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  1. Does this mean it emits gamma rays and pisses your dog off? I'm guessing you don't like the Ultra 5.1s or GMXes because they're not THX certified either too right? *sigh* Ya know people actually base their decision to get logitechs on THAT sometimes? Kinda silly
  2. Wow that sub is huge. Here I was thinking it was only a bit bigger than my GMX sub o_O
  3. I think this time klipsch might gotten so caught up with the idea of making a better sound dock than bose did that they forgot to make it ... really good It does look really cool with an ipod in it, though.
  4. iPod iPod iPod iPod. If you had to see what I see every day, you'd be sick of PCs as well. Dell Dell Dell Dell HP Dell Dell Dell HP Compaq Dell Dell Gateway Dell Dell Dell Dell I'm rather sick of the D word. Especially when people reason out "I'm GETTING A DELL NEXT TIME!" after Windows gets all screwed up on their computer.
  5. That rant is ridiculous. Apple resellers have been in colleges and such for years. Sounds like someone forgot the Mac platform (not unusual, it's like "Sony vs Microsoft" with consoles except "Microsoft vs that Linux thing") Someone just corroded any credibility they had
  6. I don't think that's such a horrible problem It's just a little inconvenience -- to the customers it's a great thing since well, there's more things to choose from. Granted that, I'd be surprised if the adapter doesn't work, but apparently that's the case :\
  7. That'd make sense. GMX for low klipsch (mid "computer speaker") end and Ultra for mid klipsch (high end computer end)... the iFis could still be whatever they are
  8. The GMXes and such are awesome (I have GMX speakers myself) -- that doesn't make the soundsticks crap though For their size/design they're REALLY neat. Tell ya the truth, I never thought a sub made entirely out of plastic could sound so good. Of course Klipsch GMX or THX or even iFI speakers will blow the daylights out in sound quality, they also have more wires and a MUCH heavier box. My old isub + pro speaker kit was so small in comparison I took it on trips with me and snuck it in one of my suitcases.. well yeah, sticking a 6" sub in a suitcase is kinda funny, but it worked. I could NEVER take a klipsch setup like that.. they're too heavy and too "pro". I'd feel bad if I damaged my GMX setup and its box is the size of a mini fridge, whereas my isub is well, not that heavy, I can shove it in a suitcase, and the box for the speakers I had for it was rather small too, so no big deal. The soundsticks have bigger satellites, and well, yeah they DEFINITELY DO NOT have the mids/lows qualities of klipsch speakers, at this they're also overpriced. But if you like stealth audio, they're pretty good. With my HK setup nobody would have guessed they sounded like they did until I turned the volume up, and then they had to make sure it was the speakers and not something I had hidden away lol. http://www.talesmud.com/610.jpg Admittedly, the speakers were janky. The connector's wire eventually went wonky and well, yeah, that's why I got the GMXes Funny enough the sub works with anything and just adds itself in as a USB sub (OS X uses a driver for it that strips lows from the main output and gives them to the sub).. kinda funky but yeah.. handy on my laptop lol.
