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  1. This would be a bummer if all of our past posts are gone, I had a lot of good memories here. Jim
  2. Some of us have had such a change of life, that we really no longer get into audio as much. I pop in and browse all the time. Jim
  3. It sounds a lot better then it may appear. If Voxx helps keep it all going i have nothing to say Yea im still here I lurk most of the time. I had a lot of fun once here, I have never forgotten. Best regards Jim
  4. That is a true bummer as I am no longer able to collect Klipsch speakers in my new life, like I have in the past. I have a set of KLF-20s, a Audiosource AMP300, and a denon reciever, that is it. Over the past several years I have watching Audio stores close, and corporations selling out, so I am not too surprised about hearing this. I dont think that Klipsch would sell every patten to Audiovox, so they will have to compensate the new possible lines of Klipsch if they even keep the name going. My new gal complains about the KLF-20s and how big they are, its a shame that when I pass on, I am thinking they are going to go to good will. To her, they are just a set of big speakers, no one has any idea about the history, nor the quality of these products. Everyone is into their I-pods and headphones, no one cares about a true Audiophile system anymore, and that may never come back. If Klipsch does sell, or it may be in the works, it may be a wise idea for those who can, to start collecting now before the prices on E-bay, or ECT may actually double. No one is going to want to buy a set of Klipsch speakers made by Audiovox. Goodbye Khorns I see on the way for sure. I am not happy hearing about this news, I have listened to Klipsch since 1989, and have been registered on the forum for over 10 years, and I have had a lot of fun purchasing and hearing the different lines of speakers, as well as modifying a set of K-horns, and restoring the pair of Type Ds I once had, into Type C. All we can do I recon, is watch all good things come to pass, and never be replaced, and to keep enjoying what was once made that made a difference. Regards Jim
  5. We dont have to buy an Equalizer to be able to use the Klipsch speakers. I think the 901s are trully nothing but colored sound. NOT FLAT. Id bet if they are listened to flat, without the infamous EQ, they sound horrible. Regards Jim
  6. I havent heard from him in years. I hope everybody is still doing good financially. Best Regards Jim
  7. I informed Dan about you maybe he will pop a message in here. He is a nice guy. Jim
  8. Yes unfortunately I was at his house looking at getting Fort'e ones. Me and Dan made a pact that if i got rid of the corns he will want them back. So after he replied to my ad on craigs I am a man of my word. So now I have Fort'e ones. I appologize about this. I really wanted KLF 20s but the Forte's will suffice. Jim
  9. Cornwalls went back to the original owner. Thank you Dan
  10. Im serious 1979 Oak laminate.I am going to be getting an apt, I have Tangent 50s that will work out just fine. Im looking at maybe $700.00 due to new oil caps, and new terminals. I want a set of KLF-20s, ill even push for 30s for a trade. The cornwalls are in great shape, i just had the speakers grills true, the velcros may need redone because there sitting in storage. Jim
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