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  1. have some that are blown or something & want to replace them with some new ones but need to know how big they are. thanks
  2. Youth man would you take a few pics of yours .The ones I have are still in the box.
  3. Hi, I found 2 sets in the back of a closet we just cleaned out. I had forgot all about them I bought them here 15 years ago. I would like to sell them for $150 shipped. thats less than wat I bought them for. please let me know what you think. Steve I don't know how to change the title so I'm putting it here.Forgot the THX part Klipsch Star wars Wars 2.1 THX pro media speakers new in box
  4. 2nd problem is my monitor out to show me my set up doesnt work so i have to do all of this from the front panel + tell someone that doesnt have a clue about audio, because of my disability, im stuck in a wheelchair just trying to guide someone thru this......not easy. if i had a a/v store in town i would hire them to do it, im in tallahssee if anyone knows..........
  5. sorry my keyboard died last nite. problem is 1 day we were trying to calabrate my speakers but droped the spl meter & broke it, i think i might have turned of my sub out.is that possable ?
  6. Hi, It's been a long time since i've been here. I am looking for anyone with knowlage about the ref 50. I'm disabled
  7. All great condition. black, & all the S`1's have mounting brackets. Really would like to get $700 but I will consider all offers.The brackets alone cost $40 each. working on getting pics thank you They are in Tallahassee I do not use craigslist, to many bad experiences + I don't like just anyone comming to my houe
  8. my old trusty rat shack analog took a nose dive off the tripod, so radio shack only had the digital. so can someone please help me get it set to the proper setting? im in a wheelchair & my nurse for tis weeked is not teck when it comes to sound, so how & what does it need to be set? thx steve
  9. this is a one copy , no way to replace it. but it has some scraches, does anyone have a majis way to fix this common problem? steve please reply by email & here thanks
  10. I bought them from Board member zosoa while ago & really need to sell them. Ot beause of the quality i've only uesd them maybe 10 times. But i like to crank them up but bacause they are open so as i crank them up at 2 or 3 in the A.M. the house is not very happy. I cant remember what i paid for them I think it was in the $400 range if i could get aroud $350 shipped , well that would really help out. I have pics but dont remember how to post them, i can e mail them to someone & they post, that would help. here is the links ZOSO had put on audiogon for me a while back http://app.audiogon.com/listings/453338 BUT EMAIL IS THE BEST WAY TO CONTACT ME because of my disability.
  11. i put $200 in the original post (& thatas what i really need) but never heard anything from any one so i thouht no one was intreted but i'm a quadraplegic so email is the best way to cotact me
  12. perfect condistion just like they cme from klipch & asking 200.00
  13. i have 1 framed & 1 that had been stored flat for a long time & just put in a tube the 65th anversary is the sameway
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