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  1. Thanks to all you guys that enlightened me on the Vault. Alas, the seller on ebay withdrew the Cornwalls after ignoring three of my e-mails. Keep the Klipsch community thriving! You guys are Great!! JS
  2. Gilbert, See my last post under "Cornwall Crate?" I'm interested. Contact me directly at jdsnead(replace this with at symbol)yahoo.com Thanks. JS
  3. Thanks, Gilbert. I'm looking at bidding on a pair on ebay that close in 3 days. They are in Texas, near DFW. I saw that you need someone to hold on to it, also. I could stick it in my garage, if it isn't TOO big. I know how bid Cornwalls are, and two, back to back aren't that massive. I'm not too sure that I could handle moving the crate personally, as I have an artificial elbow. I also looked at Forward Air, they have a terminal here in Birmingham, Alabama. So, how does it work? This crateis sent (collect, I assume) to whoever needs it, and then returned to the keeper. (Or in the case of a purchase, sent to the seller, who fills it and sends to the buyer, who then keeps it or returns to the keeper (with payment for the initial expense)? ANyway, if this can be worked out, let me know. Thanks.
  4. Hello All! I remember reading a long time ago that someone had made a shipping crate for a pair of Cornwalls. I cannot find anything about it when I search for it. Does anyone know the whereabouts of such a thing? I may be shipping a pair and would prefer to use something protective like a crate instead of cardboard boxes. Thanks.
  5. Does anyone know what the different sections of the original MCM were (and what the abbreviations stood for)? I remember the initial tests of the MWM (Magnificent Woofing Machine) in the pasture behind the factory in Hope. There was a hilarious picture with the MWM in the foreground, and as far as you could see, the faces of every cow within earshot!! When they were testing the low frequency response, every cow for almost a mile turned and looked to see what was making the rumbling noise! Paul said that the cows must have thought that the MWM was the biggest bull that any of them had ever heard! BTW: the answer is: MWM (see above) MSM (Magnificent Squawking Machine) MTM (Magnificent Tweeting Machine) Together, they make up the MCM (Magnificent Cxx Machine)!! (A little obscene, e-mail me if you want the correct answer!) The MCM = 1900 story was floated as a cover for the REAL name! That place was a riot in the mid '70s!!
  6. I believe that these were called Heresy, Industrial SLANT Monitors (designated HI-SM). They had the same driver complement as the Heresy, Industrial Ported (HIP), but were not ported since bass response was not important in a monitor intended for vocals. They were available in the standard finishes as all industrial Klipsch; Birch, Black Crackle Finish, and Fiberglass, all with or without Aluminum edging. *As an interesting aside, for a short while, you could get the regular Heresy in this Slant Monitor cabinet. I got a pair and mounted them, inverted with the woofer on top, in the ceiling corners in my condo. I can't remember if they had the regular Heresy input blocks or the Industrial type. I just remember having them covered in the wallpaper that I had on the walls. This freed up the floor space for furniture and accentuated the bass available from the Heresy!
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