes down to which is the better solution. -chris edit: and i still havent tackled my original dilemma of choosing between the icbm or xm1 . apparently i only need a single xm1, and not two as i originally thought?
  15. You could get a Crown XTi 1000 like I'm getting. It has a DSP that for crossover, paragraphic EQ, limiting, delay, and a subharmonic synthesizer. At least that way, you would have an amp and crossover all in one. (6, 12, 18 or 24dB per octave selectable) Mine will be here Thursday. [H] i was actually reading through your thread hoping you'd purchase that inexpensive samson instead! that's more around my price range. i have no problem shopping in the used market. that crown amp you purchased looks great. hopefully the 20hz-20khz issue you noted won't be a problem. as for the crossover, are the quality of the components on par with the other solutions i had in mind? i really don't want something that is going to noticably hurt my sq. from what i gather, that crown goes for $500-600 new, correct? so with enough luck i may be able to get one with a less than perfect chasis in the $300 range. then again, i don't really need the 1500 or so watts it says it puts out bridged @ 4 ohms! by the way, i wonder why i can't log in to post in firefox, but in ie it works fine.. -chris
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