  9. SHhhhhh can't let them know you're a Mac User!!!!... you don't want them to find out!!! Apple's 30" LCD is the 2nd nicest LCD out there aside from IBM's really high density 22"er... their 23"er has a higher pixel density [and better looks] than Dell's 24"er, and well, the 20"er.. is a 20"er.. no comment there. I have no idea where you get the 26ms quote. The 20"er uses the exact same 16ms LCD panel. I'd expect the highest on a current apple LCD to be no more than 20ms. I don't know what you get on about the OSD -- several manufacturers have done without it, and I don't see what the big deal is since the scale varies anyway. It's a freaking DVI screen -- it doesn't need an OSD! Other LCDs on the market either have it due to previous designs or that they have vga/composite inputs.. stuff that macs haven't used in a while (it's been DVI here since like 2001).. The 30"er uses Dual-Link DVI, which is a hell of a lot more standards compliant than IBM's funky DVI combination they use to drive the 22"er they make. It needs no fans (of course), shoot none of the current cinema displays even have vents. The power adaptor was made external to eliminate bulk and to keep the enclosure cooler, not to mention the lack of vga/svideo (the DAC required and such).. and whatever else.. it all came downto making them as sleek as possible. They use DVI, not ADC [which is USB+DVI+power], and while the current ones do use a cable that combines them until it gets to the end, that's certainly better than 4 cables going all the way from your screen to your computer. YES! And be told what you can and can't watch with the protected video. Way to go. To me a monitor is a monitor, not a Digital Rights Management device. Intel can take their DRM and shove it. ........ *long pause* So, you just had a "mac zealot" (hey, I just responded to a somewhat anti apple post, I must be) tell you why I disagree with you. Now, what would I recommend for an LCD? If you're cheap: Dell 2005FPW or 2405FPW ($399-899) If you want to splurge for something really nice Apple 20" or 23" ($799-1499) The price is tough to justify, but hey, so is the price difference between Logitech Z5500s and Klipsch 5.1 Ultras, no? In the same argument, you get a FREE BUILT IN DECODER!!!one!!! with the logitechs and it has a much bigger control pad with flashier buttons!!!one!! Not a fun argument
  10. MS patented something that Apple patented after the iPod came out, both patents were made after the iPod came out, apparently both address it (somehow), and well.. MS got it and apple didn't. That doesn't mean Apple can't re-apply for it. Still stupid though, uh I'm not sure that a company who has stock skyrocketing like Apple, or the huge "following", is "badly managed". That'd be like saying Logitech is better managed than klipsch because more gamers buy their speakers.
  11. Not really ashamed of my music at all, so that's a tricky one -- here's my favorites: Candy Dulfer + Boris and Beck - Finsbury Park, Cafe 67 ^ That never gets old, had to record it off internet radio though (still a whooping 128kbit stream, but I've never seen it on CD and the record with it is impossible to get). Chris Botti - Back into my heart ^ Cuz it's really loud. I gotta hear that in a concert someday. Then there's the Saturday Night Fever stuff (BeeGees mostly) -- those I listen to when I'm alone.. gee I guess I do have a guilty pleasure haha. Bona Fide has some really bassy stuff too Ditto that for Kim Waters (sometimes)... yeah, I guess I just have a lot of jazz.
  12. Wow those are big speakers especially the big giant black one on the first page O_o
  13. It can definitely be used as a desktop speaker setup.
  14. Tis' already known. Alas, they've been doing this before the iFi was even shipping.
  15. Ah, sorry to have started a fight there >_> Jay, I know darn well that when you want something enough you can have it, my current powermac cost about what a dual 2.7, a 30"er, and a 23"er cost altogether. Having said that, I bought that stuff 4 years ago so I got a dual g4 powermac and 22" display Anyway, procare didn't exist at the time, it would be nice if apple had a seperate counter for hardware service than the one used for "software advice" if ya know what I mean, but again, only an idea. So Walnut Creek is a bit different I guess that explains it, hopefully I get to try one of these speaker sets soon so I can brag about how great they are
  16. That's not a small apple store, but it's also not a very big one: http://www.neekole.com/gallery/albums/sfapplestore/DSCN4637.jpg ^ That's a big apple store :] What you went to was a medium-ish one, I think there's bigger, either way it doesn't matter they're not mini stores and thus should stock these things if they're available, and that's where it gets flaky.. The iFi just came out about a week ago, Amy didn't seem too terribly surprised they didn't have it on display and nor am I really, but the thing that gets me is they said they had them when in reality, they did not. I'll also vouch against Jay here, except for SF (which had a rather long line), Bay Street was very lousy in service. The manager was a bit of a guy you had to haggle to get what you wanted out of (if you could