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  1. Laminator - would you mind posting the phone number and part numbers? Sent from my moto z4 using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks for the offer, but I can do my own searching. I was just wondering if they were actually discontinued, but had not been shown as such on the Klipsch site. There seems to be a large number of them in Europe for some reason, but they get very pricey. Thanks again for the help, RandyH000!
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I contacted Acoustic Sound Design and they said they don't have any now.
  4. Which sites specifically? Everyone I have checked seems to be listed as out or back ordered.
  5. Have the HP-3 headphones been completely discontinued? I would love to find a walnut pair, but every place I find a listing says that they are back ordered. Just wondering if there is some supply problem or if they are gone for good. Thanks, Ken
  6. I reloaded my sound drivers which restored the optical output option. Using this allowed the headphones to work correctly.
  7. For some reason, my KG-300 headphones are showing up as a mono device on my PC. I have them connected to USB and Optical. Any idea what I need to change to get the PC to recognize them as a stereo device? I attached a screen shot of the Sound Device Manager dialog. I am running Windows 10. Thanks for any help.
  8. Could anyone please tell me if the cable material on the X10i and the S4i are any different? I have an original pair of 10i and a pair of Custom 3 anda new pair of S4i. The cable of the S4i seems to have the bends set in it and does not straighten out. I find this very annoying. The old 10i had what looks like a similar material (though black) and it seems to be fairly straight now, but still has some of the bends left. The Custom 3 has a woven material that transmits rubbing, but seems quite flexible. The S4i pair does not fit my right ear well as it has to be rotated quite a bit. I would like to get a pair of X10i instead, but was wondering if the cable is the same. Thanks, Ken
  9. I hooked it up and it sounded as if everything was fine. Thanks for your help. Ken
  10. For those that are interested, I took a few minutes and cleaned up the Heresy II crossover schematic that is being passed around. It is not redrawn, just cleaned up to remove the drawing mistake near the capacitor coming off of the autotransformer. I also added the terminal numbers for the autotransformers thanks to information from BEC, put in typed text for the speaker name, got rid of all of the black around it, and put a new border around it. I hope I have not violated some copywrite, I just thought a cleaner copy would be helpful. Thanks, Ken
  11. I guess I shoud have said this is the midrange driver from a Heresy II that I am building into a horizontal center chanel. The edges of the coil look fine, no damage what so ever. The piece in the top of the photo (with the coil on it) and the piece on the right of the photo appear to have been glued together originally. This assembly was placed on the magnet with the spacer (on the left) sandwiched between them using the two pins as the alignement. The whole assembly is then bolted onto the horn with the four threaded holes in the magnet. So Daddy Dee in response to your post, the top and right pieces are (were) glued together, but the horn mounts to the driver magnet with bolts.
  12. I took the horn off of my midrange driver during my speaker build to make sure I hadn't gotten any sawdust down inside it. When I went to pick the driver up off of the table saw table, I didn't get a hold of the bottom of the magnet area and the driver ripped apart. Is this driver now ruined, or can it be put back together? Thanks for the help. Ken6432
  13. Thanks to all of you that have replied. I have modified my design a bit due to some of the input and due to the fact that I realized the ratio of the length and depth dimensions was 1.999. I figured this might be a little too close to 2 which I was told to avoid. The new design is attached. I looked in one of my existing Heresy IIs and determined there was at least 1 inch of space between the mid driver and the back of the speaker. In this new design, I made the speaker shallower by .75 inches and made it longer. This changes the ratio of the length to depth to 2.27. I hope this is far enough away from 2 to be OK. The additional length also gives me some more room on the right and left end of the speaker so that the motor board can have a little more meat to it there. Also, I will not have to notch the mid horn any to clear the woofer. Finally, I moved the two horns up towards the top of the speaker in order to get the height of the horns as close to the height of the horns in my right/lefts per STLs input. Again, thanks for all of the input. If anyone else has some suggestions or sees anything I did in this change that will cause problems, please list them. Now all I need is the donor speaker to arrive in the mail. Ken Heresy Center Shallow.pdf
  14. I have already heard from others (right or wrong) that if I just put a Heresy II on its side, the dispersion will be off with the horns oriented the way they would be. Plus, if I repackage it to be horizontal, the speaker will fit under my TV better as the new height will be less than the old width. Thanks for the reply. Ken
  15. I am just starting a project to build a Heresy II center speaker to match my current right/left speakers. I am going to use Heresy II parts, but orient the components horizontal. I have adjusted the dimensions such that the interior volume of the cabinet remains the same. My question is, where should I locate the horns vertically? I am assuming the two horns should be the same vertical distance from each other as they are in the original Heresy IIs. In my attached drawing, I have centered the mid horn with the woofer, which will allow me to use all of the original screw holes on the horn. A small radius will have to be removed from the edge of the horn's mounting flange to clear the woofer, but less than is removed from the flange for the original Heresy. I could also put the top of the mid horn even with the center of the woofer, but that would take out one of the screw holes. So the final question, for now, is will the vertical location of the horns make much, if any difference in the sound of the finished speaker? If it makes a difference, I plan to put this speaker directly under my TV. Thanks for the help. Heresy Center.pdf
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