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  1. OK, I'll bite.... What am I looking at? Sorry, RonW.
  2. OK, I have a pair of Cormwall II's vintage '87 in which I upgraded with Crites replacement crossovers. Although there is nothing wrong with them I was wondering what would be the next step up and what audible differences can I expect. Thanks, RonW.
  3. RonW.

    2 ch Sub

    @ CECAA850, yeah, I haven't hooked up with canman yet.... @ duder, is yours a DIY'er.... Thanks, RonW.
  4. RonW.

    2 ch Sub

    Yeah, I guess I should have mentioned the room size, 18'x26'. The Cornies are in the corners of the 18' wall toed in on center. My listening spot is approx. 18' on center. The room is pretty large, also it has a cathedral ceiling up to the second level so I'm not cramped in a small room with all this sound. So, yeah, Canyonman is right, I like to listen loud on occasions., well most of the time when the wifey is away. Thanks, RonW.
  5. RonW.

    2 ch Sub

    Thanks for the replies.... Does the size of the sub need to match the size of the woofer I'm running, in my case CW II's? So do I need a 15" sub? Thanks, RonW.
  6. RonW.

    2 ch Sub

    Hi, I thinking about adding a sub to my 2 channel stereo system along with my Cornwall II's. what got me to thinking about this was when listening to some Motley Crue music was the bass was really kicking in.... So what matches well with the CW II's? Thanks, Rw
  7. Duder1982: Thanks for the call out.... I appreciate it! Just helping ya out and glad it worked out for ya! Maybe someday someone will do me a favor. RonW.
  8. Well, success finally at last. Last night I got the Apple Airport Express (AAE) set up and working fine. The AAE has an digital out via toslink by 1/8" mini plug fiber optic cable into my DAC to the preamp. Now I can sit in the den on the sofa stream and control iTunes from my iPad or iPhone. Pretty slick gizmo for $99.... WooHoo! RonW.
  9. Awesome, I wanna build one now.....! RonW.
  10. Its back at the shop….. Thanks, RonW.
  11. Can mid to higher volumes cause your CD player to skip, I don't recall it skipping previously. I just had the CDP serviced and a new laser and belt was replaced, it is a 25 year old Sony C85ES model. I don't know if it's vibrations or the laser is malfunctioning? What do you think. Thanks, RonW.
  12. OK, I think that I have this figured out! My 2 channel stereo is in the den, iMac computer in the living room with a apple time capsule (2 TB hard drive) up stairs. What I want to do is connect a new apple airport express to the Rennisance II DAC with a mini optical digital/Toslink cable. I will manage iTunes on the iMac with my music catalog (over 9000 songs) on the time capsule, the airport express will connect to the time capsule via WIFI. The airport express will connected to the DAC via a mini optical digital/Toslink cable. Now, if I'm thinking right and my network is set up correctly, I should be able to sit on the couch with my iPad or iPhone and be able to control iTunes and stream music, right? I know that this is kinda all over the place and a bit confusing, at least to me.... What do y'all think? Thanks, RonW.
  13. Thanks, someone told me that the BNC would be the best connection, but I guess there is no BNC to Toslink cable... RW.
  14. Muel: Tube is a Western Electric 396A I'm running two vintage CD players, the Carver DTL-200 only has RCA outputs and the Sony CDP-C85ES has the optical digital out, line out and variable line out (both RCA's). Rich_Guy: BNC (input @ DAC) to optical digital cable (line out @ CDP) so here is my confusion: what cable for this connection? mustang guy: What type of connectors/cable for this? Sorry for all this, but now I'm confused.... Thanks, RonW.
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