find him), and when waiting for service once I saw several people walk in, want to buy something, ask for help (once, twice, loudly?) -- then leave because everyone was so busy. This is where things boggled me. They had one person at the sales counter and another at the "genius" bar helping some not too terribly smart woman reinstall the OS on her powerbook. While I'm not saying that these people should have been "overworked" any harder, what the other staff people were doing was pretty screwy, they were either walking around, simply not present (hanging out in the back perhaps, I know they weren't helping anyone because they weren't even there to help and nobody was waiting for them), or just not in the store (I saw a few walk out from time to time, who knows if on break or not). That's not just bad service, that's bad "teamwork" if a store has it. Leaving your coworkers to fend for themselves when there's too many people (on a fricken saturday), and people walking out on the store because there's nobody to help them purchase something is screwed up. I do hope Bay Street's fixed their problems with handling customers, but I have my doubts if Walnut Creek is having that problem too now. And I'll agree, "regular" stores are fairly large, definitely large enough to stick the klipsch system near a sound dock or whatever, shoot in SF they had a few sound docks laying around so that just furthers my point. Another screwed up thing with your logic is that just because rich people buy it, doesn't mean it's good. If you're spending over $100,000 a year on stuff, that doesn't mean you're a wise purchaser. To top it off, I've seen/heard of sound dock purchases for a different reason, the IFi is more like for a bedroom setup or somewhere else that you have the room for 2 large speakers and a subwoofer and want really good sound, the sound dock (to some people) is for bathroom audio. Granted that, I was surprised how loud the dang things get, and no I don't think they make them for $50, R&D aint cheap for stuff like that, even the little $150 altec docks are pretty impressive to this one... but I wouldn't say that they're any better (or even comparable) to the klipsch system. The klipsch stuff is very high quality, will make very high quality sound, and well if you have the space, is a much better deal. Aside from all that, I have GMXes on my powermac's setup and wouldn't change them for anything 'cept ultra 5.1s (if I could afford them), or some kinda 5.1 ifi-like setup, but I don't think I could really put that much into the sound of my setup anyway (college makes things tricky lol).. still don't care for apple's retail stuff ... yet.. maybe when they prove themselves to me
  17. I'd pay to have it in silver without the dock. I don't get the obsession for black because well, there's already the ultras, and everyone makes black speakers anyway. That said 'aesthetically' I think the ifi speakers are awesome. Now if only I could afford a 5.1 version of those to desire Maybe a gmx style saucer pod with a powermate style dial on it *drool*
  18. They musta hacked em not to go too loud Careful! Turning speakers too loud in that store would make the creaky second floor fall down or something I have a funny story about that CompUSA, you see back in 2001 I bought my powermac g4 there, great machine but good lord.. the customer service at that store, well the only way to get anything done with them is via intimidation + arguments with the managers lol... Anyway, fast forward to about a year and a half later, I was out at the Bay Street Apple Store, same idea -- but slightly more arrogant, I had brought in my cinema display (which was a replacement to a replacement) to have them check it out for dead pixels (there were over a dozen), and the guy at the counter just glanced at it and said it was fine, I made him take a better look and sure enough, he counted all 12. Anyway, it was funny because one thing lead to another and this came up about my powermac (there were a few stripped screws in it I wanted taken care of).. Apple store guy: Gee I've never seen anything like this, are you sure this was done by a service center? Myself: You bet, I couldn't believe it .. when I brought the machine in the first time they dropped it off the counter! Apple store guy: Wow, sorry to hear that Myself: It was one heck of a hassle, I had to get in arguments with the managers to get anything done there Apple store guy: So where was this again? Myself: The CompUSA in concord, been there? Apple store guy: I WAS A MANAGER THERE! When did THIS happen?! Myself: Back in early 2002/late 2001 Apple store guy: *silence* yeah that was about the time I worked for their service department Myself: I guess you should be glad it was your day off Anyway, he happened to be the manager there, and after all that he was pretty cool, it was still a funny story to tell though I haven't been to that CompUSA in a while, is the upstairs floor still err.. all creaky and stuff? The fire marshall or whatever should deem that unsafe! :\ Once I decided to go up there, took 1 step and was like.. oh crap no I aint going any further, and went back down the stairs lol.
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