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  1. I think (hope) I'm done climbing ladders onto the roof at my age (72).  Those asphalt shingles are unforgiving when you take a spill.


    Won't tell you about the time I tried to make a 13' ladder reach the lower gutter (16') by putting in on top of cinder blocks!

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  2. They were family and you were their pack member......it's never easy.  I jumped right back into the saddle and found another Norwich Terrier.  Not necessarily the best move for everyone but Swanky is filling the huge void as well as it could be filled.  Each dog lost takes a part of your heart with them.

    My best to you Tim........


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  3. Speaking of knives I just bought two knives I saw in an add.  Impulse buy for sure but at least it wasn't more stereo gear.


    For lunch......Mahi on brioche buns with a little sauce.  Eating light for dinner this week.....wedge salads....that's it.


    "So now you know the rest of the story"

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  4. 1 hour ago, JohnJ said:

    Man it does to me, maybe it's the bioavailability of the brand/formula I get. I can tell you it negates the lethargy induced by my time-released coreg that I have to take. Fighting with the two piece then one bar to make the big storm part covering the picture window. At least it's not heavy & I think I have the order figured out. Wind picked up like a storm was coming last evening and I pulled it inside so I would not have to clean it again.



    How much for the fig newtons?


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  5. 2 hours ago, USNRET said:

    Another Butcher Block Acoustics rack




    smart azz wiring awaiting young son to move subs


    Nice Mike.....what's up with the BMW?

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  6. Lots of VW Beetles Jettas, and Rabbits.  A Triumph TR-3.  Couple of Wagoneers. Two Porsche 914s (first one a great car, second one a dog).  Woman ran into the back of the first one totaling it,  the second I traded in as quickly as I could after replacing everything twice😑

    A Honda S2000 and two Z4s.......a sprinkling of nondescript American cars.  My father's Rambler did have fold down seats though.

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  7. 15 hours ago, richieb said:

    Yes, I know. Listened to that V10 song many times, still not worth what I’ve learned about that engine. I do have times to enjoy a V10 singing, or screaming as RPM’s climb - a relative with a V10 Lamborghini Gilardo and a friend with that same engine in the Audi R8. But alas, I’m stuck with only 8 slugs -  

    I like your Prius Rich!

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  8. 13 hours ago, JohnJ said:

    @Tarheel are you seeing the gas without the ethanol at pumps over there? Seen those for several months here. 

    Wonder what that means for corn futures:wink:

    Sorry I missed that.  Really didn't look past the 93 octane.  Not sure about ethanol. Going to try the fuel injector cleaner again in the fall.  Bought a case of Techron from Amazon.

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  9. Been a dog person forever.  Worked for a Vet for a couple of years and with rescue groups recently.  My buddy Jake (see avatar) died 3/2/21 of cancer.  I really fell in love with the Norwich Terrier breed (smallest of the sporting class). 

    So a little over a month ago I got another one after a 1000 mile round trip.  Swanky (5 years old) is the first dog I have had that is not motivated by food or treats so training is tough!   Like me he can be a couch potato😊 


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