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  1. A few years later I got a little 8 track player. My first 3 tapes were Night Moves, Hair of the Dog and a Doobie Brothers one. Never did care for 8 tracks the way you would be listening to a song and it would clunk to the next channel.
  2. Yes I did. I shouldn't tell you this but the other one I remember having was Rockin Robin. HaHa.
  3. I had the 45 of A horse with no name when I was a kid. Looks like I would have been 9 at the time.
  4. The other one with Vince Gill and Patty Loveless gets me every time. I don't handle death well.
  5. The first time I heard this song was also the first time I took vitamin A at the Heavy Metal movie.
  6. https://youtu.be/R6fvhJZ3ux4
  7. https://youtu.be/R6fvhJZ3ux4
  8. Looks like I'll be spending some money. Thanks John. Doug
  9. I really like that album but it's the only one I have of his. What other ones do you recommend?
  10. I would like one of the K61's. You need 5 posts so you can receive pm's I believe.
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