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  1. What an entertaining read......reminds me of the solid state versus tube debates.  Here is my take. Seven hours and thirteen minutes warm up at 91db and you will have all the good stuff you need from those speakers.  I suggest a non stop loop of Ina Goda Davita.  Wear some good quality ear muffs till then. 

    By the way 12 ga speaker wire is more than adequate.  Tubes?  Would love to hear some golden ear audiophiles listen to stock tubes, wait for them to cool, install different tubes, wait for them to warm up, and tell me what you prefer.  Your audio memory is surely better than mine.

    Have fun guys.  I remember two psychological theories namely "Two Point Threshold" and "Just Noticeable Difference" from college days back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.  Google them if they are still around.

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  2. Second beautiful day in a row here.....in shorts and tee shirts.  LF on an hour long bike ride.


    Yesterday I washed the bubble.....black is hard to keep clean!  So today I decided to do the maintenance on the ceramic coating which is a two part process.  Pressure washed the already clean bubble to get any dust off and then a light spray of Modesta "Smoke" while the car is still wet.  Agitate the Smoke with a clean, soft microfiber towel.  The next step after the car is dried ( I use a blower to dry) is to use another clean towel with a few sprays of Modesta "Blast".  You are done and good for six more months.  See the process on YouTube!


    Day three of the Keto Diet.  Have always done Atkins but wanted to shake things up a bit.  Lots of veggies, some protein, and I do intermittent fasting (skipping breakfast).  I eat an early dinner and an early lunch the next day which gives me 14-15 hours between meals.  You go into ketosis and start buning fat for fuel instead of glycogen which is stored in the liver.  Not a lot different from Atkins.


    So as Paul Harvey would have said "now you know the rest of the story".



  3. 36 minutes ago, Fido said:

    That would be a costly experiment with 8 kt170s and I do love the kt150s - that said I would love to hear them in my PL and the Forte IVs

    Yes but you haven't heard the KT-170s.  You need to do it Fido.  You know you want to get the best sound you can from the EVO.  Hit the little lady up for some more coin. I'll await your review.

  4. I know we don't talk much music/gear here but I have a streaming question that is so basic I'm hesitant to ask elsewhere.  Suppose you took a few days and made play list non stop of everything you think you may want to listen to in the future.  Isn't that stored on your hard drive?  Could you not then cancel Tidal/Spotify/Amazon?  I stream through a Node Blue OS.




  5. I remember the big switch from Maxwell (blue can) to Folgers (red container).  Must have been in the 70's.  There was a period when I would stop at Dunkin Donuts for a large coffee and two Old Fashion (plain cake in side with a light glaze) donuts. Then take it back to my office in the court house for a leisurely breakfast.


    Hey Coytee....looked up your wife's coffee machine.  That's a tad pricey though I bet it does a good job.

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  6. Carl your post brought a tear or two......thanks for the kind words.  It's always a question of who rescued who.  Trish and I wouldn't have moved in together if not for Jake's adoption.  


    Having a second Old Fashion with Proof syrup and bitters.


    Randy you were right the Prednisone perked Jake up and he ate soft food for the first time in two weeks.  We were both thrilled that he ate with such an appetite. 


    So here again is my boy.  


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  7. 51 minutes ago, John Ek said:

    My heart says Cornwalls but my wife will likely prefer Fortes. If only Cornwalls came with the distressed oak option (guess it makes a huge difference visually to have a brighter front on speakers of that size and). 

    How much are you attached to the wife?

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  8. Ultrasound yielded not such good news.  Pancreatitis, liver disease, gall stones.  Some nodes would need biopsy to determine the need for surgery.  At twelve years old we are not likely to take that route.  The liver can regenerate but with Jake the nodes are on all three globes.  Extra thickness of the stomach lining likely contributes to loss of appetite. So steroids and antibiotics for now.

    Wish the news was better.........

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  9. Raining cats and dogs here.  Expecting 2-4 inches more of the wet stuff before clearing on Tuesday.  Speaking of dogs....just finished chasing Jake around the house to get his medication.  Half a pill in a dab of peanut butter on the roof of his mouth.  Tires us both out.


    Off to the Vet at 9am for an ultrasound......wish us luck gents.  I admit I'm as nervous as a long tail cat on a porch full of rockers.

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